About Us

The Gillies & Mackay Story

We're a family-run business who have been lovingly crafting timber buildings for over 30 years.

No one makes sheds like we do here at Gillies & Mackay. We live and breathe sheds – it’s what we’re good at.


About Us

The Gillies & Mackay Story

We're a family-run business who have been lovingly crafting timber buildings for over 30 years.

No one makes sheds like we do here at Gillies & Mackay. We live and breathe sheds – it’s what we’re good at.

Our Story
John Mackay

The Gillies & Mackay adventure started with sheds back in 1989 when Grant and John
gave up fencing and landscaping for the Shedlife.

Locals would come to John looking for something better than your average shed and that’s where the Gillies & Mackay brand was established.

With John’s academic horticulture background and natural leadership qualities, it’s fair to say he knows his wood and his staff. In Grant we have someone who can handcraft truly magnificent, real log cabins.

Grant Gillies

Grant spent 5 years of his youth lumbering and constructing cabins in northern Canada. Together they make perfect partners to create the perfect shed.

Grant and John have poured their life and soul into their business and their product is most definitely a reflection of them; honest, hardworking and reliable.
Gillies & Mackay is now managed by Cara whose goal is simple – to build on the reputation that John and Grant have worked so hard to achieve. We’ll do that by focusing on what makes a truly amazing space for you and yours.

Meet the Team

Grant Gillies
Co-Founder and Director

Grant is the oracle and brains behind every scale drawing required to make the most magnificent Garages, Cabins and Studios, specifically for you.

Grant is part of the G&M Growth Team - his job is to analyse, plan and draw the next stages of our expansion plans. Whether that's the new yard or the workshop extension - Grant's already thinking, dreaming, aspiring to a Shed world of possibilities.


John Mackay
Co-Founder and Director

"The G&M Standard" is an adaptation from Mr Mackay himself and although John spends most of his days in his allotment and looking after his grandkids - he is here with us everyday, in everything that we do. Father to Cara Mackay, he's confident in the knowledge that Cara will continue what Grant and he started. John felt 2020 was a blessing in disguise, helping him see a life after the saw and leading him to step back from his operational role.

Thankfully for Grant and Cara, he's very much still involved on the Board of Directors and aligned with our vision for the future, aiding us in all the important decisions.


Cara Mackay
Chief Executive

Cara is THE ultimate Shed Deity and power force behind all of this. G&M's 2nd Generation leader, she's been here as long as Grant and John, but doesn't get to retire for a good 30 years yet, so best buckle up - it's going to be a fun ride!

Her soul, leadership, creativity and humour shine through every sawdust particle of G&M. She’s always there lifting our spirits high. Holding her Dad and Grant in her big heart, she works shediculously hard to make sure their genius and legacy continue to live on in G&M.

When it comes to #shedlife, Cara is right by our side - our Shedi Master.


Gordon Sinclair
Operations Director

Gordon founded Gillies & Mackay with Grant and John back in the 80s. At just 14 years old, he was there by their side, ready to get grafting. To this day, Gordon's never stopped grafting.

As we embark on the next era of G&M, we're relying on Gordon's intuition, skill and above all support through his Project Lead role within the G&M Growth Team.

2022 will see Gordon, Grant and a little bit of Cara, take on the Workshop Extension challenge. We know for sure we're in good hands.


Nicola Hutchison
Sales & Marketing Director

Cara and Nic worked together well before Nic became Gillies & Mackay’s Nicci. When disaster hit and Cara needed saving, Nic was the only woman for the job. They're kindred spirits - there are no better hands for the G&M brand to be in.

Nic looks after all the pretty clever things that hold G&M’s customers at the heart of what we do. Nic's well-loved in our Sheddie family - her passionately fierce, compassionate and heartwarming mind is what it takes to keep the integrity of G&M burning.


Chris Blair
Workshop Manager

Without Chris there’d be no sunshine. For everything complex, custom or just DEAD BIG - it’s Chrissy we count on, with his calm precision and focused mindset. As Dad would say, “With Chrissy I don’t have to worry about a thing. He shows up, gets on with it and does exactly what’s expected of him. I can’t credit him enough for his work - he’s brilliant.”

Chris served his time with G&M. He found his vocation on the Bench and now Chris is being trained in Capacity Management - aligning with the Growth Strategy of G&M for the future. What better way to grow than to have those who make it, grow it!


Dean Marshall
Lead Parts & Finishing Joiner

A long, long time ago, Dean joined our team to replace Grant in the workshop.

Dean’s the happy one, who’s always smiling and lending a hand. We know Arran, Bobbie and Jamie are massively grateful for how Dean elevates the 3rd Generation, teaching them the G&M way. There’s not a lot Dean doesn’t know when it comes to craftsmanship and quality of work. The nature of detail Dean gives to his work is second to none. It’s a skill set few have patience for.

He’s also everyone’s ‘go-to guy’- annoying for Dean but a blessing for the rest of us.


Calum Rennie
Onsite Manager

Drum roll please! There was a time when Grant truly believed he'd never be able to leave onsite work. That there was no one person in this world that wanted the job of being responsible for all the unforeseeables that onsite brings...

And then there was Cal. He's spent the past four years serving his time and qualifying as a Master Craftsman and when he qualified in August 2021, we at G&M had one job to do... ask him to marry us!

No, I mean, offer him the role of Onsite Manager. It's literally the job he's been doing for the past two years but now he has to do Capacity Management training with Chrissy and learn how to best lead his team. Fun times! You've got this, Cal!


Kevin Watson
Lead Onsite Customs Joiner

Another shapeshifter right here. Gone are the merry days of Cal and Kev tag-teaming the standard deliveries. With the massive influx of Blackstone Garden Rooms and Three-Tier wall buildings, we had to find a way to streamline these projects and given Kevin's already extensive skill set, it was a no-brainer.

Kev now heads up all of our Custom Builds working closely with Grant who designs/draws the buildings and Gordon who masterminds all the internal linings. Kev is responsible for Project Managing his team onsite and all the tricky figuring-outs beforehand.

All this and he's a brand new daddy. Go, Kev!


Galen Bryden
Junior Woodcutter Joiner

Here he is, the man, the hair, the legend. Cara tried to employ Galen for the best part of three years! Finally, the stars aligned and the perfect position became available for Galen.

Thankfully, Galen's innate passion for woodwork gives him a massive advantage in his role and he's taken to the G&M way like a saw blade to a freshly selected length of 19mm Redwood weatherboard - beautiful!


Arran Ramsay
Junior Parts Joiner

Arran is our little ray of sunshine here at G&M. He brings out the best in everyone, not least in his gaffer Dean. Together they're a duo of full-hearted joy looking after all that's involved with the bits and pieces.

From dwangs, donks and doors to trusses, eaves and fascias, if it's on the tick sheet you best believe it's on your building and the person signing that off is this guy right here!


Ross Murray
Junior Onsite Joiner

When Kev and Cal ran out of jokes between the pair of them it was time for a 'new guy' to take on the challenge. Ross has served with us for a year now. Each day he's turned up ripped from his 4am gym session ready to bust some moves out onsite.

Kev and Cal have trained Ross to their impeccable standards and now Ross leads his fellow workshop joiners on two team days, dazzling them with his steel box profile roof skillz.


Jane Sinclair
Maintenance & Yards Person

A few months back, we were all struggling with the influx of staff and workloads. Our workspace was falling into the depths of despair...until we met Jane. Never in our 30+ years has a role had such an impact on the entire workforce.

Jane is an incredible woman. She can turn her hand to the most unruly states and make them beautiful. She maintains our machines, our recycling, our workspaces and on occasion our sanity. Part of the 1% of women in construction, we are very proud of our Jane and thankful for all she does.


Cath Ryan
Company Secretary

Cath is Grant and Cara's gatekeeper, protecting their time and channelling their energies to ensure the company's priorities are met.

Cath is an exceptional administrator and handles everything in her stride, never missing a beat. Her attention to detail, her retention of information and her ability to recall what it is that Grant and Cara were meant to be doing before they were interrupted are outstanding! Cath is such an amazing support to us on this journey.


Ailsa Winchester
Sales and Marketing Administrator

Data Analytics?! And Sheds? Surely not?

Yes, it's true. Ailsa is part of the G&M vision strategy. Her role is integral to the growth of G&M. The backend of G&M is all spreadsheets, sophisticated software and detailed data records. It's what we need to keep us cool, hip and trendy... Oh, wait, no. We mean us organised and you happy - and it's Ailsa's ShedGod-given gift to us that she's so amazing at it.

Whilst Nic is busting out the strategics, Ailsa's cross-checking the real-time information. They're like yin and yang, the perfectly aligned power couple.

White male Shed Expert, Cameron standing in front of timber sheds from Gillies & Mackay

Cameron Sale
Sales & Marketing Consultant

Cam is our G&M ATHLETE!

He's fast, he's determined, he's motivated, and positivity runs through his Sheddie bones. Cam loves looking after you Sheddies and he'll always find the answer - even if he has to pester our Gord for it 😉

If you're lucky, you might even get to see Cam's spectacular moon walking, highly recommended by his Sheddie bro, Kieran.

Outside G&M, Cameron likes to run and compete in Marathons and drive and compete in Race Karting. He's recently completed a Business Management degree and is a Personal Trainer 💪


Kieran Bain
Sales & Marketing Consultant

Our long-standing Saturday Boy turned Sales and Marketing Consultant. Kieran always keeps us on our toes. He's such a savvy laddie - loved by his customers, forever attentive, and reassuring throughout the whole buying process.

Kieran is loved by us for his infectious smile and Sheddie puns. These come as no surprise given that Kieran is also a post-graduate Literature student at Stirling University.

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