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The best shed manufacturers in Dundee 2024

Normally writing a review blog is a long, difficult process. I was expecting to wade through website after website to find the best shed manufacturer in Dundee. But my usual method wasn’t helpful at all. Why not?

Because right now, in January 2024, I can only find ONE shed manufacturer based in Dundee.

Review Blog Rules

Review blogs have RULES. I’m not just out here freestyling, you know!

The following rules apply to all review blogs including this one, even though this one is a little bit unusual:

  1. This blog is not about Gillies & Mackay. If you want to read about us we have hundreds of blogs that discuss us and our products. 
  2. The purpose of this blog is to help you, the reader, understand which companies are available in your area and what you can expect from each of them.
  3. This blog is based on public domain information. I’m looking at the same websites that anyone else can see. There’s no behind-the-scenes information included unless stated.
  4. Usually, (when there’s more than one company) I compare prices and specifications for a standard 8’ x 6’ apex shed.  

Why do I get so many search results for sheds in Dundee?

A Google search results page showing the results for the search "Shed manufacturers in Dundee"

Do you ever type a search into Google and wonder why the top three or four results are only vaguely related to your search?

This is because most of the content you see at the top of the page is sponsored. Sponsored posts and links are always marked to let you know that they’re sponsored, meaning that these companies have paid Google to put them at the top of the page.

Now, because I’m thrawn I very rarely click on sponsored links. I’d rather find what I’m looking for rather than look at tons of adverts that I didn’t ask for. But there’s another good reason to be wary of search results, especially when you want to buy locally.

Marketers are pretty clever sometimes. They can also be sneaky. If you Google “sheds in Dundee” or something similar, you’ll find links like these:

Both of these look like shed companies based in Dundee. However, EasyShed is based in Birmingham and Sheds First is based in Bedford. Other companies whose search results look like they’re local include Sheds Warehouse (who have the same address as Sheds First, because both companies are owned by a larger parent company, ILikeStores Ltd.)

ILikeStores Ltd also have websites called ILikeBeds.com, ILikeSheds.com, ILikeLogCabins.com, and an Amazon store that sells radiators and uPVC windows.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, of course, but if you’re looking for a local shed company, this isn’t it. ILikeStores Ltd manufactures sheds, but they’re not doing it anywhere near Dundee, and this may not even be their main business concern. 

What’s the difference between a manufacturer and a supplier?

The other thing to look out for when you’re searching online for sheds is shed suppliers rather than shed manufacturers. If you buy from a supplier your shed may be one of hundreds of products that they sell, and they’re most likely not experts in timber buildings. They just happen to sell them. 

We’ve discussed the benefits of buying from a manufacturer rather than a supplier before, but the short version is this: a manufacturer knows all about your shed. They know how it should be installed, what sort of problems you might encounter, and what tips and tricks you need to know to look after the building

If anything does go wrong, they’re your first port of call. If they’re decent folk, they’ll help you to solve those problems and your shed will live a long and happy life. 

Which shed manufacturers are located in Dundee?

A Gillies and Mackay apex shed, painted in pale grey with darker grey trims and door. It sits next to a pale green shed, and is on a concrete base with a gravel border.

The internet gives us access to national and global businesses, but there are lots of good reasons to buy from a local business. For one thing, you’re supporting your local economy, and if you want to live in a world where everything you buy doesn’t come from the other side of the world, your local economy needs your support. 

There are lots of shed manufacturers in Scotland, many of whom will deliver and install your building all over the country. But you may also want to buy from a business you can get back to easily and conveniently in case you need to follow up on your building. 

So if, like all the best people 😉  you’re a Dundonian, or you live in Dundee and you want to buy a Dundee shed, Balmuir Sheds is your local manufacturer. 

So let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Balmuir Sheds Review 2024

A screenshot of the Balmuir Sheds website, with a navigation bar at the top, and a picture of a timber summerhouse with the words "Welcome to Balmuir Sheds Dundee"

These days when it comes to reviewing shed companies, I use my handy Shed Buyer’s Checklist. This gives me (and you!) a really quick and easy way to assess whether or not I’m looking at a quality shed.

Balmuir gets mega Brownie points for their homepage because they provide the information needed to actually use this checklist. 

As a customer, it’s really frustrating to have questions about a company or their products and to find that these questions aren’t answered. Are these customers going to pick up the phone to speak to a real-life human to have these questions answered? Or are they simply going to move on to a website like Balmuir’s, where the information is provided easily and clearly? As someone who hasn’t willingly had a phone conversation since about 1997, I definitely fall into the latter category. 

How to use the Shed Buyer’s Checklist

This depends on your level of shed-knowledge. If you have absolutely no idea what goes into a quality shed and you’re starting right at the beginning, read this blog first. It goes over how to use the checklist and gives general advice on where to start your shed shopping journey.

The Gillies and Mackay Shed Buyer's Checklist, which asks nine questions to determine the quality of a garden shed. It also lists what to avoid when buying a garden shed.

Does Balmuir make a good-quality shed?

Balmuir’s sheds have a Sheddie Score of 8/10 and a Shoddy Score of 0/7. A high Sheddie Score and a low Shoddy Score make for a really good quality shed. 

The only points lost come from missing information – Balmuir doesn’t specify if their framing is pressure-treated, and there’s no information on their website about aftercare and service or a terms and conditions section. 

Balmuir manufactures solid, carefully designed sheds that will do a pretty good job of keeping the weather out. They have a 5-star rating from 12 Facebook reviews and a 4.3 rating from 11 Google reviews. 

There’s one not-great Google review, but this is from a customer whose complaint was about the delay in getting his shed and the lack of communication rather than the quality of the product.

There are sheds out there with a higher specification and at a higher price point, but Balmuir offers a solid choice for a good-quality shed. 

How much does a garden shed cost in Dundee?

A screenshot of the Balmuir Sheds website, showing the price list for a range of shed sizes.

And speaking of prices, there are yet more Brownie points for the Balmuir website, which has a clearly labelled, easy-to-find price list. It gives prices for a huge range of sizes, as well as for log stores, tool stores and extra add-ons. 

Balmuir’s prices include supply, delivery, installation and VAT, with delivery charges for sheds outwith Dundee. It’s so much easier to buy a product when you know how much it costs! 

Where else can I find information about this company?

Balmuir has a Facebook page that’s updated regularly with photos of products and other information. I couldn’t find an Instagram or TikTok account. The contact details on the website include a phone number, email address and opening hours. 

Who is the best shed manufacturer based in Dundee?

For local Dundee sheds, Balmuir Sheds is a great choice. Great quality products, a clear and helpful website, and up-to-date social media mean that you have plenty of information to help you choose a product that suits you and your needs. 

I love reviewing companies that make my life easy, and Balmuir’s approach to sharing their specifications and prices does exactly that. And if my life is easier, your life is easier too. You don’t have to pick up the phone to find out if Balmuir’s products are within your budget and what you’re looking for. 

So while you don’t have tons of choice if you’re looking for a shed manufacturer based in Dundee, the option you have is a good one.

Keep up the good work, Balmuir!

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