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The Best Garden Room Manufacturers in Perth

Perth Garden Room Review
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Let’s goooo!! 

Hello Perth and the surrounding areas – It’s me, your pal Natty at your service. Let’s talk about all things Garden Rooms in Perthshire and which manufacturers are the BEST! As ever this is a review article, researched and written by ME. Every Garden Room Company I review will be done so based on the same credentials as always – Price, Specification and Service BAYBAY. 

The Perth Garden Room Review Rules 

The way this works is, I pick the best locally sourced Garden Room Companies that serve the Perthshire area through google search. I quickly eliminate Paid Ads and mass-produced bullshit because that’s nae worth your time nor mine. 

  • I fully expect to find pricing on their websites, it’s 2023 mate get it sorted. 
  • I want a detailed specification of how the Garden Room is made and more importantly, what from. 
  • I then Ex Girlfriend stalk them like the Mi5 – where they went on holiday in 2009, who’s that the brother of and why is that Garden Room not permitted development? 
  • Lastly, I don’t include G&M in this. WHY? Because this is an impartial review and if you want to know what I think about MY Garden Rooms – I’ve a whole website for that. 

All in the name of Shedness.

In Perthshire, I have found 3 reputable companies that serve the Perth area. 

We have; 


Back once again for the renegade master! 

JML Garden Rooms, forever in the highest regard for what they do. They specialise in Luxury, no expense spared and they shine better for it. JML are beautifully engineered structures that use the SIPs (What is SIPs?) construction and Thermowood Cladding (What is Thermowood?). 

JML has 2 distinct styles; Highlander (Apex) and Lowlander (Flat/Pent) with 3 size options/examples on their easily accessible price list!! No second guessing with these guys, we have it all here:

A screenshot of the JML Garden Rooms website, showing their logo and a navigation menu. The image shows a timber garden room with a grey steel roof. The garden room has two full-length windows next to a glazed door. Three other windows are set into the wall and roof. The text reads "Garden Annexe, Cairngorms: Read More."

How much does a JML Garden Room cost? 

We’ll take the Lowlander style as our benchmark example and pitch it for the other two Perth Garden Room companies. I’ve chosen this design as its massively popular, box-shaped pods are all the rage… 

Lowlander 13m2 Priced from £34,680.00 (Inc VAT)  


  • Easy Pad or Ground Screw foundation system.
  • Highly insulated 100mm PU SIP panel wall, floor and roof structure.
  • Double-glazed timber door system, fixed sidelights and top swing window.
  • Roof: Lowlander – Firestone single-ply flat roofing membrane 
  • Roof: Highlander – Spanish slate.
  • Cladding: Vertical Thermowood
  • Engineered oak flooring.
  • MDF painted skirting.
  • Walls fully plasterboarded and decorated.
  • Internal and External LED lighting.
  • Internal sockets.
  • RCD breaker.
  • PVC gutters and downpipes Lowlander.
  • Cast iron effect gutter & downpipe for Highlander.
  • Includes all erection and installation works.

With JML you just get a sense that they’ve got their shit together, you know? Over the many years they’ve been in operation, they’ve refined their process, their design, and what they have to offer as a luxury Garden Room manufacturer and supplier. 


Well hello, Sheila and Eric. What do we have here?

Blind Company turned Garden Room builders. It’s been a common theme since Covid, with many businesses diversifying into the Garden Room world. And for Perth especially, it’s good to see there are more and more choices becoming available. 

Now, I know that this couple are good eggs. Sheila and Eric have a Gillies and Mackay Summerhouse!  And my past dealings with them in relation to how they approach their Blind business tell me you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. So let’s get a look at what they have to offer. 

A timber garden room with a pent roof. It has glazed double doors and three full-length windows. It sits next to a low fence on concrete patio slabs next to grass and shrubs.

Revolutionary Garden Rooms have a beautifully clean website – We can see what their design features are like, we know what type of Windows and Doors they use in their Garden Rooms – timber Aluminum Clad or uPVC – and that they have rubber roofing. The Cladding is a New Zealand timber that I’ve seen other Garden Room builders use (Outdoor Building Group featured in Best Garden Rooms: Scotland)  However I am not familiar with it as an alternative to the classics Redwood and Larch. 

Revolution Garden Rooms Perth – Specification

  • 125mm x 45mm Timber Frame (Graded? Not sure, Ideally it should be)
  • OSB – Ordinated Strand Board (internal structural bracing board – very important) 
  • DPC – Damp Proof Course (keeps the wet out)  
  • Cavity – Lets the DPC and the Cladding breathe 
  • Cladding – That NZ timber. 

There’s no specification on what Insulation they’re using in the Garden Room, however, given the overall spec, including the high-end Alu windows and doors I suspect their Insulation will be decent. We want 70mm Rigid Board minimum, or thicker if they’re using wool.

How much does a Revolution Garden Room cost? 

So that’s all fine and well, but WHERE’S THE PRICE? 

You know me Sheddies, it breaks my heart when a Garden Room Company, especially when they’re from PERTH – G&Ms hometown – do not have at least some indication as to how much their buildings cost. 

This makes it really difficult for us to pitch against the other two Garden Room companies in Perth. And as a customer, looking to compare, if we cannot find this information easily, we’ll get frustrated and move on to someone who can. 

I did email and ask though and Sheila replied promptly. 

A 4m x 3m Garden Room costs between £23 – £27k depending on preference/design.

Excellent! Something solid to go on. 

Looking at their website and their social media, it’s very quiet… If I hadn’t emailed, it would make me wonder if they’re still in operation.

The reviews are months old and the posts date back to early 2022. It’s very probable that Eric and Sheila are offline communication people, but for those who know, 80% of the buying decision is made online before first contact, so it is important and relevant to us as buyers to see that a company is alive!! 


Give me a C! Give me an O! Give me a M! Give me a P! What does it spell… Garden Room Warehouse Perth… Oh wait I mean, composite cladding. That’s right folks, it’s another one. I like to think of them as Lego builds. Modular and slotted together, they’re a kind of mixture of wood, glue and plastic resin better described here in the PFH University Blog

GRW Perth has a couple of options for construction – Steel Frame or Timber Frame. I’m not entirely sure, as it’s not clearly defined, however, I think that the composite cladding is slotted in between the frames.

A screenshot of Garden Room Warehouse's website, showing their logo and a navigation menu. The image shows a grey garden room with  large French windows and exterior lights. The text reads "Visit our showroom today: Find out more."

They talk of 100mm cavity wall insulation and an insulated steel roof. Again it’s not clear if it’s 100mm Insulation + cavity or including cavity nor does it say what type of insulation. The Steel Frame Garden Room comes with the option of an internal decor lining whereas the Timber Frame Garden Room does not. GRW Perth uses either Aluminum Windows and Doors or uPVC. 

GRW Perth is a sub-company of Meldrum Joinery and Builders which is long established. The Garden Room business appears to have been on the go since 2019. This is what I can tell from their socials – although, like Revolution Garden Rooms Perth, they’re awfy quiet on the socials since early 2022 – what’s happened guys? DM me hun. 

How much does a Garden Room Warehouse cost? 

There’s a lot of talk of pricing and what’s included but there is NO PRICING! For the love of all that’s Shedonism, WHY?! It’s as if there was pricing at some point but… it’s no longer there.

Garden Room Warehouse Perth – Pricing Includes: 

  • Fully project-managed, including installation from our experienced in-house trades team
  • Strong ground screw foundation system
  • Garden room structure, including fully insulated Wallboard (Steel Frame only), frame, roof, windows and doors
  • Internal ceiling and base flooring
  • Choice of six colours

Which is great (again no pricing shown) and they let us know we’ll need a 50% deposit on the order and that they’ll deliver and assemble within 45 miles of their depot. This is excellent, they even tell us that their current lead time is 4-5 weeks… If only we knew how much their buildings actually cost?! 

I have emailed GRW Perth and I’m hoping someone will get back to me with a price, however in the meantime – Revolution Garden Rooms and JML Garden Rooms are getting all my attention… See why it’s important to publish your prices?! Even a ballpark so we know what we’re dealing with. 

So, who are you going to buy a Garden Room from?

What a crackin’ mix we have on offer here in Perthshire for Garden Rooms. JML Garden Rooms in Auchterarder come out on top for me. However, Revolution Garden Rooms in Perth aren’t far off it. I appreciate their specification and pricing – they offer a great, more affordable alternative. 

I suspect that even though there’s no pricing available from Garden Room Warehouse in Perth, they would likely come out as the cheapest option. It really is great to have a budget range, it helps signify what’s important to the buyer and/or where the compromise needs to be.

There was a time when if you didn’t have a large wad of cash you wouldn’t get a Garden Room, it just wouldn’t be affordable. Nowadays, there’s literally a Garden Room option for everyone. 


Please remember, this review is based on my personal knowledge and opinion. I am fully entitled to share these views and do so with the best interest of the customer at heart. If you’re a company in my review and would like to clarify any information or assumptions I’ve had to make, please do get in touch. Forever yours, Natty x 

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