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I ken where you’re at. You’re not just looking for any old summerhouse, you’re looking for the best Summerhouse design. The best size, best specification, a summerhouse to withstand the Scottish weather and above all best price, right?


It’s your dream, your ‘go to’ place for all the answers to your hectic life. A beautiful Summerhouse to sit pretty in your garden. To bring you a tranquil spot of relaxation and above all, isolation, free from the shackles of everyday life.

You hit THE Google and await the answers… It’s a right shame though, when you’re met with a barrage of crap websites and even worse social media platforms.

Why not let me help – yeah?

I know you’re thinking we’re gonna say that we’re the best – and in our opinion we are. But, you might want to look into other options and need a little expert guidance on who that might be.

So, by the end of this blog you’ll have a list of the best summerhouse manufacturers in Scotland, so you know where to hit up for your new timber building.

Ps. This is our opinion based on reputation, recommendations, specifications and our own expert opinions. If you disagree that’s totally fine, and you’re free to write your own blog.

Who are the Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Scotland?

I’ve said ‘TOP 3‘ but I’m not going to lie to you, I struggled. I reckon you’ll thank me for the two I’ve managed to rate and then the list of SHAME for the rest.

We’re going all in guys, oh yeah! Specification, price and recommendation.

My absolute winners are (in no particular order):

  1. Paterson Garden Buildings
  2. Forest Log Cabins and Summerhouses 

So, let’s get deep into these companies, and figure out what they do that makes them great (and what they can maybe improve on).

What is the Best Specification for a Summerhouse in Scotland?

This is something that really gets my GOAT. Luckily for me I’m looking at two fine specimens.

First up we’ve got…

Paterson Garden Buildings Ltd.

Okay okay, the website, I know – it’s awful, however these guys can build!

For starters they’re using Finnish redwood AND they tanalise it. Amazing. Tanalised timber is a pressure treatment used to protect the wood from fungi and insects. Perfect for preserving.

It is green though and will still split if unprotected so don’t think you’re getting an easy ride with the whole maintenance thing. Nah, you’ve still got to paint that baby.

Paterson are double glazing their glass and offering upgrades like a shingled roof. Nae bad.

I particularly like this summerhouse. It’s had a proper base constructed prior to assembly and a fantastic slabbed base is exactly what you need for something like this. Paterson state they offer base work with your Summerhouse – bonus!

A really, good looking Summerhouse Specification  will include details about the framing, flooring and roofing too. Paterson’s brochure on their website gives some good examples of previous work and details the cladding thickness of 33mm Log Effect.

However I’m not sure this is a standard cladding as the picture above appears to be a straight V’d profile. This is probably because all of Patersons buildings are made to order and to the customers preferred specification.


Forest Log Cabins and Summerhouses.

Now this is what I’m talking about! Major congratulations to Forest for getting this right. I’m on their website, okay the design is totally 80’s BUT they have the answers you are looking for when buying a Summerhouse.

I’ve picked their gorgeous hexagonal pavilion as an example. Check out this beauty.

Forest are definitely not shy when it comes to detailing specification: –

They’re talking all manners here. Profile cladding? Double conical tongue and groove baby! This is a profile generally used for interlocking log. I’m not keen on that stuff. I prefer a  traditional stud wall, mainly because I know that when Building Control get involved this is something that isn’t recognised by British Standard building regs.

However, from what I can tell from the above picture, they are studding the walls. Forest are using 22mm flooring, weather sealing their windows and doors using German ironmongery and offering Insulation for the roof and floor.

In their description they are singing Redwood praises, it would be nice to know the origin for all the timber though. Redwood covers a massive geographical area and we all know that the best redwood comes from the slow-growing countries right?!

How much does a Summerhouse Cost in Scotland?

What is with the construction industry and not giving up on this?

It’s the first question anyone will ask when they’re thinking about investing in their ShedLife dream, so why not make it easy for them?

Why not have a full price list on the website?

Makes sense to me…

Paterson Garden Buildings Ltd

Regardless of whether Paterson’s believe they’re offering a better service by having everything completely bespoke, based entirely on the customers specification, they are not. The customer does not build Sheds or Summerhouses for a living, that’s Paterson’s job.

My advice for Paterson would be, get some standardisation in your life. Not only will it make Paterson buildings easier to buy, it will make Paterson’s life easier too.

Paterson do not detail the price of their buildings on their website, nor do they entrust the lovely lady answering the phones to give a price either. Paterson’s process is, you get a quote from Gary when it is convenient for him to call you back. Not cool.

Paterson could do so much with just a handful of standard sizes and designs. They could easily pick their best sellers and work out from there to give their customers at least an indication of what it might cost to buy from them without the rigmarole of call backs.

Paterson do act as an agent for some the buildings they offer but their main focus is offering Paterson crafted summerhouses made in-house by them.

Forest Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Forests Facebook description: We are the main dealers for Bertsch Holzbau, Lugarde and many others. Selling anything from a small summerhouse right up to a large, multi-room log cabin or garage. We provide standard and custom designed buildings from some of the industries best manufacturers.

This means that Forest are an agent for branded constructions. This is a popular choice for Timber Building ‘dealerships’. The biggest example I can think of is the BBQ Huts. An abundance of Timber Building companies will sell the same product to you with their own assembly service as an extra. Forest offer the same for their branded designs that they detail on their website.

The Hexagonal Pavilion mentioned before, starts at £5,843.00 and this price is easily accessible from their website, which is a godsend for the construction industry.

Forest have a small section in their FAQ’s to tell you a little about the assembly aspects of their services, but do not detail the actual price.

Based on the industry standard and the specification Forest are buying in, I’d say their pricing is fair and a representation of, ‘you get what you pay for’. I’d like to know how much a full, complete service costs though.

You probably would too right?

Who are the most recommended summerhouse manufacturers in Scotland?

This is the best thing to come out of the internet EVER. Both Paterson and Forest do well with their customers. I love seeing a community come together.

There’s one thing for sure and certain Sheddies are a passionate bunch and love to share their story too.

Paterson Timber Buildings Ltd

First up let’s look at some customer reviews and recommendations for Paterson Timber Buildings.

Paterson haven’t got the review set up on their Facebook – They totally need to do this. Loads of positive feedback being missed by potential customers as FB like to hide “visitors posts” at the side. The reviews work so much better.

Forest Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Forest do have their reviews set up and it’s brilliant. Loads of lovely comments from their customers. Forest have a couple of moaners too which have been answered by Forest themselves.

The replies to a complaint are probably more valuable than that of a positive comment for new customers as it gives a clear indication of how a company deals with this type of situation when things don’t go according to plan.

You can tell by the mannerisms of Forest, that their intentions are well and sometimes things just don’t go they way they should. Forest customers have also stepped up in their defence which is always a really heart warming read, especially when the complainers intentions aren’t as honest as you’d expect.

Reading through Louise’s comment it’s clear that Forest have delivered above and beyond her expectations, which is an invaluable quality to have in any business to customer relationship. Such a nice read.

The Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Scotland

There you have it Sheddies! It wasn’t an easy write with all the crap that’s sold out there you never really know what you’re getting until you dig a little deeper.

Paterson and Forest deserve to do well. They both put their customers at the heart of what they do and their products speak for themselves. Definitely the best Summer House manufacturers in Scotland. It’s been a fun write, but not without injury.

Here’s a list of companies that didn’t make the cut:

Central Sheds
McCallum Timber Buildings
Highland Timber Buildings
Clyde Valley Sheds
Timber Direct
Ayrshire Sheds & Garages
Clydeside Garden Sheds
Anderson Timber Dunmore
AMR Sheds Falkirk
Wood N Garden
Anchor Timber Buildings
A1 Sheds
GBC Group
Forest Craft
Barras Shed Company
Simply Sheds
Seafield Shed Centre
Deeside Log Cabins

Better luck next time guys.

Stay safe out there Sheddies, and remember we love to answer your questions, so let us know if you have any more. If you are buying a summerhouse then it’s a good idea to read some of our most popular articles:

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