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By Amy Hanlon on 15 Feb 2024

Best shed manufacturers in Glasgow 2024.

I have a dream. I’d like to live in a world where it’s easy to find the best shed in Glasgow.

It’s a modest dream, and I’d love to tell you that this blog fully realises this beautiful, sheducated world in technicolour perfection. However, it’s not quite that simple.

So while it may not be falling off a rock easy to find the best shed manufacturers in Glasgow, I’ve put in the hard work to make it at least a little easier. Why scour six different company websites when you can find all the information you need right here? 

Using my trusty Shed Buyer’s Checklist, I’ve cast my expert eye over the shed manufacturers of Glasgow, Airdrie, Blantyre and Kilmarnock. Read on if you’d like to know what sort of sheds are out there. 

The Rules

All of our review articles follow the same rules:

  1. This is not a sneaky plug for Gillies & Mackay, so we don’t feature in this review. You know where we are if you want to read about our sheds. This is an honest and impartial review of the offerings out there for you, shed-owner-in-waiting. 
  2. This review is based on information that is in the public domain. It’s there online for all the world to see. The conclusions and opinions expressed about that information are entirely my own.
  3. To keep things simple, I’ll be comparing an 8’ x 6’ shed from each of the companies discussed.

This blog is a PURE BEAST. If you want to skip ahead without reading the whole thing, use the links below.

Why should I buy from a manufacturer?

You’ve surely heard this before from me: buy from a manufacturer if you can — the people who make your shed know more about it and how it’s made than anyone else. 

If you have any questions or problems with the building once it’s installed in your garden, there’s no point asking Davie from B&Q to help you with them. He works for a retailer that sells thousands of products, and he might well know a bit about all of them, but he can’t possibly be an expert in all of them. 

The best you can expect from a retailer is that they’ll give you your money back or give you a replacement product. But if the replacement product suffers from the same problems, this doesn’t improve the situation. Plus, this all takes up time, energy and effort that most people can do without. 

Suppliers are all over the place, especially online, and it isn’t always immediately obvious whether a firm is building its sheds or buying them in from a larger company. But you’re in luck, people of Glasgow. I’ve only included shed manufacturers in this review. No suppliers here!

Should I avoid suppliers entirely?

Listen, I’m not saying that no one should ever buy a timber building from a supplier. You may not be looking for a forever-shed. You might just need something to keep the kids’ bikes in for now, and that’s entirely fine. But if you’re after a solid, reliable building that will stand in your garden for decades to come, I recommend buying from a manufacturer.

While many manufacturers work all across Scotland, you might prefer to support your local economy. What’s more convenient than a show area that’s just up the road, or a delivery van that arrives bright and early because they’ve only had to drive for five minutes to get to you?

Please also note – this review deals with shed manufacturers based in Glasgow, Airdrie, Blantyre and Kilmarnock. It doesn’t include Falkirk sheds, because for some reason there are tons of shed companies in Falkirk, so they’ll get their own blog another day. 

So if you belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow town, or thereabouts, what are your options for a really great garden shed?

Are there any shed manufacturers in Glasgow?

A picture of The Simpsons character Duffman, standing with his hands on his hips wearing sunglasses, a red cap, a blue bodysuit, white gloves and red cape, with his characteristic tool belt of beer around his waist.

Let’s kick things off with Shedman. Full marks for reminding me of the beloved Simpsons character Duffman, and making me imagine a shed superhero, complete with cape!

It appears that Shedman are the only shed manufacturer in Glasgow proper, but even then, it’s complicated. 

At first glance, there’s a lot to like about the Shedman website. It’s well laid out with attractive images, and there’s plenty of space between the information it provides.

Their claim to be focussed on “simplifying buying a garden shed in Glasgow” is supported by the easy online selection of building type, size, door direction and window position, and an upfront price based on your selection. 

It’s wonderful to see such a straightforward buying process for a shed, that immediately informs you of prices. 

However, a closer inspection reveals that there’s a reason for all that space. The Shedman website does a beautiful job of looking like there’s lots of information for you to base your choices on. But if you have even the faintest hint of a question about their products, you’re unlikely to find its answer here. 

Here are some of the questions I struggled to answer:

Is Shedman a manufacturer or a supplier?

A screenshot of the shedman.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage as they are reviewed for the title of best shed in Glasgow.

I know. I might be a little bit obsessed with this question. But it shouldn’t be so damn difficult to find out whether or not a company makes the thing that they’re selling. Shedman claims that they have been manufacturing sheds for over 30 years. But the website also describes the company as “Glasgow’s premier wood shed supplier.”

The fact that they offer custom-built projects seems to indicate that they’re making their own sheds, but I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make this clear. After tracking them down on Facebook, which wasn’t hugely easy because there are three different profiles all using the same logo, I found posts that reference “our factory in Glasgow”. 

Perhaps to keep things simple, their website has no information about custom-builds beyond “get in touch with us,” which is fair enough. You can’t buy a custom building without talking to an expert. But it would be nice to know how their process works.

Are Shedman making the best sheds in Glasgow?

I know a thing or two about sheds. Whether I’m using my Shed Buyer’s Checklist or not, I have a very clear understanding of what does and doesn’t make a good-quality building that’s likely to keep water out and stand firm in your garden for many years to come. 

But based on the information available on their website, I have absolutely no idea whether or not Shedman sheds are good quality. It’s just not possible to make that call.

They do have plenty of reviews from satisfied customers. They bandy around a few morsels of information like “14mm timber” and talk a whole lot about premium this and quality that, but there’s no actual detail involved. 

If you are referring to the checklist, Shedman have a Sheddie score of just 2/9, because they don’t provide any information about the type of timber used or the thickness and quality of framing or the roof. These two points come from the fact that Shedman installs their sheds, which is included in the price, and because they manufacture the buildings themselves. 

Shedman might be in line for an extra point – their Facebook page describes their buildings as being built from “Scandinavian pine,” which is exactly what you should look for. 

But just say that on your website…

How much does a Shedman shed cost?

An 8’ x 6’ Apex shed with one window costs £880. Delivery is free within 20 miles of their workshop, but I have no idea where their workshop is because the contact addresses given are for their Head Office and a Display Sheds Gallery. Their head office, and possibly their workshop, maybe, are in Dalmarnock.

Whether or not this price represents good value for money is unknown, because I have no idea what sort of sheds they build. 14mm cladding isn’t excellent, and at this price, it seems very unlikely that Scandinavian redwood will be their timber of choice. But with the information that’s presented online, I have absolutely no way of knowing.

Shedman: a really good impression without much to back it up.

I had high hopes for Shedman. Their website does a good job of making the process of buying a shed seem simple. But since I’d have to pick up a phone to find out pretty much everything I need to know about their sheds, it’s just as much bother as it would be going anywhere else. 

I was also fairly horrified to note that Shedman offers just a 3-month guarantee on their products. Their terms and conditions state that this warranty doesn’t cover splits or warping of timber, as these can occur naturally over time. If they’re occurring within 3 months though, your timber is either cheap and nasty and isn’t going to last, or there’s a fault with the building. 

The extremely short warranty period also doesn’t cover any changes to the appearance or shape of the building due to extreme weather conditions, which makes me wonder exactly what it does cover. 

The warranty also states that changes to the shape of the building won’t affect its structural integrity, which is at best a huge generalisation and at worst downright misleading. 

Of course the structural integrity of a shed will be affected if the building warps so badly that it’s not square any more! But after just three months, this won’t be Shedman’s problem anymore. It’ll be yours.

Onward to our next Glasgow shed manufacturer…

Is Elite Sheds & Fencing a manufacturer or a supplier?

A screenshot of the shedsandfencingglasgow.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage as they are reviewed for the title of best shed in Glasgow.

Our next Glasgow shed manufacturer isn’t in Glasgow, they’re in Airdrie.

Elite Fencing & Sheds get a big gold star for making it extremely clear that they make their products to order, and that custom buildings are available. Phew! 

In many ways, Elite’s website is the opposite of Shedman’s. It’s a pretty basic-looking, utilitarian affair, but it contains far more useful information despite not being flashy and slick.

They have clear, easily accessible price lists. They offer a wide range of both pent and apex sheds and there are photos of each building type.

Are Elite Fencing & Sheds making the best sheds in Glasgow?

Finally! A question I can start to answer! Elite make both apex and pent sheds, as well as playhouses, garages, summerhouses, decking and fencing. Both shed types use 12/13mm cladding (I have no idea why they haven’t just chosen one) and specify that their framing is from 45mm x 45mm to 50mm x 100mm, presumably depending on the size of the building. 

Thanks, Elite! You’ve made my job (and any potential customer’s) much easier!

If I refer to the Shed Buyer’s Checklist, Elite come away with a Sheddie Score of 5/9. However, the type of timber isn’t specified beyond “Grade 1 Scandinavian Timber, known for its durability and its ability to stand up to the Scottish weather.”

What is Grade I Scandinavian Timber?

Timber grading is COMPLICATED. There are at least five different ways to grade Scandinavian timber, some of which do use a I-VII rating system, some of which use categories G2-0 to G2-4, or G4-0 to G4-4. Grading classes T0-T3 are also given, alongside strength grading C14, C18, C24 or C30. There are also A, B and C ratings. It all depends on which standard you’re using.

But here’s the interesting thing. If you use the Grades I-VII system, there’s not generally any differentiation between Grades I-IV. These four grades are referred to as “unsorted,” or U/S, and are sold together as a single grade of timber.

So what is this madness? Well, it’s my observation that Grade I timber doesn’t actually mean much. 

It sounds great and is definitely better than Grade VII timber, but it feels a bit silly using this description when a) most people don’t know enough about timber grading for it to mean anything, and b) Elite could just tell us what type of timber they use. 

Spruce or Pine? Whitewood or Redwood? This is the important, relevant information we need. There’s no need to keep it a secret. Just tell people what kind of timber you’re using.

Should I find out what type of timber my shed is built from?

Based on the information available on their website, Elite build sheds with a modest specification. The framing thickness is decent, but the cladding is on the thin side. 

I’m concerned about 12/13mm cladding – this isn’t thick enough to create a really solid building. Also, Elite doesn’t specify anything more about the 20mm log cladding that’s offered as an alternative. 

If this is tongue and groove loglap cladding, then it’s most definitely worth the upgrade. However, for such a small difference in price, it seems unlikely.  If the cladding isn’t tongue and groove, it may not be worth upgrading at all. 

Elite’s website also states that their cladding thickness is between 13mm and 32mm, but no prices are available for 32mm cladding, nor is there any more information about this option.

32mm cladding isn’t the upgrade it seems, either. Past 20mm or so you’re better to opt for a building with layered walls rather than thicker cladding. Any benefits that you gain from additional thickness are tempered by the greater influence of timber movement, so past 20mm, you’re potentially paying for an additional problem rather than a solution. 

The real dealbreaker here is the type of timber used. Scandinavian timber is slow-grown in a cold stable climate, but if it’s Spruce rather than Pine, this will struggle to keep out the Scottish weather. 

Always always always check with your manufacturer before buying if this information isn’t available. The best specification in the world won’t make up for poor-quality timber. 

How much do Elite’s sheds cost?

An 8’ x 6’ 12/13mm clad shed costs £829. Upgraded cladding is available – 20mm log, which puts the cost at £849. 

Elite Fencing & Sheds: moving in the right direction.

Elite definitely gets points for the information that’s already online. It’s great to see a clear price list, and they’re starting to share their specification which makes life easier for their customers.

However, anyone buying a shed needs to know what it’s made of. As with the Shedman website, I’m left with a whole load of questions that I can’t answer without picking up the phone or sending an email. 

Now we’re off to Kilmarnock, where three shed manufacturers are doing their thing.

Is JW Milligan a manufacturer or a supplier?

A screenshot of the jwmiligan.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage as they are reviewed for the title of best shed in Glasgow.

JW Milligan’s website states that they have been in the building manufacturing business for over 50 years. With custom-built and standard-size sheds available to see on their website, JW Milligan are clearly making their own buildings, and serve Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and Glasgow.

Their website is attractive and easy to navigate, with lots of photos of the different buildings on offer. 

Are JW Milligan making the best sheds in Glasgow?

There’s an example specification for a garden shed on the JW Milligan website, which lists 12mm or 15mm tongue and groove weatherboard cladding on 33mm x 45mm framing, with 16mm roof sarking and 18mm flooring secured to 75mm x 50mm floor joists. 

While I’d prefer to see the solidity of the floor extended to the rest of the building, this is a reasonable specification for a garden shed. 15mm cladding is pretty modest, and 12mm is too thin, but compared to other offerings on the market, this isn’t bad at all. Tongue and groove weatherboard is exactly what’s needed to keep the weather out of a shed.

Based on this information they have a Sheddie Score of 6/9. However, once again there’s no useful information about the timber used. “High-quality imported timber,” sounds affy impressive, but doesn’t tell us what we need to know about these sheds.

Once again, I’m left wondering if these sheds are worth my time or not. Once again, to find out, I have to make a phone call, send an email, or, more likely, move along to a website that tells me what I need to know. 

How much do JW Milligan’s sheds cost?

Do you know what else I need to know? How much do these sheds cost? Based on this website, I have no idea. Maybe they’re a million pounds each. Maybe they give them away for free. 

Just a reminder of how this works. You may or may not fit into this category of behaviour, but if you don’t, you’re in the minority. 

When a potential customer browses a website to check out its products, they’re looking to answer two questions. 1) Is this product what I need? 2) How much does it cost?

If they don’t get the answers to those questions on that website, they have two options. They can pick up the phone and ask someone in person how much that product costs, thus allowing them to decide whether or not they want to buy it, or they can go somewhere else.

Please, for the love of sheds, include prices! Even if it’s just a ballpark figure to give people an idea of where they’re starting from. It saves everyone’s time and makes life much easier.

This is particularly true for shed manufacturers, who are usually competing with large suppliers who can provide hundreds of different buildings. I’ve never yet seen a shed supplier website that doesn’t include the prices of their products. Because of this, customers choose suppliers over manufacturers who are often providing a superior product. Everyone loses.

JW Milligan: prices, please!

If you’re really into not finding the information you need, check out JW Milligan’s website. There’s no way to evaluate the quality of their products or whether they represent value for money without knowing what the sheds are made of and how much they cost.

But there are other options in Kilmarnock. Let’s see how GW Fleming fare…

Is GW Fleming a manufacturer or a supplier?

A screenshot of the gwfleming.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage as they are reviewed for the title of best shed in Glasgow.

GW Fleming is another shed manufacturer with serious heritage chops – their website states that they’ve been installing timber buildings since 1955. 

However, I hope they’ve sacked their web designer. Their homepage has a thick black bar taking up most of one side of the page, and the background makes the text difficult to read. There are only eleven pictures on the entire site, covering sheds, summerhouses and garages, and the links at the side of the page simply jump to different parts of the home page.

This is a shame because it would be easy to disregard GW Fleming’s website in favour of something flashier like Shedman. And you absolutely shouldn’t do this, because, god love them, GW Fleming has actually included the information needed to evaluate their sheds!

Are GW Fleming making the best sheds in Glasgow?

Look at this! An actual specification! Hurray!

GW Fleming gets a Sheddie Score of 4/9. They clearly state that they use whitewood, which rules them out for a long-lasting, weatherproof building. But at least they let us know!

12mm tongue and groove weatherboard on 33mm x 45mm framing is definitely a mid-range shed. It won’t blow away the second the wind gets up, but if you want a building that stays absolutely solid for decades to come, this specification is rather thin. GW Fleming also offers a 19mm cladding upgrade, which is a good addition, but unless the framing is also upgraded this will only go so far towards creating a truly solid shed.

As with JW Milligan, there’s a better specification for the floor than for the walls, but the joists are still only 33mm x 70. While these sheds will fare reasonably well and are certainly much better than you’d find at the average supplier, I have my doubts about their ability to keep out the Scottish weather.

But it’s so refreshing to see a full, informative, useful specification! I don’t have any further questions about how GW Fleming builds their sheds. 

How much do GW Fleming’s sheds cost?

And look once more! A price list! Excellent!

Are you paying attention, Shedman, Elite and JW Milligan? I can find out how much GW Fleming’s sheds cost without having to pick up the phone. How very 21st century!

An 8’ x 6’ apex shed with 12mm cladding costs £795. The upgraded 19mm cladding pushes the price to £945. Given that the sheds are made of whitewood, you could have a better alternative for a similar price.

Bear in mind that these price lists date from 2020. They may not be current. But huge brownie points for including clear, transparent prices, plus a list of extras and the associated charges. 

GW Fleming: it’s a shame about the whitewood…

If GW Fleming used Scandinavian redwood they’d be a really good choice for a mid-range shed.  However, their website is incredibly useful, despite its cosmetic appearance. You know exactly what they’re selling, how much it costs, and what you’re paying for. More of this sort of thing, please!

Are McCallum Timber Buildings a manufacturer or a supplier?

A screenshot of the mccallumtimberbuildings.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage.

McCallum Timber Buildings clearly states on its website that they make standard-size and bespoke timber buildings and have been doing so for over 30 years. 

They have an attractive website with tons of gorgeous photos of sheds, summerhouses, garages, play sheds and stables. 

Are McCallum Timber Buildings making the best sheds in Glasgow?

Photos. Photos. More photos. If we were all able to tell if a shed was good quality from a photograph, this article wouldn’t exist, would it?

McCallum Timber Buildings include exactly no information about the specifications of their buildings. “Top quality imported timber” means absolutely nothing to me or anyone else. This is the marketing equivalent of saying, “Buy our stuff – it’s really good. We promise! Look at all our shiny photos!”

So yet again I’m left with no way of deciding whether or not McCallum Timber Buildings are worth my time. 

I can give them a Sheddie Score of 2/9 based on them being a manufacturer and assembling their own buildings. As for the buildings themselves, I have no idea.

How much do McCallum’s sheds cost?

Unfortunately, none of the photos have any numbers in them. Why are shed companies so terrified of putting their prices online? 

If I have a budget in mind the first thing I need to know is whether or not I can afford these products. If I can’t, I’m going to go somewhere else. But if I can’t find out, I’m also going to go somewhere else. 

It may not seem like it sometimes, but there are shed manufacturers out there who actually share this information.

McCallum Timber Buildings: I’m getting tired of this.

If buying a shed was as straightforward as picking one out of a gallery, this website would be great. Unfortunately, with no information about specifications or prices, this is far from straightforward. What are you hiding?

Given the huge variations out there in quality, materials and specifications, the only way for a customer to make an informed decision about the timber building that is best for them is to give them the information that they need. 

Are Clyde Valley Sheds a manufacturer or supplier?

A screenshot of the clydevalleysheds.co.uk website showing the navigation menu and homepage as they are reviewed for the title of best shed in Glasgow.

Clyde Valley Sheds make it abundantly clear that they make their own timber buildings. They’re not a supplier; they’re definitely a manufacturer. 

Their website is attractive, clear and easy to read. There are tons of images of apex and pent sheds, as well as summerhouses, garden rooms, playhouses and kennels. The photos show a wide range of sizes and building types, with a great range of projects represented.  

Are Clyde Valley Sheds making the best sheds in Glasgow?

Sigh. Clyde Valley Sheds look pretty sturdy. From the photos they appear to be using loglap cladding which would indicate it’s a reasonable thickness, but why am I having to guess?

I had such high hopes. No. In fact, I had pretty modest hopes, but they have once again been disappointed. 

Clyde Valley Sheds has a great-looking website that tells me nothing I actually need to know. They even have an FAQs section, but no one seems to be frequently asking what their sheds are made of!

The FAQs section reveals that all their sheds have an 18mm tongue and groove floor on 45mm x 45mm runners, and roofs made of 16mm sarking covered in mineral felt. What about the walls, lads? They’re a fairly important part of the structure. And yet again, WHAT KIND OF TIMBER ARE THE SHEDS MADE OF?

Clyde Valley Sheds have a Sheddie score of 4/9, but this is based only on buying from a manufacturer who install the building, on the timber roof and on my assumption that the framing is pressure-treated as well as the rest of the building. I shouldn’t have to scour through the FAQs to find this information out.

I can’t recommend a building from Clyde Valley Sheds, because I don’t have the information I need to tell you whether it’s good quality or not. 

How much do Clyde Valley’s sheds cost?

You’ll be SHOCKED to hear that there are no price lists on this website. Not a thing. 

Once again I can only assume that Clyde Valley Sheds charge somewhere between £0 and £20,000,000 for their timber buildings. I don’t know if they represent good value for money because I don’t know what they’re made of and I don’t know how much they cost. 

Clyde Valley Sheds: more of the same.

Clyde Valley Sheds have the same approach as Shedman, Elite Fencing & Sheds, JW Milligan, and McCallum Timber Buildings

If you want to know basic bottom-line information about their products, you have to pick up the phone and you have to make enquiries.

Good people of Glasgow, Blantyre, Airdrie and Kilmarnock, you deserve better than this.

Please don’t assume that budgeting for a shed project has to involve phonecalls or speaking to someone. Demand more from your timber building manufacturers. And if you don’t get the information that you need, go somewhere else. 

There are so many great Scottish shed manufacturers out there, and so many customers who want to support small local businesses. But if we can’t find the information we need quickly and easily, we end up going elsewhere. 

Breaking the rules.

This sorry state of affairs just wasn’t good enough, I’m afraid. 

I actually had to go away and have a snack. I was ANNOYED. When information isn’t easy to find, my natural assumption is that it’s being hidden from me on purpose, and that’s not cool. I found myself cursing the shed manufacturers of Glasgow and its environs, and wanting their websites to be better. It’s my job to answer your question. I needed to know about the best shed in Glasgow. 

So I broke my own rules. I got on the phone and called up the five companies I’ve reviewed. Using the Shed Buyer’s Checklist, I asked them for the information that was missing from their websites. 

I felt bad for wasting everyone’s time – they thought I was a prospective customer. But if they had included this information on their websites I would never have had to call them in the first place. 

So here are the revised Sheddie Scores and prices, based on the information I received:

8’ x 6’ priceSheddie Score
Elite Fencing & Sheds£8498/9
JW Milligan£10154/9
GW Fleming£9755/9
McCallum Timber Buildings£9704/9
Clyde Valley Sheds£17404/9

Do Shedman make the best shed in Glasgow?

After talking to Shedman (not the man himself, unfortunately) I discovered that their sheds are made from Swedish Pine (AKA Scandinavian Redwood) with a cladding thickness of 14mm and a framing thickness of 41mm x 31mm. Their framing isn’t pressure-treated.

This increases their Sheddie Score to 5/9. 

Do Elite Fencing & Sheds make the best shed in Glasgow?

The good people at Elite Fencing & Sheds informed me that they use Scandinavian Redwood to build their sheds, with prices given on their website for 12mm and 20mm tongue and groove cladding. Their framing is 50mm x 50mm.

This increases their Sheddie Score to 8/9. 

Do JW Milligan make the best shed in Glasgow?

My phonecall revealed that JW Milligan use white pine from Norway. I’m somewhat confused by this description, as Norway is best known for its Spruce, or whitewood. Pine is generally referred to as redwood, so I’m not entirely convinced that I can give a point for using Scandinavian Redwood. 

An 8’ x 6’ shed with 15mm cladding and 33mm x 45mm framing is £1015. Floor joists are pressure-treated but the rest of the framing is not. 

Do GW Fleming make the best shed in Glasgow?

GW Fleming’s price lists are indeed out of date. An 8’ x 6’ Swedish Pine shed with 12mm cladding costs £975. The same shed with 19mm cladding costs £1175. Framing is 33mm x 45mm and is not pressure-treated, although the floor and floor joists are pressure-treated. 

This increases their Sheddie Score to 6/9

Do McCallum Timber Buildings make the best shed in Glasgow?

A phone call to McCallum revealed that their sheds are made of “white Pine.” When I asked them to clarify whether or not they meant redwood, the salesman reassured me that it was definitely whitewood. Remember, folks – whitewood is Spruce, not Pine.

Their standard cladding is 12mm, and an 8’ x 6’ shed with 12mm cladding costs £970. An upgraded 15mm shed costs £1090 and a 19mm log cladding shed costs £1165. All of these sheds use 33mm x 45mm framing, with 3’ x 2’ floor pressure-treated floor joists. 

This increases their Sheddie Score to 4/9, but the whitewood is a definite no-no. 

Do Clyde Valley Sheds make the best shed in Glasgow?

Clyde Valley Sheds gave me a range of information about their products. The first thing I asked about was the price of an 8’ x 6’ shed. I wasn’t particularly impressed to be asked, “Have you had any other prices?” 

Personally, I much prefer being offered a single, set price for an item. I don’t want to feel like I’m haggling or being “given a deal.” I just want to know how much something costs so I can decide whether or not I’m buying. Not everyone feels this way, of course, but I like to know exactly where I am, and that I’m paying the same as anyone else for the same product. 

This vibe continued when I was given what the salesman called the “retail price” versus a lower price that he was “able to secure” if I ordered there and then. Prices were also given without VAT, which meant I had to get my Maths on to work out exactly how much the products actually cost. Not cool. 

So how much does a Clyde Valley Shed cost?

An 8’ x 6’ shed with 16mm cladding and 50mm x 50mm framing costs £1740 – this was the “retail price”. I was offered the same shed for £1362 if I ordered it there and then. 

This is a pretty significant difference in price. If I’d paid £378 more than a friend for the exact same shed I’d be pretty annoyed about it. I don’t enjoy being pressured into making decisions, and wondered if anyone actually pays the higher price. If not, why even mention it? I didn’t feel like I was getting a bargain. I felt like I was being manipulated and I didn’t like it. Give me a price list any day of the week. 

The same shed was available with 21mm cladding for £1950, or with 32mm cladding for £2280. All of these prices were quoted to me without VAT, but I’ve done the sums to give you an accurate figure.

Clyde Valley Sheds offer lots of different options for their sheds – different cladding thicknesses and different roofing materials. However, they also make their sheds from what the salesman described as “whitewood Pine.” As with JW Milligan, I was a bit confused, because whitewood and Pine are not the same thing. 

But it doesn’t matter what variety of timber Clyde Valley are using, because the salesman then informed me that their sheds are made from British timber. British timber isn’t durable enough for exterior use in Scotland. Our climate is too mild and changeable, and trees grown in the UK produce porous, spongy timber that easily takes in water. 

This is a shame, because otherwise their shed specification is decent. However, I wouldn’t buy a shed made of British timber. I also wouldn’t buy from a company who don’t have a clear and transparent pricing policy. 

This increased the Sheddie Score for Clyde Valley Sheds to 5/9

Who is the best shed manufacturer in Glasgow?

It’s been a journey, and if you’re still here at the bitter end, I’m impressed! It really shouldn’t be such a battle to find out basic information from a shed company.

Based on both their specification and their prices, I’d choose Elite Fencing and Sheds if I wanted to buy from a Glasgow shed manufacturer. Their specifications are the best in the area, and their prices are surprisingly modest compared to some of their competitors. With the cladding upgrade, they’re building medium-spec timber buildings for a very reasonable price. 

I should also note that during my phone calls, I heard a whole lot of nonsense about timber buildings. 

I won’t name and shame, but I was informed that tongue and groove sarking shouldn’t be used for shed roofs (it should if it’s thick enough), that 16mm cladding was more than thick enough for the Scottish weather (it’s the very thinnest you should even consider), that there was no benefit to pressure-treating framing (there most definitely is) and that you should never use a nail gun to build a shed, as this will ruin the timber (it won’t.)

The sad fact is that there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there when it comes to timber buildings. Make sure you stay sheducated enough to make good choices, and don’t let shed companies get away with not providing the information you need. 

Looking for more information about timber buildings? Head to our Learning Centre for more content than you can shake a nail gun at!

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