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The Rules of our garden room review
Scottish Garden Rooms 
Garden Rooms Scotland – Ekco 
JML Garden Rooms 
Garden Rooms By Creative
Outdoor Building Group 
Outside In Garden Rooms 
Log Cabin Scotland 
At Home UK (Glasgow Based) 
Urban Pods 
Dab Den
Anything else you need to know about these garden rooms
Which garden room is right for you?

I love watching my Garden Room industry BOOM!

The calibre of manufacturers coming from all different origins in the past 3 years alone has been sensational and my admiration for their work is what you’ll see in this article.

I am a huge advocate of working from home. And in a Garden Office, you can create that space we all need to separate work and life.

I’ve been designing and project managing the manufacturing and construction of our Garden Rooms for 20 years! I know, I don’t look old enough, but the truth is, Sheds are in my blood. NattyShedGirl at your service.  

So here we go, what can I do to help you? 

Let’s help you figure out who the best garden room manufacturers in Scotland are so you can get your very own garden office, she-shed or whatever you fancy making it.

The rules of our Garden Room Review

The way we do this is by desk research alone, I’m not chapping on anyone’s door or wasting sales time, I’m simply looking at the information that is readily available to anyone searching Google for Garden Rooms, Garden Pods, Garden Offices, Home Gyms – that sort of thing. 

That way I can stay completely impartial to what information the companies offer up and then based on my knowledge and experience, I can help you make that educated buying decision we all want in our lives! 

But of course, we’re no heathens at G&M – we’ve got rules!

A graphic which reads: Garden Room Review Rules
Rule 1: Gillies & Mackay are NOT in this review. This isn't about us - we've got a whole website if you're wanting to see us. This is about you and what's on offer to YOU. I neatly consolidate and review the Top 10 Best Garden Room Builders in Scotland - saving you a lot of jargon-filtering, specification blundering and service censoring.
Rule 2: I am picking ONE design size and do my best to match it across all 10 wherever possible.
Rule 3: This is just my opinion, guys. I review fairly and in the eyes of what I know to be in the customers'  best interest. Dinnae be coming at me with any Cease and Desists this time, you're better than that! Shedlove for all.

TOP 10 Best Garden Room Builders in Scotland 

Using the most popular search terms these are the Top 10 Garden Room builders that have you covered for serving Scotland.

I exclude Paid Ads because they’re typically UK/EU mass-produced – not a fan. 

I also make sure that they’re Scottish-based so you can actually visit them. 

So without further ado, lets get into it, shall we?

Scottish Garden Rooms 

Everyone say ‘hello’ to the Composite Garden Room!

An interesting find here. These guys have certainly opted for a speedy all-rounder. 

Screenshot from Scottish Garden Rooms's website, with four small images of the exterior and interior of garden rooms. The captions read Relaxing Space - Take a break from the madness of the house with your own quiet garden retreat. Treatment Room - Give your clients a private space to relax and enjoy their treatments. Hobby Room - Have a creative area to practice your hobby whenever you feel like it. Bar/Games Room - A stylish and fun room to kick back and relax with family and friends.

The composite element of the construction makes their Garden Builds Modular as in, prefabricated sections to make up different designs. They also provide a base laying service that can be done on the same day of assembly as the building.

Scottish Garden Rooms have a great info page on the construction for you to understand visually what’s going on, however, I would have appreciated a bit more explanation for those not technically in the know.

Composite is a relatively new type of material and is better explained in WorthAView’s Article HERE

Scottish Garden Room: how much does it cost?

Price – 4m x 3m Ashmere Supply and Fit from £17,447.00 (does not include ground works) 

Scottish Garden Rooms also offer – Supply Only so you can put it up yourself. 

Delivery/Assembly 70-mile Radius of Edinburgh (POA thereafter) 

Electric Hook – POA

Groundwork  – POA

There’s a lot of information that would be handy on the website that Scottish Garden Rooms would like you to phone for. For example, they’ve got a good selection of custom builds that have arrows telling you the best bits but we could do with an indicative price on them bad boys too, please.

They do have a 3D design your own option that emails you and them so they can contact you with the price.

Garden Rooms Scotland – Ekco 

Okay, Ekco aka SpaceKube, we’ve got a few hoops to jump through but I’d say… let’s just download that brochure, give them your email and just get it done because there’s some information that might help you figure all this out. 

An image from the Ekco/SpaceKube website showing a square garden room with a pent roof, glazed double doors and three floor-to-ceiling windows. The caption reads SpaceKube Home Extensions Scotland.

From what I can tell there are 4 designs that have 3 standard sizes and one “Kingsbarn” which is the custom build name…

Ekco aka SpaceKube is vague on the specification. Siberian Larch clad GREAT! But what’s inside?

More detail on the Insulation thickness, framing structure floor make-up, and roof make-up?

is it SIPs maybe?

The roof covering is stated as Membrane and Upvc Soffits and Fascias and we get a breakdown on the electrical fittings so that’s cool – I’m fairly confident they’ll cover the spec we’re asking for in their consultation process.

But how amazing would it be if we could know it before consultation? 

Garden room Scotland ECKO: how much does it cost?

In the brochure, you’ve got *From prices and the last design states the m2 sizes although I’m not sure if that’s for all of the designs (I mean it’s not, but I can’t say for a million per cent).

Arran 11.7m2  Priced from £20,495.00 + VAT so that’s £24,594.00 to us. 

Delivery Assembly – Anywhere in Scotland although not sure if included. 

Groundworks Included, but maybe not 

Electrics Included, but maybe not 

JML Garden Rooms 

Long-time favourites of mine. When I grow up I want to be JML!!

Their beautiful website and the recent addition of the intro Video – so sleek! These guys are top-notch. You know they are because they do not compromise.

A screenshot of the JML Garden Rooms website, showing a square wooden garden room with glazed double doors, which are open and reveal a home office setup inside. The navigation menu reads "About Us, Ranges, Commercial, Design and Spec, Projects, News, Contact and Follow Us" The main caption reads "Art Studio, Glasgow, Read More"

And how do I know that?

Well, they have all their information so easily accessible. They keep their range tight, 5 types of limited size options, pricing, and a clear description of the specification they use and what you can upgrade to. They also take care of the electrics, the groundwork and the internal decor. 

JML’s specification is of course SIPs construction and its 100mm Insulation throughout – And by SIPs I mean a sandwich of OSB Insulation and then OSB again. I do love this specification, Pat at SIPs Industries even let me visit his workshop once!

And to explain more, it’s best done through his website.

JML Garden Rooms: how much does it cost?

Lowlander 13m2 Priced from £34,680.00 Including VAT  

Delivery Assembly –  POA

Groundworks – Pads or Groundscrews Inc 

Electrics – Included 

After all that gushing I don’t actually know how long it takes for delivery or what their radius is. I suspect the premade ‘deliver to site’ orders are more speedy than the ‘built on-site’ orders but that’s just my guess. 

Garden Rooms by Creative 

Well, this is more like it! Website is a belter in terms of usability – you get the information straight away, specification? You got it.

A screenshot of the Garden Rooms By Creative website, with a navigation menu and a photo of a large timber garden room with a deck and patio chairs outside. The caption reads "Expert Design Makes A Dream A Reality."

Price? No problem. They’ve even got a “beat any price” policy and what they do include in their builds is an all-around service. They’re clear on what is and is not included in their service and they’ll also add in any extras to suit you.

Looking at the specification a bit more closely though, we’d like to know what the structure is – 

What type/size of framing are they using? 

Is it SIPs or is it a stud frame? 

What grade of Larch are they using? 

If it is a stud frame is there a cavity? 

What thickness of Insulation are they using? 

What’s the subfloor, what is the base?

Knowing the answers to the questions would help us understand the pricing a bit better. 

Garden Rooms Creative: how much does it cost?

4m x 3m Cube from £20,394.00 they deliver throughout Scotland and the VAT is included in their price. 

I’m not sure if there are additional delivery charges. They’re based in Dalgety Bay and have a showroom in Tillicoultry. 

Groundwork specification – Unknown 

Electrics – included but not mains (fairly standard). 

Now, there is something a bit FUNKY on the website and it’s the bit about “why our builds are superior…” 

I’ve picked up on a couple of things straight away that insinuate bad practice but in fact, are entirely credible. Ground Screws for one – absolutely bang on for supporting a Garden Room structure and do not create rising dampness. Secondly, the thing about the slatted cladding – my guess is that there is of course a cavity and the slatted cladding is the 3rd layer out from the internal so not the actual weatherproofing. Thirdly, low-grade anything and no floor insulation could well be the preference of the customer to keep the cost down. Ultimately you get what you pay for and it’s all legitimate as long as everyone knows what they’re paying for. A better idea here would be to teach the different techniques and why some are more expensive or favourable than others. 

Outdoor Building Group (OBG Homes Limited)  

Okay OBG let’s get cracking. There’s a lot going on here – Scotland’s LARGEST garden rooms and concrete garage construction company. That’s a big statement alright. Not entirely sure on what metric, but with 3 depots across Scotland, it’s probably fair enough.

A screenshot of the Outdoor Building Group website, with a navigation menu and an image of a timber garden room with a woman sitting outside on a garden chair using a laptop. The captions read "Aberdeenshire Showsite Open Now!" and "Garden Rooms"

OBG has a page called ‘why choose us’ – similar to Garden Rooms by Creative, it’s a list of other construction types, typically telling us that what they do is right and what anyone else offers is wrong. 

I think what I’m struggling with in terms of this approach is that again, we don’t know what these guys use?

OBG tells us their cladding is Redwood Cedar or New Zealand Cladding. Most of us know what Cedar is. However, OBG doesn’t let us know if it’s homegrown or Canadian, which we’d want to know, as like all timber, it’s not necessarily the type of tree that makes it better, it’s much more to do with where it’s grown. Slow-grown timber will always be stronger. I’ve no idea what they mean by New Zealand, I think it’s a Redwood? I found this Nz Natural Timber that explains it a bit more. 

Again like Garden Rooms by Creative, they don’t specify the insulation thickness, the framing construction or cavity details for stud walls.

Outdoor Building Group garden room: how much does it cost?

They do include groundworks and electrics but if you want a price you’ll need to contact them. Plus, they say “prices from” but it’s not comparable with the specification we’ve detailed in all the other Garden Room builders so far. 

They have a “build your own” and prices from £9,411.00 

3 Scottish Depots so I don’t think delivery is an issue 

Groundworks Included 

Electrics Included AND 20 meters of Armoured Cable (mains connection) 

Outside In Garden Rooms

Well HELLO, Ladies! Finally, some decent chat. It’s funny that in a market that is predominantly women buyers, there’s not more like Melanie catching the wave.

Such a gorgeous build and website, well-informed with all the information I’ve been looking for from the last two reviews! With everything so easily accessible, It’s as if Outside In knows that customers need specifics for choosing which Garden Room is best for them, they need specifics! 

An image from the Outside In Garden Rooms website, showing a grey square garden room in a garden full of flowers, next to a greenhouse. The caption reads "Stunning Garden Rooms in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland."

Great specification detail – 70mm Insulation, Rubber Roof, Membrane, SIPs construction, Upvc Windows and Doors, Ground Screw Base, Siberian Larch Clad AND electrics. DONE! See, easy. 

Outside In Garden Room: How much does it cost?

Looking at Outside In’s 4.2m x 3m Uno Garden Room from £23,994.00 Inc VAT

Delivery within 50 miles Radius of their Edinburgh or Glasgow Depots 

Ground Screws Included 

Electrics (not hook up) Included

Outside In Garden Rooms has done a beautiful job here – there’s a lot of emphasis on family beginnings, sustainability and eco-friendly techniques. It’s worth noting this as we go on to explore other attributes that we might want to consider when buying our Garden Room.

Log Cabin Scotland 

Everyone please welcome… Interlocking Log to the party. 

We are an inclusive industry and there are plenty of different construction styles that are on the market ready for you to choose from. LCS are a long-standing Interlocking log cabin company (Bertsch HolzBau Log Cabins) Offering custom designs in a range of thicknesses.

A screenshot of the Log Cabins Scotland website, showing a search bar, navigation menu, and an image of an L-shaped interlocking log cabin. The caption reads: "Log Cabins Scotland, Imagination Made To Measure, Log Cabins Scotland specialise in supplying bespoke/custom, good quality, solid log buildings, carports and garages, and other types of quality timber buildings. View our Log Cabins"

I’m struggling to navigate the website, serious keyword overload, which means we can’t find the information we’re actually looking for… 

Log Cabin Scotland: how much does it cost?

I’m looking at the Verona 4m x 3m with Veranda/Canopy £5,097.00

Delivery and Assembly not included – POA

Electrics not included 

Groundworks not included 

It’s unclear from the pricing if it includes the VAT, and what level of help/service is offered for the things that are not included. 

There is a HUGE range of styles (I particularly like the Cara range 😉 )  And they talk about Keith Garry, who manages the full installation.  A business that’s not afraid to let us know who’s in charge, is a great sign! 

It’s clear there’s a BIG difference in terms of price compared to the other Garden Room Builders we’ve looked at and that’s reflected in the construction – Interlocking log is just that – one layer, one log and it can come in a range of thicknesses. This design relies on the timber alone keeping the building insulated, wind and water-tight. This method has mixed reviews and it would be advisable to know what kind of timber is being used to predict movement and quality before purchasing. 

Really struggling to understand the specifications – the website makes reference to Timber Frame but when I click through it’s still log at 48mm thick but with an insulated floor and roof. I cannot for the life of me find any details on the full specification of the timber or the construction or of any other materials used, which is massively frustrating, especially when this is an alternative to what most of the other companies are offering, we really need to be properly informed.

At Home UK

Okay, let’s go – stay with me people, I’m on day 5 of writing this. Next up we have At Home UK with Sean’s team.

A screenshot from the At Home UK website, showing a navigation bar, and an image of a square timber garden room, with glazed double doors which are open, showing a seating area inside. The caption reads "Space to drive your passion - atHome designs and builds exceptional outdoor rooms from a garden office, home gym, art/music studio or salon to glamping pods and guest houses. Choose from our pre-designed range or contact our expert team for something more bespoke."

We’ll start with the specification – Although the structure isn’t fully disclosed I can assume from the pictures (and from Sean’s online socials, always entertaining) that At Home UK is using a stud frame, insulating with wool in the walls/roof and rigid insulation in the floor.

There’s OSB as the internal structural wall, then the external clad is done in Siberian Larch. What I’d really love to know is the cavity detail. HOLD UP! I just found it – the picture on the FB confirms there IS a cavity – thank the Shed gods! 

At Home Garden Room: how much does it cost

Looking specifically at At Home UK’s The Hive 4.5m x 3m from £22,950.00 Inc VAT 

Delivery within 60 miles of Glasgow City Centre 

Ground Screw base Included 

Heating and Electrics (connection extra £350.00) Included 

Sean’s customers have left some amazing reviews on their FB page, a great showcase of previous work and customer service. In terms of accessibility, At Home is clear and concise on their website about what they offer, how much it costs and what to expect (5*) – one thing I would request is that they slow the tracker speed down on the scroll, heed’s buzzin. 

Urban Pods

Straight up, these guys are COOL! I’ve had my eye on them since they were born. Everything about their design is tight, they tell you it’s architectural design… but 100% – these guys, have class.

An image from the Urban Pods website. A square timber garden room with glazed doors and french windows is shown. The caption reads "Love Your Space - Create a beautiful, inspiring outdoor room and add the valuable extra space that your home, hobby or business really needs. Urban Pods designs and builds spaces that you'll love to spend time in, made from the finest materials and to the highest standards,

Pretty much all of the Top 10 have the same design; flat roof, sliding/trifold doors full glass, enclave/veranda, but Urban Pods are killing it with their little extras – specifically their additional screening on verandas. 

My favourite thing is their specification cross-section that tells you everything you need to know about the actual structure of the build which we find so difficult to get from others. Stud frame, layers, rigid insulation, membranes, cavity, and Larch cladding are all detailed in an easily understandable way. 

Urban Pods Garden Room: how much does it cost?

Looking at the Medio 15m2 from £20,904.00 Inc VAT

Delivery area is unknown, but they’ve included from Glasgow to Aberdeen and all in between at the bottom of their webpage. 

As standard includes the Ground Screw base

Infrared heating, electrics 

I’m not sure what their lead time is from order, much like most, their turnaround is within 2 weeks from being onsite. 

Dab Den

Very similar to Urban Pods in their approach, and architecturally led in their design and specification, Dab Den are coming from a home extension background and using its skills to offer to the market a highly efficient Garden Room.

A screenshot from the Dab Den website, showing a navigation menu and an image of a large garden room with a veranda. The caption reads: "Dab Den Ltd We Design, We Build, You Enjoy. Dab Den Ltd is an Award winning, Architect led construction company. We are specialists in SIP construction, and design and build contemporary New Build Houses, House extensions, Home Offices, Luxury Garden rooms, Nurseries, Classrooms, and Unique Accommodation Dens throughout Scotland. Some of our work can be seen in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and everywhere in between.

They use SIPs construction, Aluminum Windows and Doors, and Larch Cladding. It would be nice to know a bit more about the construction process and exactly what you’re getting for your money – we don’t want to have to phone for this information, we’d rather read it first.

Dab Den Garden Room: how much does it cost?

Looking specifically at the Eo Range 3m x 4m from £33,000.00

I cannot find details about the delivery/assembly, groundworks or electrics. However, I believe this must be included in the costs given that the pricing bracket is similar to those offering the full service. Clarification on this is definitely needed. 

What else do you need to know about these garden rooms…

This a rapidly growing market so it’s important to consider credibility – we need to know if these companies are safe for spending money with and viable for future aftercare.

Anyone can check up on any business easily by using Companies House and of course reading customer reviews (with a pinch of salt). I strongly suggest that you do this with any large purchase.

I’ve detailed our top 10 Garden Room Builders incorporation dates below – spanning over 20 years! 

  • Log Cabins Scotland – 2001
  • JML Garden Rooms – JML Contracts 2005 
  • Dab Den – 2010
  • Urban Pods – 2017
  • Outside In Garden Rooms – 2017
  • Scottish Garden Rooms –   Registered as Composite Garden Rooms LTD
  • Outdoor building Group – Liquidation Status c/o OBG Homes Ltd 2018
  • Garden Rooms By Creative – AMORUSO LTD Est 2019
  • At Home UK 2021

Ekco has its identity marked on its website (2022 EKCO Edinburgh Kitchen Company LTD), however, that Co is dissolved. I have a feeling it’s EKCO Edinburgh Ltd but that’s also unclear. 

Ultimately – knowing who owns the business, who’s in charge of the business and if the business is who it says it is, should not be made difficult for customers to find.

Time to decide which garden room is right for you?

And we’re DONE!

What a ride! And that’s only 10 of the Garden Room Co’s out there in Scotland. Whilst researching I found loads more – I’ll be sure to follow up with a part two, once I’ve gotten over all the excitement of this one… 

It’s now over to your my Sheddie friend – It’s been an absolute joy to share all of this with you and I really hope it has helped in some way to make you feel more confident with your purchasing decision. 

All my Shedlove, 

Natty x 

Garden Room Builders – Special Thanks

Thank you to all the businesses that have been featured in this article. It’s important to remember I write what I see, not what I think I see. So if I’ve said something that you’re not happy with, chances are your customers have said it too so it’s your responsibility to change it for the better. Help educate your customers before they make contact with you. Over 80% of the buying decision is done online before first contact, so make sure you’re being seen the way you should be. 

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