By Cara Mackay on 01 Dec 2015

5 Reasons You Should Employ an Intern


If you’re starting  your own venture, changing direction in an existing company or trying to grow your business through new and different avenues, I would 100% recommend an Intern. This year, for the first time, I took on my own Intern as a means of support for my content marketing journey. 

1/Firstly; the thing with interns is – they are young and they already know technology, like they’re born with it. You need to create an online presence for your business, your intern has already done it for you.

2/Secondly; they’re newly educated, with fresh bold ideas and different outlooks. You’ve been doing it for a while, you’re blinkered and tired – Your Intern is a perfect distraction, helping to create much better ideas.

3/Third; An Intern primarily wants to create or complete some set task or project. The accomplishment is vital to their future employment and they will work hard not just for you but for what they could include in their resume.

Top Tip: – Use their time wisely, create a strategy to support their position; make sure that you evaluate their role as a top priority – communicating with your Intern is vital. 

4/Fourth; An Internship is a set amount of time, usually set over the summer and in their 3rd year of their Degree/Further Education (approximately 3 months). This is an ideal amount of time to assess their capabilities and work ethic. This could also lead to you employing them after education without the worry a new employee may normally bring.

5/Fifth; Your Internship may be the first professional employment environment they have experienced. By making their experience worth it you are creating a lifetime of recommendations – Your intern will advocate your company throughout their working life and you will be recognised for it.

Inspired by her Internship – Vicky left us on Friday to pursue her Content Marketing dream. We’ve had a fantastic Summer and I would whole heartedly do it all again next year. Thank you Vicky for everything, all the best, you’ll be amazing.  😀 xx

  Find out more about how to Adopt an Intern 😉


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