Top 5 Tips to Prevent Mould in your Shed

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Shed Maintenance

Timber building maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your Shed, Summerhouse or Garage. Mould is one of my favourite subjects, time and time again I’m asked; how do I get rid of black mould? Why is my Shed damp? And what are these white spores appearing?

The answer to that is; stop it from happening in the first place! If you’ve left it too late and you’ve succumbed to the evil that is mould read this instead 😉

Already mouldy?! Easy Steps To Combat Mould

Mould Prevention

If you want to know how to prevent mould from appearing in your much loved; Shed Summerhouse or Garage, this is the ‘top tips’ for you! You’ve got a beautiful, unscathed Shed and you want to keep it that way! So lets do this.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Mould

1. Make sure your building is well ventilated. This is crucial in the winter months when you may not use it as much. Open the doors and windows periodically in dry weather. If your building is over 15m2 and doesn’t already have louvers, it would be a good idea to fit them.

2. Anything you have in your shed must be dry. You can’t store damp golf clubs, wet bikes, sodden wellies and get away with it you know. The slightest bit of moisture stored in your Shed or Garage can cause a whole world of mould problems, especially if you leave it locked up for a couple of months without any ventilation.

3. Number 2 was a bit harsh… How can you make sure EVERYTHING is completely dry?! You can’t, so you need some sort of moisture absorber – some say Cat Litter works? This is my favourite though The Mega Moisture Trap (it even sounds cool).

4. Keeping perishables (paper, cardboard, material) off of the floor and walls will prevent them from sucking the moisture out of the timbers. Timber likes to breathe so make sure you’re allowing air space around all items in your building – especially in Summerhouses where you may plan to have furniture up against walls.

5. Single skinned buildings will always be susceptible to moisture, so… Buy a timber building that is triple skinned instead! This creates a cavity, a breather membrane and a separate internal lining = moisture blocked. This is a costly alternative so it depends on your own Shed desires, if you’d like to know more, read this.

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There you have it! Mould hasn’t got a look in. If you follow these tips and  keep up the general maintenance of you building such as Painting your Shed, Summerhouse or Garage your ManCave, ShedShed or CaraBar will last you a life time 😀  xx