Price Lists 2020

Price is important. We know that. We also know you get what you pay for. 

A Gillies and Mackay garden building is built to last a lifetime. A one time investment for years and years to come. 

So whether it’s Sheds or Garages, Summerhouses or Playhouses all our standard buildings are priced individually by size and include the VAT Delivery and Assembly within a radius of Errol. 

If you’re looking for the Garden Rooms – they’re priced on application, given the complexity and individuality of each build, it’s best if we get an understanding of what you’re after before quoting. 


  • How Much Does a Shed Cost?

    In the Shed world it’s hard to determine exactly what you get for your money; how much you have to do v’s what’s included. Not to mention all the jargon about Shed specification. READ MORE

  • How Much Does a Shed Cost in Aberdeen?

    We know what it’s like trying to find the right people to build you a Garden Shed. How are you expected to know who makes the best Sheds in Aberdeen when you’re up against shoddy websites and poor information? It’s a minefield of mis-Shed information… READ MORE

  • How Long Will an Expensive Shed Last

    If you’re buying a shed from Gillies and Mackay, then it’s going to be expensive. If you’re buying a shed from other, reputable, independent shed makers like maybe Patterson’s or Forrest Log Cabins and Summer Houses, it’s also going to be pretty expensive. READ MORE

  • Why is Gillies and Mackay so expensive?

    We’ve been charging a fortune for our Sheds for over 25 years, and we know that pricing is a big part of your decision when buying a shed – READ MORE

Buyers Prep Guide

“This is the most important guide you need to make sure your Gillies and Mackay lasts a life time.”