potting shed vs greenhouse

Greenhouse vs Potting Shed: What’s the difference (and which is right for you)? 

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What you’ll learn in this blog What is a greenhouse?What is a potting shed?Greenhouse vs potting shed: what are the key differences?Greenhouses vs Potting Shed: how do they work?Greenhouse vs Potting Shed: what are they used for?Greenhouse vs potting Shed: how much do they cost?What are the size differences between a Potting Shed and a Greenhouse?What are the problems with greenhouses or potting sheds?Things to consider if you are stuck between a greenhouse and potting shed So you fancy yourself a gardener🪴🏡.  But you live in Scotland, where it rains around 250 days of the year, and a temperature high of 18 degrees has us reaching for sunscreen. Exposing plants to the relentless Scottish elements doesn’t give them the best …