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We're a family-run business who have been lovingly crafting and developing timber buildings for over 35 years.

No one makes sheds like we do here at Gillies & Mackay. We live and breathe sheds – it’s what we’re good at.

Our founders
John Mackay

The Gillies & Mackay adventure started with sheds back in 1989 when Grant and John
gave up fencing and landscaping for the Shedlife.

Locals would come to John looking for something better than your average shed and that’s where the Gillies & Mackay brand was established.

With John’s academic horticulture background and natural leadership qualities, it’s fair to say he knows his wood and his staff. In Grant we have someone who can handcraft truly magnificent, real log cabins.

Grant Gillies

Grant spent 5 years of his youth lumbering and constructing cabins in northern Canada. Together they make perfect partners to create the perfect shed.

Grant and John have poured their life and soul into their business and their product is most definitely a reflection of them; honest, hardworking and reliable.
Gillies & Mackay is now managed by Cara whose goal is simple – to build on the reputation that John and Grant have worked so hard to achieve. We’ll do that by focusing on what makes a truly amazing space for you and yours.

Meet the Team

Grant Gillies
Co-Founder & Director

Grant is the oracle and brains behind every scale drawing required to make the most magnificent Garages, Cabins and Studios, specifically for you. Grant is part of the G&M Growth Team - his job is to analyse, plan and draw the next stages of our expansion plans. Whether that's the new yard or the workshop extension - Grant's already thinking, dreaming, aspiring to a Shed world of possibilities.

John Mackay
Co-Founder & Director

"The G&M Standard" is an adaptation from Mr Mackay himself and although John spends most of his days in his allotment and looking after his grandkids - he is here with us everyday, in everything that we do. Father to Cara Mackay, he's confident in the knowledge that Cara will continue what Grant and he started. John felt 2020 was a blessing in disguise, helping him see a life after the saw and leading him to step back from his operational role. Thankfully for Grant and Cara, he's very much still involved on the Board of Directors and aligned with our vision for the future, aiding us in all the important decisions.

Cara Mackay

Cara received her Sharehold in 2022, officially marking the 2nd Generation of Gillies and Mackay. And with that came the responsibility for all her team whilst continuing the legacy of Grant and John. Gillies and Mackay deserve every success and there’s one person that will make sure it happens, Cara, Shedi-Master.

Gordon Sinclair
Operations Director

This guy was born to be a Gaffer. Gordon keeps us all in check and he’s always one step ahead. He’ll tell you he’s hugely proud of his team and all they achieve. And we’ll tell you we cannae do it without him.

Nicola Hutchison
Sales & Marketing Director

The customer is at the heart of everything Nic works for, there’s not a day goes by she’s not thinking about what can be done to make your experience better. Nic’s passion is why her team works the hardest.

Chris Blair
Workshop Manager

If it’s big, it’s Chris that’s made it. He’s our cavity wall king. And when he’s not doing that, he’s all about the personal development of his team, ensuring their paths are destined for greatness.

Dean Marshall
Operations Supervisor

All finishing joinery is under Deans watchful eye, he’s a detail man and nothing gets past him. Perfect for the official sign off of our new Radiata range. Dean is a proud advocate for the longevity of G&M, teaching his ways and supporting his team.

Jamie Vials
Bench Joiner

In record time, Jamie smashed all expectations. He is truly unbelievable on the bench - it’s his calling, his vocation. The builds he makes are precision perfect every time with nothing but shear talent firing from his fingertips.

Calum Rennie
Onsite Manager

As well as being exceptionally skilled in the construction of all G&Ms, Calum takes the time to ensure you’re well looked after and the G&M reputation is standing proud on each of his projects.

Arran Ramsay-King
Finishing Joiner

The multi-skilled, multi-talented OG of 2nd generation G&M, Arran has kept us going; Jumping in, stepping up and continually going above and beyond in the name of teamwork - this young man deserves his ticket as he embarks on his qualifications later this year.

Bobbie Westgarth
Lead Woodcutter

Imagine being the person who decides first, what wood goes into a G&M? That’s Bob’s job, the accuracy, the mathematical ability - the eye for quality, all on Bob, the “not a problem” champion that's work ethic is 2nd to none.

Ross Murray
Lead Onsite Joiner

Ross leads his own team out on site, he holds them accountable to the G&M standard and he keeps our reputation close to heart when signing off on your build for the last time. Ross is our confidence in your experience.

Sorley Gillies
Onsite Joiner

Ross’s right hand man and Steel Roof specialist. Sorley has a cracking gift of getting it right, first time. He’s counted on by Calum and Ross and provides the skilled manpower it takes to create such impressive buildings.

Jane Sinclair
Maintenance Person

From Extractor Systems, to Machine Checks, to H&S Enforcement, to… Gardening?? Jane is cheerfully providing us with a safe place to work AND a sound ear to listen.

Cath Ryan
Company Secretary

Outstanding loyalty and pride for her work, Cath is the backbone of accounts and procurement - all things HQ go through Cath. And she does a great job of keeping Cara sane too.

Amy Hanlon
Content Creator

Amy, a born teacher, has opened up the world of Sheds to everyone. Her ability to break down even the most complicated of subjects into manageable and enjoyable content is an incredible skill - got a question, Amy’s got the answer.

Ailsa Winchester
Project Lead

It takes a phenomenal amount of discipline to be a starter and finisher. Thankfully that’s exactly what Ailsa does. For every single custom project at G&M there’s an Ailsa spreadsheet that makes it all happen.

Kieran Bain
Lead Sales Consultant

When you meet Kieran for the first time, you instantly feel at ease. He has this innate ability to help you organise your thoughts, amplify your needs and make sense of what’s right for you. Kieran puts you at the centre whilst he builds a Shed dream you feel confident and excited about.

Alistair Gillies
Admin Assistant

Has taken on the challenge that is organising all the important stuff that makes sure your building is exactly as it should be, when it should be and how it gets to be. Ali is sterling support for both Sales and Project Management.

Sophie Marshall
Marketing Assistant

New for 2024, Sophie is here to get us ship shape for modern consumption. She’s the mastermind behind our Socials and helps get across what makes our G&M team special as well as showcasing our beautiful buildings.
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