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What is the best five- or six-sided corner summerhouse?

I know exactly what you’re thinking:  My garden is just TOO SMALL for a summerhouse. 

But, is it really, though?

Have you checked?

You might be thinking of a summerhouse as something that other people have. Something that needs hunners of space. Something for the OTHER gardens.

But we just won’t have that! No one is trampling on your Sheddie-dreams on OUR watch, right?

Because while it’s great to have a garden like something out of Downton Abbey, all you really need is a corner. That’s right – a corner of your garden that doesn’t have anything else going on is a perfect spot for a summerhouse. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

A photo of a bright blue Corsie corner summerhouse. It has glazed double doors and four windows, and it sits in a corner of a garden next to a brown fence. The doors are open showing the unpainted timber interior.

This is a gorgeous 8’ by 8’ Corsie taking up a corner of a real-life garden. Doesn’t it look great? 

Corner summerhouses are maybe the best garden idea ever.

Here at Gillies and Mackay, we have four models that will happily sit in the unused corner of your garden you’re now eyeing up gleefully. Let’s take a look at them!

Five-sided corner summerhouses

The Corsie

A photo of a Corsie corner summer house against a fence and beside a tree.  The summerhouse is painted dark blue and has glazed double doors and two windows. Superimposed on the photo are the front elevation plans and floor plans for the 7'x7' summer house.

Starting at 7’ x 7’ and going all the way up to 10’ x 10’, there’s a Corsie to suit almost any corner. 

As you can see, the Corsie is five-sided and designed to fit into a 90-degree corner. The 7’x7’ summerhouse is best for one or two people, so perfect for your and your favourite person to cosy in to whatever lovely pastimes you enjoy.

The pent roof on The Corsie means that it won’t overpower your garden – this summerhouse isn’t as high as some of the others. So if you want your garden hideaway to actually be for hiding, The Corsie will blend in beautifully!

The Deuchny

A photo of a Deuchny corner summer house next to a wall in a grassy garden. It is painted pale brown, has glazed double doors and four windows. Superimposed over the photo are the front elevation and floor plans from the technical drawings. the title is "Deuchny 8' x 8'".

Full marks for spotting that The Deuchny is almost the same as The Corsie! The Deuchny is available in the same standard sizes as The Corsie, too. 

The key difference here is the beautifully-shingled pitched roof. Of course, this means that the building is higher overall, but isn’t it bonny! 

Full marks if you know what a finial is – this is the cute wooden point at the top of The Deuchny’s roof. You can find finials on several of our summerhouse models, and knowing this word saves you saying “the sticky-out bit on top.”

Six-sided corner summerhouses

The Dunsinane

A photo of a 10' x 10' Dunsinane six-sided summer house. It has glazed double-doors and four windows, and is painted pale green. It sits on a slabbed patio next to a wooden fence. Superimposed over the photo are the front elevation and floor plans for the summer house. The title reads "Dunsinane 10' x 10'".

If symmetry is your thing, have we got a summerhouse for you! 

The Dunsinane looks like a gorgeous wee chocolate box, although now I come to think of it, they’d be pretty gigantic chocolates! 

The standard sizes are 8’ x 8’, 9.2’ x 9.2’, and 10’ x 10’, but if you have another size in mind we can accommodate that. 

As you can see from the photo, the Dunsinane sits perfectly in a corner – either a right angle or a wider angled corner, and it’s such a beautiful addition to any garden. 

Honourable Mention – The Laggan

A photo of a 12.8' x 10' Laggan summer house. It is painted pale grey and has glazed double doors and four windows. It sits on a slabbed base on a lawn in the corner of a garden next to a fence. Superimposed on the photo are front elevation and floor plans for the summer house. The title reads "Laggan 12.8' x 10'".

Technically The Laggan is not a corner summerhouse. If you’ve got a straight wall, fence, or boundary, this flat-backed summerhouse is designed to sit against that. But thanks to its square behind (Oooh, missus!) it will also sit comfortably in a corner, like in this photo here. 

The Laggan has a pitched shingled roof and is a great combination of the bay front for looks, and the square back for space. 

Our standard sizes start at 9’ x 7’ and go all the way up to 12.8’ x 10’. If you’re short on space, this may not be the summerhouse for you. But if that empty corner of your garden is pretty roomy, this would be a great option.

Because The Laggan pictured here is in a corner, the two extra windows on the square sides have been removed, since one would provide a view of the fence. It’s a clever way to use up the corner without sacrificing the appearance of the building.

And because we design and manufacture our summerhouses right here, we can customise your building to make sure that it fits your garden. 

Corner Summerhouse Specifications

You don’t just want a lovely wee sitooterie to share with your favourite people. You also want the peace of mind that comes with buying a solid, watertight building. 

If you look after it, a G&M summerhouse should last you a lifetime. That’s because they’re built of:

  • 19mm Scandinavian redwood weatherboard
  • 19mm Scandinavian redwood flooring
  • 16mm Scandinavian redwood sarking
  • 70mm by 40mm Scandinavian redwood pressure-treated framing. 

What does all this mean? Cheaper summerhouses like this one use thinner timber – in this case 11mm flooring and roofing. 

The thinner the timber used, the less hardwearing the building will be. 

The listing for this summerhouse doesn’t mention the type of timber used, which most likely means it’s made of whitewood. If they were using redwood they’d be shouting about it, because redwood is the best material for a timber building in Scotland. It’s also more expensive. 

By following our Buyers Aftercare Guide you can ensure that your summerhouse will stand the test of time for generations to come. 

How to choose the best summerhouse for your garden?

Go on, get your tape measure out! Check out that corner and see just how much-unused space is there for you to fill up with summerhouse!

If your corner is right-angled it’s perfect for a Corsie, a Deuchny, or maybe even a Laggan. All you really have to do is choose the one that sets your Sheddie heart beating faster. Get your corner summerhouse on!

Depending on the space you have, don’t rule out The Dunsinane either. And if your corner has a wider angle than 90 degrees The Dunsinane is a great way to maximise space.

Another great way to help you choose is to pay us a visit here at G&M Shedquarters. Our show area has six summerhouse models to take a look at, with The Deuchny doing double duty – remember, it’s a Corsie with a pitched roof! 

There’s no substitute for seeing our summerhouses in real life. Because that’s when you really start seeing the potential they have. When you start thinking about paint colours and customisations to create your ideal summerhouse. That’s when you start filling them up with dream furniture, dream guests and dream lazy afternoons enjoying the warm weather. 

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Summerhouse Buyer’s Prep Guide. This gives you all the information you need about what’s involved in a summerhouse project. 

If you’re ready to find out more, have a look at these blogs, and we’ll see you in the Show Area soon!

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