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By Nicola Hutchison on 14 May 2023

The best summerhouse manufacturers in Edinburgh

Who we are going to review…
1. Simply Sheds Scotland
2. Forestcraft
3. Seafield Shed Centre
4. Meadowmill Shed Centre
5. Paterson Garden Buildings

Hello beautiful Edinburgh Sheddies! Only the best summerhouses for oor stunning capital!

On first look, it looks like you have a fair few places to choose from when it comes to summerhouses – I’ve got a whole list here. So how do you decide who to choose – who’s the best? Best meaning: are you investing your money in the right place? How do you know you’re getting great? How do you know your summerhouse is going to last? 

We’re making it our mission to rate as many Summerhouse manufacturers in Scotland as we can find.


We have a deep passion for making sure you find the right and best shed for you. And we have over 30 years of experience in the shed industry – so are skilled at telling the good from the bad. 

While we’d LOVE to be able to help all the sheddies nearby, we know that we can’t and that we won’t always be the right fit for everyone. Although we can deliver to Edinburgh – we’re not shy in directing you to a different manufacturer if they are decent and fit your needs at the time.

In this blog, we’re going to share our expert opinion with you on Edinburgh Summerhouse manufacturers to help you decide who is right for you – and get a little sheducation along the way. 

How Does the Edinburgh Summerhouse Review Work? 

We’re summerhouse manufacturers! So you might not trust that we are going to be unbiased in our Edinburgh summerhouse review. That’s why we thought that we’d lay out the rules before we begin. 

We looked at Google to find summerhouse manufacturers in Edinburgh using the search term “Summerhouses Edinburgh”. 

We’ll review those who show up on page one of Google, including on Google Maps. We’ll exclude paid ads as they tend to be companies not local to the area we’re interested in.

Edinburgh summerhouse reviews

So, let’s dive in…

In this blog, and in no particular order, we’ll be reviewing: 

Who we’ll not be reviewing:

*Suppliers are not included in this blog as they are mass manufactured and do not take responsibility for the sheds supplied. You’ll find suppliers offer the lowest quality sheds and services on the market and that is how they keep the prices low and have never-ending sales. They will not end up being on our best lists because of this but it’s good to be aware. Always check out their reviews.

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1. Simply Sheds Scotland

Ah Simply Sheds – the classic style summerhouse. These styles have been going since the dawn of time – but are they any good?

Simply sheds edinburgh

Pricing and specification…

I’ve had to have a rummage around for specifications first – really struggling to find it here – what am I getting for my money – is it any good?

The first sign I’m getting is from Simply Sheds Pricelist:

simply sheds price list

“Constructed with standard specification material”

What does this mean guys – tell me more…

I’ve dug around a bit and I can only assume that the specification is the same as their sheds…

simply sheds specification

Ideally, you want something that’s 16mm or above in thickness if you’re looking for longevity and structural integrity – especially for a summerhouse you’ll be using and sitting in often. 12mm is cutting it FINE.

No indication of the type of timbers used – we want to see redwood in there – based on our experience when this info is hidden it’s typically a whitewood used. Whitewood is cheaper. If you’ve been manufacturing for over 20 years – I would expect to see Redwood Loud and Proud in there.

Using OSB in any shed or summerhouse is not recommended unless it comes with a moisture barrier. Typically it’s not in this kind of building. When OSB is exposed to moisture it expands heavily, does not contract and breaks down. We believe it’s not acceptable to use this material on single-skinned buildings. 

If Simply Sheds opt for a 16mm thickness – you can easily get shot of OSB altogether.

Simply Sheds typically use felt on their roof – a good felt will last you ten years. We’ve recently come away from felt completely as there is always issues with it. There’s no indication here of the type of felt used.

They also use astragals across their designs for a Georgian effect. We’re not a fan and here’s why – it makes summerhouses look outdated and it’s fake news.

simply sheds astragals

The real design is called Georgian Bars – where small panes of glass sit in between the wood. Astragals are a cost-effective way of creating this look. Astragals sit on top of the windows making them more susceptible to trapping moisture and are not ideal to allow for water to drain away from the building. Trapped moisture = rot.

We’ve used astragals in the past on our buildings and that’s our experience with them. They always become problems so we got shot of them.

If you like a classic look like this then it’s completely your choice.


For a 12’ x 8’ Pent Summerhouse – £3,400 plus £250 build charge. Great that they are erecting their own buildings with their own skill. 

Based on the price and specification – they’re definitely sitting at the lower end of the market. Still a pretty rough price for the specification. Expect something like this to last around 10 – 15 years but with higher maintenance needed.


Simply Sheds offer a consultation service – we like this. Taking care of your sheddies – making sure your needs are met and you get the right building for your space. 

They also offer aftercare – again we like seeing this. Taking care of sheddies – advice is always going to be needed when it comes to timber builds. Though I’m expecting a heavy aftercare service based on specifications here. 


On Google, Simply Sheds are rated 3.6 stars out of 5. I would say that fits pretty average with their offering. Mixed reviews – looking at the most recent ones:

The main points of the good reviews are their service. Quick, friendly and happy with the installation. It seems you’ll be in good hands with the team.

Negatory reviews discuss: 

Disappointment with show area – ah this is frustrating. The Show Area is VITAL for sheddie hunting. I’d encourage Simply Sheds to invest more here to upgrade their service. When sheddies come in they want to be impressed – they want to trust in you. 

We’ve got a few issues with service and the product here.

Simply shed negative reviews

It’s difficult to tell what kind of service you’ll get with Simply Sheds – however they have more decent reviews than negative.

Overall, I’d like to see Simply upgrade their specification slightly and be more specific about the build spec. A slight upgrade can make all the difference. Get rid of the Georgian effect – it’s old now and brings down the look. And upgrade the show area. Simply will be on a good path.


2. Forestcraft

Forestcraft – we meet again. I’ll give them their due – they know the difference between a cabin and a summerhouse. Nothing more frustrating than timber companies confusing the two and then confusing sheddies.

Looking at their summerhouses, you’re getting a good mix of designs here. Ideal for different types of gardens and spaces. Different aesthetic options, some more old school classic with your fake Georgian windows and others more modern. Good choices.

Forestcraft edinburgh shed review

Price and Specification

I’ve reviewed Forestcraft before and it looks like they’ve done some work since the last time we met – introducing their brochure. Where I can get some details about the specification. This is good!

Specification includes 42 x 30mm dressed framing, 12,15 or 19mm shiplap cladding options, 12mm shiplap roof with felt and 19mm tongue and groove flooring.
For a quality Summerhouse – We wouldn’t recommend anything less than 16mm – the thinner the timbers the more issues you’ll face, the reduction in lifespan.

Forestcraft spec

And the thicker the timbers – the better the specification I would expect. For example – you upgrade to 19mm timber thickness – the framing really needs to be thick enough to hold that weight and give structural integrity and longevity

A 19mm 10’ x 8’ Eden Chalet Summerhouse will cost you around: £3222.00

Forestcraft Eden Chalet

They do state in the pricelist – which is more difficult to work out than what needs to be –  in the small print that pricing includes timber preservative. Toughened glass, bearers and delivery and assembly. These are standards to expect from any manufacturer at minimum.


Forestcraft has a show area in Granton – if you’re considering Forestcraft – definitely pay them a visit – see what’s on show and get a feel of the service provided. Come armed with your questions.

Delivery and Assembly are included which is always a bonus – there’s no mention of any aftercare instruction. They might offer this during your order process and I would expect something there. Timber Buildings need care.


We’ve got 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google reviews and no reviews on Facebook. In general, this is a decent rating.

Positive points include tidiness, great delivery service, decent quality and price.

Forestcraft Positive review

Recent Negatory reviews include comments on quality issues with buildings shortly after assembly and poor behaviour of team on site.

Forestcraft Negative review

It does look like Forestcraft will rectify some issues but customers have had challenges with getting a full rectification. Overall, mostly positive from customers.

If you opt for Forestcraft – absolutely upgrade to the 19mm for best chance of quality – and be sure to head to the show area to find out more. Again, they sit in the middle of the market in terms of price and spec and you do have different options with them. And I would love to see clearer pricelist or a wee merge with that and the brochure. Working out the prices is … well an inconvenience.

Who do we have next then?

3. Seafield Shed Centre

I’m going to make this one quick because there is very little on Seafields website – as of writing this I’m considering pulling them out of this blog. Scotland’s leading supplier of sheds and summerhouses – based on our market knowledge – they’re not.

They do offer bespoke summerhouses so if you’re looking to design something up to your liking then Seafield can help. Not seeing any sort of standard there – I imagine it’s all custom-made with their advice on what’s possible.

Seafield Summerhouse Gallery

Price and Specification

Straight away – my eyeballs zone in on this…

Seafield Fir Statement

No Darling!

Scottish fir, as contradictory as it seems, is not a good timber for outdoor buildings in the Scottish climate. Curious?

If there’s one timber that begins to state a decent summerhouse – it’s redwood spruce – ideally imported from the Arctic Circle.

Scottish fir = low quality. Thin, cracks, splits, rough finish, water ingress, not great structural material. It will be constant maintenance.

19mm thickness though – it’s a thumbs up from us. I wouldn’t expect any less with the timber used.

I’ve asked for a pricelist and I’m expecting the price of this straight away to be on the lower end of the market. I’ll update you when I find out more… a week later – still no pricelist.

Service and reviews

It looks like Seafield are up for anything – bespoke, got you covered. An old shed dismantle – aye we’ll do it. Extended services are Seafields jam.

3.9 stars out of 5 on Google and I can’t seem to find a Facebook page for them. 3.9 stars is pretty average – I’m looking for 4+ plus at least – teetering on the edge.

Positive reviews generally around custom makes – getting exactly what the customer wanted and service around answering questions which is great. We love a Q&A.

Seafield Positive Review

Negative reviews are generally around communication issues and value for moneyI’d love to see a social media page for them – get some live action shots and visions of what they are building. For a “leading supplier” – they should have plenty to show us.

Seafield negative reviews

However – just like the website – it’s difficult to tell what you will get

Expect Seafield to be at the lower end of the market – if you’re looking for a shed to get you by and not invested in holy shed life – then Seafield has you covered. Make sure if you get a price – you compare to the rest in this article. For the materials used – you should be expecting to pay under the rest here.

Thank you, next…

4. Meadowmill Shed Centre

Meadowmill – let’s go. They offer a different range of summerhouse styles – you can go for that classic look or something a little more modern. I’m liking the look of what they have on offer here so let’s go deeper…

Meadowmill Gallery

Pricing and Specification

Specification: 12mm Tongue and Groove, 60mm x 40mm framing, felt roof and toughened glass glazing.

Meadowmill Spec

There is an option to upgrade on their corner summerhouses to pressure treatment and thicker timber. It’s not clear if this option is available on other summerhouses. Going to assume it here.

Straight away, you’ll be looking to upgrade to the 16mm thickness. The buildings look sturdy in the images. We want to see some more real life images in the gardens. Get a feel for how they really look in peoples spaces or in their show area.

They state that the timbers are FEC/ PEFC environmentally friendly sourced. All timbers should be this anyway. WHERE is it sourced from and is it redwood or whitewood – we need to know this as it determines quality. The information is not there. When you state “top quality” on your website – I’d expect to see proof there. Prove to us that it’s top quality.

Framing thickness is good for the cladding spec so it matches well structurally.

NO PRICING and the contact form isn’t working on the website. Based on spec – expect middle of the market again – roughly the same as Forestcraft. Expect slightly under based on timber thickness.

Service and Reviews

Meadowmill offers a good service here – they’ll do a base for you, dismantle for you and delivery and assembly is there. Nice all-rounder if you need to keep things simple.

4.8 stars out of 5 on Google is fantastic. Super helpful, quick service – even a delivery the same day as buying and good communicators. They seem really trustworthy and lots of happy sheddies.

Meadowmill Positive Review

Negative reviews are minimal – there was one with no context. Good sign that they are reliable.

So, you are in good hands with Meadowmill.

I’m expecting Meadowmill to sit in the middle of the market in terms of price and definitely specification. You can get a better spec at others mentioned however Meadowmill’s service looks top tier. If you’re budget isn’t stretching to the higher end of the market – go with Meadowmill for a reliable purchase.

And finally…

5. Paterson Garden Buildings

Paterson aren’t based in Edinburgh but they are close by and do deliver. I’ve included them here as a bonus for you because they are a top-tier Summerhouse manufacturer and it gives you a range to choose from.

Their website – I WISH they would upgrade it. For what they have to offer the website doesn’t even come close to showing all the great work they do. And pricing –  our market needs to get out of this old habit of hiding pricing – we all want it straight and upfront.

Paterson Summerhouse Image

Pricing and Specification

Paterson aren’t completely clear on their specification on their website which is disappointing because I know fine well they have a great spec. However, I do know they share some aspects of this across their socials.

19mm Redwood Pine, a range of felt, steel or shingles for the roofing, double-glazed doors and windows. There’s more here they could share with you so it’s worth asking.

Paterson build completely bespoke which is ideal if you have those awkward garden spaces or looking for something very specific.

Again, no pricing which is frustrating. There’s no shame in sharing how much something costs – even on the projects they have completed. It gives an idea of if they sit within your budget range. They are reluctant to answer this question publicly on their social platforms.

Paterson can sit on the same level as us for pricing – sometimes more. It’s all dependant on the finished result as they are bespoke – with high spec and customisation comes higher price. If you want specifics, you’ll need to enquire with them. 

Service and Reviews

Paterson do offer more of a wider package when it comes to their service – including base work which is handy. It’s not completely clear what they offer – again if they are offering more of a custom experience – I’d imagine there’s other things they will do for you. I’d expect them to have experts on board for the different type of skill needed. Landscapers for basework, electricians for electrics and so forth. It could do with being clearer on the website so you know.

Reviews are good at 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google.

Generally, people are very pleased about the build and service offered. Especially dealing with custom builds – customers feel listened to. Looks like they offer an aftercare service too and help you maintain your build.

Paterson Positive Review

A couple of negatives further back on service at the show area but the team have responded well and a couple of rough ones about pricing.

Paterson Negative Review

I can only offer my opinion here as we can be faced with similar comments – in that we are faced with increasing material costs over the last few years. When you’re offering a summerhouse spec like Patersons or ourselves that conveys quality, integrity and longevity –  the price will be higher than what you first expect for a garden building. It is a “get what you pay for”.

If you’re looking for one of the best out there – you’re in good hands with Paterson.

Who is the best Summerhouse Manufacturer in Edinburgh?

We’ve reviewed a good wide range there. If you have the budget and looking for a top-tier gorgeous summerhouse – Paterson is the sheddies to go for.

Mid-rangers – if a high spec is out of budget for you then somewhere like Meadowmill or Forestcraft might be a bit more budget friendly alternative. Upgrade if you can and expect life expectancy to be lower and more maintenance needed for these types.

We always recommend heading to a show area and get a feel for the Summerhouse aesthetics and construction. Compare 2 or 3 before making a decision. These websites don’t show them very well and info is limited.

We’re based in Errol, Perthshire if you fancy a wee trip into the hills to chat about your summerhouse project and want to learn more.

Shed love to you x

Want to go deeper on Summerhouse knowledge? Learn more here:

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