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The Gillies & Mackay Lead Time Explained

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Take us back to the good ol’ pre COVID days eh! When oor lead time was only about 12 weeks long. We get it. You’ve just started out on your Sheddie journey, got all the plans down for getting your garden looking glorious this summer. Because let’s face it, who’s going to be laying in the Spanish sun?! That’s what Summer Houses are for hun. 😉 You’re all excited, you got your eye on the perfect retreat – you hit the send button to us and we reply… “It’s best to note our current delivery/assembly lead time is 7/8 months away.” WHIT?!?! 😭😭😭 Sheddie, believe you me, we feel your pain. We absolutely do not want you to be waiting …

COVID rules for show area

How we’re keeping you and G&M safe through COVID

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COVID OPERATIONAL UPDATE JANUARY 2021 Locky D again eh! Gillies and Mackay will continue to operate meaning we will still be building, delivering, assembling, and conducting Site Visits with COVID protocol in place. Read more below. Our Show Area is currently CLOSED to the public and our office staff are working from home. Cara, Nic, and Kieran are still available to offer you a consultation via phone call or email. We’ll be juggling the bairns so expect to hear “Muuuum, can I get….” in the background. The Show Area will be back open to the public once restrictions ease. Contact us at: COVID! You’re sick of hearing about it. And trust us, we’re sick of talking about it. We’re …