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By Amy Hanlon on 09 Apr 2024

Best sheds in Angus: Manufacturer Review 2024

Who’s making the best sheds in Angus? That’s exactly what we’re all here to find out. 

I’ve rounded up all the shed manufacturers in Angus, and using our handy Shed Buyer’s Checklist, I’ll evaluate each one to save you the trouble. 

Today I’ll be looking at:

Timberteck Garden Buildings

Logie Sheds

Ravensby Sheds

If you’re new to our Review Blogs, you may not be familiar with the rules and format. Here they are to keep us all right:

The Rules:

  1. This blog is not a sneaky sales pitch for Gillies & Mackay. You know where to find out about our sheds. This review doesn’t feature us.
  2. To keep things fair and simple I’m comparing prices and specifications for an 8’ x 6’ shed.
  3. This review is written using public domain information – if I can find it, you can find it. Up until recently this meant web content only, but there was so little information online that I had to pick up the phone and start ASKING QUESTIONS. Let’s see if I have to do that this time…
  4. This review only covers manufacturers, AKA people who build their own sheds. If you’re wondering why your local shed company aren’t included, it’s because they’re a supplier who gets their buildings from a third party.
  5. All opinions expressed are my own, and those of the master shed-builders I work with. 

How to use The Shed Buyer’s Checklist

A copy of the Gillies and Mackay Shed Buyer's Checklist, showing what to look for and what to avoid when buying a shed.

Each question on the checklist relates to an aspect of the building’s specification. You shouldn’t have to spend hours becoming an expert in sheds to buy one – that’s why we’re here. The checklist cuts out all the unnecessary faff and gets right to the questions that make the difference between a solid, weatherproof building and a shonky, leaky eyesore.

The Sheddie Score tells you what to look for when you’re shopping for a shed. The Shoddy Score tells you what to avoid. If a company has a high Sheddie Score and a low Shoddy Score, you’ll have a good idea of the quality of their buildings.

Why does this review only cover manufacturers?

It’s one of the questions on The Shed Buyer’s Checklist, and a very important distinction to make when you’re shopping for a shed: buying from a manufacturer is almost always a more reliable choice than buying from a supplier. 

It’s the difference between buying a boxed sponge from a supermarket or a hand-made gateau from an artisanal bakery. One sells hundreds of similar, lower-quality products and the other is created and sold by an expert in their field.

Plus, the people who build your shed are the best people to contact if you need advice or aftercare, or if anything goes wrong with the building. They’re the experts in how that building works. A supplier with a catalogue of hundreds of buildings just doesn’t have the same in-depth knowledge that a manufacturer has.

Do Timberteck Garden Buildings make the best sheds in Angus?

A screenshot of the Timberteck website, showing a photo of a summerhouse and the text "Garden sheds and summerhouses" under a navigation menu.

Timberteck Garden Buildings is based at Forestmuir Sawmill in Forfar and has an unmanned Show Site at Inverurie. 

They manufacture and install sheds and summerhouses, and their website has a good selection of photographs displaying these buildings. While Timberteck’s website is fairly basic, it contains lots of useful information.

However, it’s missing one really vital thing. At no point does the Timberteck website mention the type of timber used to build their sheds and summerhouses. 

Why is the timber used for a shed so important?

A wooden wall in the Gillies & Mackay workshop with a hand-written sign saying "Good boards only."

The purpose of any building, whatever it’s made of, is to keep the weather out. If it doesn’t keep the weather out, it won’t protect whatever you store inside.  

The timber used to make a garden shed is the single biggest contributor to that building’s ability to keep the weather out. Cheaper whitewood, usually spruce, is more susceptible to shape changes when exposed to moisture. Shape changes can cause gaps that let in more water. Sheds made of spruce are also more susceptible to water ingress

In fact, it’s so important to use dense, weatherproof timber that our checklist gives this item double points. 

Scandinavian redwood, also known as Scandinavian pine, is the best timber for the job. Make sure that you’re getting both parts of this description – Scandinavian/Swedish PLUS redwood/pine. If the timber is described as only Scandinavian or only redwood, you can’t be sure that you’re getting the good stuff. 

Another important point to note is that Scandinavian pine is more expensive than spruce, wherever it’s sourced from. If a shed company is using Scandinavian redwood, they’ll be quick to tell you about it, because it’s the best quality material used for garden sheds.

When a company is evasive about the type of timber they’re using, chances are they’re using cheaper spruce. The best-case scenario here is Scandinavian spruce, but this still isn’t as hardy as Scandinavian redwood. If it’s whitewood from a warmer climate, like southern Europe or the UK, it simply won’t keep the weather out.

Here’s a video with some more details.

What’s the Sheddie Score for Timberteck Garden Buildings?

Timberteck either isn’t using Scandinavian redwood, or they’re weirdly keeping quiet about this. (0 points)

Their sheds use shiplap cladding, which isn’t as stable as tongue and groove (0 points)

Their sheds have 16mm cladding, which just meets our minimum recommendation. (1 point)

They use 3’ x 2’ framing, which is above our minimum recommendation. (1 point)

There’s no information about whether or not the framing is pressure-treated (0 points)

The roof is made of tongue and groove boards – I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt here and assume they’re using timber boards, although this could be MDF. (1 point.)

Timberteck manufacture their own buildings (1 point)

Prices include delivery and installation. (1 point)

It’s highly unusual, but I’m delighted to see that Timberteck has clear T&Cs and a 1-year manufacturing guarantee posted on their website. This doesn’t cover any damage due to adverse weather conditions, which is a shame, since the weather is what’s most likely to cause problems. (1 point)

This gives a Sheddie score of 6/10. There are plenty of good things going on here, but the lack of information about the materials used is worrying. 

What’s the Shoddy Score for Timberteck Garden Buildings?

The timber type is unspecified, meaning it’s most likely whitewood. (2 points)

Timberteck uses shiplap cladding for their shed walls. (1 point)

The cladding is 16mm. (0 points)

The roof is probably not OSB. (0 points)

You’re not buying from a supplier. (0 points)

The price includes assembly (0 points)

The framing is more than the minimum recommendation. (0 points)

This gives a Shoddy Score of 3/8.

All in all, this results in a mid-range shed which will be reasonably solid for at least 5 years. But beyond that, I have concerns about the durability of the timber cladding. The combination of whitewood and shiplap isn’t a great one, especially in a climate as wet as ours.

How much does an 8’ x 6’ shed from Timberteck cost?

Hurray! A price list!

Even though it’s dated June 2023, and even though it states that prices are subject to change, it’s so refreshing to see any sort of price list on a shed company website!

An 8’ x 6’ apex shed is £1020, and an 8’ x 6’ pent shed is £1070.

You can buy a Scandinavian redwood shed with a similar specification for pretty much the same price elsewhere, which is a definite upgrade. 

Do Logie Sheds make the best sheds in Angus?

A screenshot of the Logie Sheds website, with a large photo of a summerhouse and the text "Made to order sheds and summerhouses in Angus" under a navigation menu.

Logie Sheds in Forfar has got a cracking website. 

What I like best about it is the clear, transparent pricing. You can buy a shed right there on their website and know exactly what you’re getting for your money, see which upgrades are available and how much they cost. 

This option is available for sheds, summerhouses and tool stores. You can also contact Logie Sheds via their contact page if you need a quote for a bespoke building. There’s also the option to upload drawings on this page, which is a really useful feature. 

What’s the Sheddie Score for Logie Sheds?

A copy of the Gillies and Mackay Shed Buyer's Checklist, showing a Sheddie Score of 7/10 and a Shoddy Score of 3.8 for Logie Sheds

Oh no! Logie Sheds were doing so well! I was really impressed by their easy-to-use website. But once again, there’s no reference to the timber they use to build their sheds. (0 points)

16mm tongue and groove weatherboard form the walls of the sheds, which meets our minimum requirement. (1 point for 16mm, 1 point for tongue and groove)

Logie’s framing comes in just a whisker under our recommended minimum. (0 points)

However, the framing is pressure-treated. (1 point)

Their shed roofs are made of the same timber weatherboard as the walls. (1 point)

Logie Sheds manufacture their own buildings and their prices include delivery and assembly. (1 point for manufacture, 1 point for assembly)

Lastly, there’s a guarantee, but I’m not entirely sure I can give it a point, as there’s no information about how long their product guarantee lasts. Interestingly, Logie Sheds’ product guarantee differs from Timberteck’s in only one point. I don’t mean that they’re similar. They’re word-for-word identical, apart from Logie’s omission of the phrase “Our guarantee does not cover for any damage due to adverse weather conditions.” 

Since I reckon this is a huge cop-out by Timberteck, I’m glad to see that Logie doesn’t just abandon their customers to the weather. 

But I do find it very odd that both websites seem to have copied and pasted their guarantee from the same source. Still, a copied and pasted guarantee is better than no guarantee at all! (1 point)

This gives a total Sheddie Score of 7/10. Logie Sheds are also doing lots of great things, they’re just not using the best materials for the job. Or if they are, it’s very odd that they aren’t sharing this on their otherwise extremely informative website. 

What’s the Shoddy Score for Logie Sheds?

There’s no reference to the type of timber used. This means Logie Sheds are either missing a vital piece of information or they’re using cheaper whitewood. (2 points)

Their cladding is tongue and groove (0 points)

They meet the minimum recommended cladding thickness. (0 points)

There’s no cheap OSB used in their roofs. (0 points)

They’re a manufacturer, not a supplier. (0 points)

They install their own buildings. (0 points)

Their framing is just shy of our recommended minimum (1 point)

This gives a Shoddy Score of 3/8.

How much does an 8’ x 6’ shed cost from Logie Sheds?

Thanks to their clear and intuitive pricing calculator, I can tell you that an 8’ x 6’ apex shed costs £1150, and an 8’ x 6’ pent shed costs £1245. 

Once again there are competitors nearby offering similar specifications for similar prices, with the one key difference that they’re using Scandinavian redwood. This makes such a difference to the quality of the building that it’s a no-brainer. Don’t pay £1200 for a whitewood shed when you could have a redwood shed for the same price.

Do Ravensby Sheds make the best sheds in Angus?

A screenshot of Ravensby Sheds' website showing a picture of a summerhouse and the text "Garden sheds and buildings designed, delivered and assembled in Angus.

Ravensby Sheds in Carnoustie offer sheds, summerhouses, playhouses, garden furniture and animal housing. They proudly state that they manufacture their own buildings and have plenty of images of each product type. 

However, Ravensby is very firmly in the “look at our bonny pictures and give us a phone” category of website. 

This is annoying, firstly because it means I have very little to go on to give them a score, and secondly, because you also have very little to go on to decide whether or not they’re worth your time. 

But here’s the best that I can do based on the information that’s available online.

What’s the Sheddie Score for Ravensby Sheds?

The Gillies and Mackay Shed Buyer's Checklist, showing a Sheddie Score of 3/10 for Ravensby Sheds.

I don’t have enough information to tell you whether or not Ravensby Sheds are worth the price they’re asking. I only managed to eke out three points from the meagre information they provide about their sheds. It didn’t seem worth giving them a Shoddy Score, because I just don’t know what they’re up to.

As well as not having the information I need on their specifications, I also don’t know what price they’re asking.

This Sheddie Score of 3/10 may be a fair reflection of the quality of Ravensby’s sheds, however, it may simply be that they’re not telling us what they’re building. I don’t understand why, if there’s a company website, it doesn’t contain the information that’s most important to your customers.

Not only does this mean that you can’t make an informed decision about whether or not Ravensby Sheds are offering good value, but it’s also a potential waste of everyone’s time. I could call Ravensby up and ask them how much their sheds cost, as could you. But the simple fact is that it’s much easier for both of us to just look elsewhere. 

It’s great to see beautiful images on a website, but unless your photographs are unusually stunning, they’re never going to be a substitute for useful information. Please just tell us what’s going on with your buildings and how much they cost.

Who’s making the best sheds in Angus?

A Gillies & Mackay apex timber shed painted dark brown. The shed has double doors and is on a slabbed patio.

Honestly, I’m not blown away by any of these offerings. The lack of a decent redwood building is disappointing, particularly given the alternatives available. 

Logie Sheds has the highest Sheddie Score and lowest Shoddy Score, but they’re not using Scandinavian redwood despite having similar prices to other manufacturers who are. Your best bet is to look further afield for more reliable materials and a more weatherproof building.

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