Meet the best shed builders in the world

In the beginning

It all started back in 1989 when a much less dishevelled Grant and John gave up fencing and landscaping for the Shedlife. Locals would come to John looking for something better than your average shed, something worth more than a neglected garden utility.

With John’s academic horticulture background and natural leadership qualities, it’s fair to say he knows his wood and his staff.

In Grant we have someone who can handcraft truly magnificent, real log cabins. Grant spent 5 years of his youth lumbering and constructing cabins in Canada’s northern hemisphere. Together they make perfect partners to create the perfect shed.

Grant and John have poured their life and soul into their wee business and their product is most definitely a reflection of them; honest, hardworking and reliable.

Gillies and Mackay is now managed by me, Cara (hiya). My goal is simple – to make my Dad (John) and Grant proud by building on the reputation they’ve worked so hard to achieve. We’ll do that by focusing on what makes a truly amazing space for you and yours.

Cara – Managing Director

My job is to make sure Gillies and Mackay lasts for generations to come. Dad and Grant have spent 30 years pouring their heart and soul in to this business, working tirelessly to provide for the families employed and their own. It’s now my turn to work hard, provide for the G&M family and give back to Dad and Grant all that they have put in.

Co-founder & Director

Workshop Orchestrator and Chief Wood Cutter – John, the gaffer, hand selects his Scandinavian Redwood timbers for your shed. He has a keen eye for piths, shakes and a strict policy on knotty boards. His mathematical precision is out of this world, making sure your shed is millimetre perfect.

Co-founder & Director

Onsite Boss Man and Bespoke Designer – Grant is the oracle and brains behind every scale drawing required to make the most magnificent Garages, Cabins and Studios, specifically for you. Onsite, Grant leads his merry men throughout the whole process; groundworks, assembly and finishing – all delivered without compromise.

Bench Lead Joiner

Gordon founded Gillies and Mackay with Grant and John back in the 80’s – at just 14 years old, he was there by their side, ready to get grafting. Gordon plays a massive supporting role to all of the directors when it comes to getting newbee’s up to speed and keeping us all in check. Our younger joiners are a testament to Gordons hard work, skill and ability to teach them to be the best they can be.

Workshop Joiner

A long, long time ago, Dean joined our team to replace Grant in the workshop. Dean’s the happy one, who’s always smiling and lending a hand. His role requires fine intricacy and attention to detail, it’s a skill-set few have the patience for. Luckily for us, Dean is an incredible craftsman who knows quality when he sees it. A true credit to our family.


What a lad! Calum brings us so much confidence and enthusiasm here at Gillies and Mackay. He’s always there to lend a hand, work a bit harder, start a bit earlier. Calum’s drive and determination shines through in his ability to study, learn and implement whilst leading onsite with Grant and their team.

Bench Joiner

Chris has been with us since he first discovered his passion for carpentry at 16. Chris Served his time with us and like his father and grand father before him, he is a natural Gillies and Mackay advocate. Chris’s dedication is expressed throughout his enthusiasm and desire to do well each day. On and off the bench you can rest assured Chris is handcrafting your Shedlife to perfection.


Cath is a powerhouse in the G&M office. She originally started on a temporary basis but I just couldn’t let her go. Cath is an exceptional administrator and I knew if we were going to grow this business we needed in the G&M corner. Cath handles everything in her stride, never missing a beat. Legend within the team and an amazing support to me on this journey.


Fresh faced and just a couple of months in, we’ll know more about Kevin soon. Me personally? I like his wee smile 😉

John Neil

Brand new to the team, John Neil is just finding his Shed Making feet. We’ll update once he says something funny.


John’s been with us for a wee while now and is a blessing to our busy workshop. John’s always got big jobs on, whether it’s the forklift or a spot of show area maintenance, you can guarantee John’s ready and eager to lend a hand.

Sales and Marketing

Nic joined us in 2019 and will be helping you with all your questions and making sure you are looked after throughout your journey with us.


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