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The best summerhouse size for 4 people

So you want a summerhouse? Welcome to the club (there’s no going back now, you’re one of the #Sheddies)! 

A summerhouse is the dream garden retreat for many. But with so many different sizes and styles, it can be difficult to pick exactly which summerhouse is right for you. 

Don’t worry though, because, by the end of this guide, you will have all the #ShedKnowledge you need. And you’ll be able to pick the best size summerhouse for four people! 

Why four people?

Well, maybe you’re a family of four looking to use your summerhouse on a lazy Sunday. Or perhaps you’re looking to entertain the odd couple of guests every now and again.

Whatever category you fall into for most summerhouse owners, four is the ideal number to plan for.

We’re going to split this down into three easy parts for you to follow; size, style and layout. 

Let’s get started, shall we?! 

What is the right size of summerhouse for me? 

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of choosing your summerhouse is the size. 

Taking our summerhouse sizes as an example, we think that a traditional size such as 10’ x 8’ for squared summerhouses is the best for four people. 

If we split a 10’ x 8’ summerhouse into four equal parts, that gives each person 20 square feet to sit in! Not bad at all!

Now that the square summerhouse sizes have been settled, what about the shaped summerhouses? 

We believe that a 9’ x 9’ for any shaped summerhouse is the sweet spot. Not too big that it’s airy and cold, but not too small you’re bunched together. You’ve got to keep it covid friendly, ya know 😉 

Now the maths of this one is a bit beyond me.

I think it might be one of those times to ACTUALLY use some of the maths equations we always thought “when will I use this in real life?” about. But I refuse to let the teachers win! 

Nevertheless, the layout of this shaped summerhouse looks spot-on for four people! 

A quick recap of size then – 10’ x 8’ for squared summerhouses, and 9’ x 9’ for shaped summerhouses! This doesn’t just apply to summerhouses at Gillies and Mackay, you can use this equation anywhere.

What style of summerhouse is right for me? 

Now that you have chosen the size of your summerhouse, you have to decide which style of summerhouse you want to go for! We’ll keep this brief but give you a few pointers. 

Is your summerhouse going to sit as the centrepiece in your garden? 

If so, a squared summerhouse is probably best for you! 

Is your summerhouse going to sit in the corner of your garden, up against the boundary wall?

If so, a shaped summerhouse is probably best for you. 

Where does the sunrise and set in relation to where your summerhouse will be facing?

To make the most of the sun (that’s what a summerhouse is for after all) you want to think about the window configuration of your desired summerhouse. Which window configuration will allow for you to capture sunlight at the hours that you want?

Choosing a summerhouse style is entirely personal preference, but at G&M, we would recommend either the 10’ x 8’ Kindrogan, or 9’ x 9’ Deuchny (one squared, one shaped summerhouse) for four people.

You can find out more about these two buildings here; Gillies and Mackay Summerhouses.

The reason we would recommend these summerhouses is because of their roof structure. Unlike other summerhouses, the roof of the Kindrogan and Deuchny is ‘pitched’, meaning that it travels up until it comes to a point. 

This extra height above you, makes the summerhouse feel that bit more spacious, which is what you’re after if you’re looking to comfortably fit four people in. 

What summerhouse layout is best for me?

By this point, you might have decided upon the summerhouse of your #ShedDreams! It’s going to be the perfect fit for your garden and will look after four people perfectly, we just know it! 

Now though, the real fun begins! You have to think about the layout of your summerhouse. 

What are you going to put in it? How many seats will you have? Where will they be positioned? Do you want a table? 

There is so much to it! 

As a starting point, we can recommend the following layouts for the two summerhouses that we have previously talked about 

P.S, one of them worked perfectly for the Gillies and Mackay Casino Night 😉 Photos below…

This comfy design doesn’t just have to be for casino night! You could be sitting down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and chatting the hours away with your favourite music playlist on in the background. Whatever you want to use it for, this is the ideal starter layout for traditional, squared summerhouses. 

“But what about shaped summerhouses G&M?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got a super simple starter for them too! 

We love this L-Shaped sofa idea and something like the Ikea EKTORP sofa would be excellent for it! (Click here)

The EKTORP comes as a sofa that you need to build(that’s part of the fun with Ikea!) meaning that you will most definitely be able to fit the sofa through the summerhouse doors.

Put a circle table in front, or perhaps a rectangular table with softer edges, and you have the perfect summerhouse layout. Ideal for hanging out with friends, sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sunset! 

So, do you know what summerhouse you want?

There we have it!

In a world where there are so many different summerhouse styles and sizes, this blog has hopefully given you some clarity as to how to choose the best summerhouse for four people, that suits your needs.

Remember, remember…just follow the Gillies and Mackay Three-Step Process;

First, think about your size (we recommend 10’ x 8’ or 9’ x 9’). Secondly, think about the style that will best fit your garden, and finally, plan out your interior.

Good luck with your summerhouse hunting! 

All my shed love, 

Natty x

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P.S, if you want to find out more about the 10’ x 8’ Kindrogan or 9’ x 9’ Deuchny, you can book in to visit our show area, where one of our expert summerhouse #Sheddies will be able to give you 30 minutes of their undivided attention.

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