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By Nicola Hutchison on 26 Feb 2023

The Best Small Corner Summerhouse: 7×7 and 8×8 corner designs

Ah sheddie, the small corner summerhouse. A perfect garden place for one. A discreet petite magical hideaway.

What are your options and what one is right for you?

Corner summerhouses can be quite a rare sight on the market because they can be difficult to make. We introduced corner summerhouses back in the ’90s. Grant and John realised there was a need for this type of design.

These corner summerhouses are particularly great if you have a smaller garden. Why should having a smaller space result in you missing out on the joys of a summerhouse?

Everyone deserves a garden home! And these corner and shaped summerhouses have proven to be awfy popular designs over the years for those who plan to use the space for one or two people max.

So let’s take a look at the options and see which design and size is right for you.

We have three corner summerhouse designs here at G&M:

I’ll share drawings, and building specifications, show some real-life examples and discuss the pros and cons with you.

Small Corner Summerhouse Elevations

When we’re talking “small” – we’re usually talking about summerhouses around 7×7 to 8×8. This is plenty room to get some use out of, but small enough to cosy in a small/medium-sized garden (or a big garden you’ve got loads going on in).

7×7 Small Corner Summerhouse Plans

The Deuchny and Corsie Summerhouse are our only designs that come in a 7×7 size.

Let’s take a look at some drawings that Mastermind Grant has created for you – I’m an artist at heart so I’ve loved these drawings from the dawn of time.

The plans will show you different elevations to see what the design is like and you’ll get sizing here too.

7×7 Deuchny Summerhouse

7×7 Corsie Summerhouse

The 7×7 size is probably our least popular size these days. Typical that this size can hold one person and some smaller furnishings within.

If you are tight on space in the garden, then you have this size option to play with. Use the measurements, from the base plan, to work out if you can fit this size in your garden.

The Corsie Summerhouse has a pent roof sloping to the back. The Deuchny summerhouse has a high peaked roof where you can see the detail of the roof. Apart from the roofs both summerhouses are the same shape. We’ll talk about pros and cons of these shortly.

You can see from both the designs that they have a right angle design – designed to fit perfectly into a corner space.

Important to note on this design – they come with small summerhouse doors that look like this:

8×8 Corner Summerhouse Plans

In my opinion and experience, the 8×8 size is a perfect small size for the garden. It’s enough space for 1-2 – potentially 3 at a push. And enough space to play with for furnishings. It’s giving you a little more options to play with.

Let’s take a look at the drawings…

Deuchny Summerhouse – 8×8

Corsie Summerhouse – 8×8

Dunsinane Summerhouse8×8

So we’ve introduced the Dunsinane Summerhouse here. This gorgeous summerhouse is a hexagonal shape and starts from the smallest size of 8×8. This design can fit nicely into a corner and can become a proper staple piece in your garden. 

Its overall design is catered to a more centralised piece in your garden however it has the benefits of both. Overall, the floor space is larger by m2 giving you slightly more overall space to play with compared to the Deuchny and Corsie designs. 

Small Summerhouse Specification

Everything that goes into these buildings is designed to ensure they last a lifetime with the correct care. Over the years we have developed the design and aesthetic so you can get the best of both worlds for your investment.

Something that lasts and something that enhances your garden and life for whatever you choose to use your summerhouse space for.

  • 19mm Scandinavian Redwood Weatherboard
  • 19mm Scandinavian Redwood Flooring
  • 19mm Redwood Sarking
  • 70mm x 40mm Redwood Dressed Framing
  • 2x toughened glass – single glazed –  fixed windows
  • 2x toughened glass –  single glazed –  opening windows
  • 1x Double Mortise and Tenon Glazed Doors (small set for 7×7 size)
  • 3-lever lock

Summerhouse Roofing

As standard both the Deuchny and Dunsinane Summerhouse designs come with black bitumen shingled roof.

These roofs are peaked and visible so we know aesthetics are important here. Bitumen shingles give a tiled roof effect. The shingles come with a 15-year guarantee and usually last longer than this.

Because the Corsie is a sloping roof it requires torch-on felt. Torch-on felt is bonded to ensure water tightness on the sloping roof. We are looking to move away from felt on this and opt for steel roof a standard as it’s much more sturdy and reliable.

Learn more: 

Pros and Cons of Small Corner Summerhouses

The Deuchny


It’s our most popular corner summerhouse design. Fits perfectly into those corners filling dead space. It has the peaked roof for additional aesthetics. In general more aesthetically pleasing.

The raised roof also gives you additional head height and overall spaciousness.

When I observe customers in the show area who are after a small design, they are always drawn to the Deuchny. It’s eye-catching and modern.


You’ll lose more floor space per m2 compared to other summerhouse designs. However, it is minimal.

With the Deuchny comes height. It’s important that you follow our instructions on this design to ensure you remain within planning rules and don’t piss the neighbours off.

As standard, we ask you to ensure you have at least a 400mm gap all around the summerhouse (from boundaries) to ensure the delivery team can complete your building, encourage airflow and minimise moisture issues, and you can gain access for maintenance.

For the Deuchny design, it’s best to have a 500mm gap all around to ensure the height remains within planning rules.

There are different base options for summerhouses – ground screws and slabbed bases.

For the Deuchny it is best to remain with a slabbed base as ground screws will raise the building off the ground and exceed planning rules. 

The 7×7 size comes with small summerhouse doors – some sheddies do not like the look of these and it can make it slightly more difficult to get furniture in and out of your summerhouse.

Corsie Summerhouse


The most discreet summerhouse we have. If you are worried about the heights of the summerhouse, the Corsie is perfect to eliminate this worry with its sloping roof. The Corsie gives the feel of a little hidey- hole with its lower roof so if you’re after something more cosy and intimate – this design can be perfect.

For a small garden and limited space, it’s not an overpowering design. It hides away and blends.


The sloping roof gives less head height – as it slopes towards the back corner you get to around 2m in height. If you’re tall, this may not be an ideal option.

There’s overall less internal space within the Corsie because of the sloping roof design. If you want the feeling of space, the Deuchny might be the better option for you.

Some people tend to not be a fan of the idea of the torch on a felt roof. It has a 10-year guarantee and although you do not see it, it can make you think again about aesthetic. If aesthetic is high on the agenda and you’re looking for a staple piece. The Deuchny or Dunsinane will be a better option for you here. 

We’ve talked about small summerhouse doors for the Deuchny – the same message applies here for the 7×7 size.

The Dunsinane


The Dunsinane is a beautiful design that give a more round design rather than harsh corners. You have slightly more floor space to play with here per m2. 

This design is very aesthetically pleasing with is rounded hex shape making it a staple and highlight in your garden.

Its geometric form is perfect for those that like consistency in design. 


Depending on your corner, this design may need to be pulled further forward from a boundary to fit in nicely. At minimum, you’ll need a 400mm gap all around. 

Furniture placement could be difficult here as you are working with a more rounded design. Compared to the Corsie or Deuchny – you have less flat wall space to place furniture against depending on your use for the summerhouse. There’s more working with the shape here.

This size Dunsinane comes with smaller summerhouse doors.

How much does a small corner summerhouse cost? 

Prices are listed below for you to compare. These prices are 2022/2023 pricing. Refer to our pricing page for real-time updates.

  • 7’ x 7’ Corsie (Sloped Roof) Summerhouse: £3,660.00
  • 8’ x 8’ Corsie (Sloped Roof)  Summerhouse: £4,278.00
  • 7’ x 7’ Deuchny Summerhouse: £3,970.00
  • 8’ x 8’ Deuchny Summerhouse: £4,680.00
  • 8’ x 8’ Dunsinane Summerhouse: £4,444.00

Prices alter to design depending on complexities. Some designs require slightly more material or time to craft and erect than others. 

Choosing Your Small Corner Summerhouse

There’s plenty to think about here. Ultimately it’s best to look at your space first and the measurements of the drawings to help you filter your choices within the space you have available.

We always recommend visiting our Show Area to get a feel for the buildings. Nothing better than checking them out in person and getting a real idea of the space available, the designs and the quality. Get your imagination flowing and you can make quicker decisions. Kieran and Cameron will guide you.

There’s a summerhouse design for everyone and every garden to enhance and make use of your space. Create that dream garden sanctuary you’ve longed to have.

If you’re ready – book a consulation with us to get started.

Shed love to you.

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