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By Nicola Hutchison on 10 Dec 2021

A Room of One’s Own: The Best Summerhouse Size for 1 – 2 People

There’s something wonderful about having a place that is completely your own.

Many people beginning their #ShedLife will just be embarking on the search for their little haven. Today, it is our intention to help you with such choices, and begin to narrow down the best options for you.

By the end of the blog, we’re going to make a judgement to the best of our #ShedKnowledge about what we think is the BEST Summerhouse for 1 – 2 people.  

Let’s get started, shall we #Sheddies?

Okay, it’s always beneficial to set out a framework of how we are going to decipher what the BEST Summerhouse is for 1 – 2 people. 

For this, we’re going to be looking at 3 main topics of conversation:

  1. The best Summerhouse size for 1 – 2 people
  2. The best Summerhouse design for 1 – 2 people
  3. The best Summerhouse layout for 1 – 2 people

So, let’s get started…

The best Summerhouse size for 1 – 2 people

So, here at Gillies & Mackay, we reckon you need approximately 20ft² – 25ft² of space per person before it gets a bit too cramped. 

As such, for 1 – 2 people, a comfortable, cosy space is realistically going to be anything around 50ft².

What does this actually mean? 

Good question! Well, the closest you can get to 50ft² is 7’ x 7’ or 8’ x 6’ (49ft² & 48ft² respectively), so those are probably the kind of sizes you want to be looking out for.  

We’ve got you guys covered on this front, as we offer two 7’ x 7’ Summerhouses: The Corsie and The Deuchny, and if that isn’t the right fit for your garden, then alternatively we have two 8’ x 6’ Summerhouses: The Vorlich and The Rannoch.

This leads us on nicely to the big question…

What is the right style of Summerhouse for me? 

Well, it’s really rather simple. Let me ask you one question that will cut your choice down by 50%: is it going in a right-angled corner, or not?

And if it IS, then look no further than our Corsie or Deuchny. However, if it is NOT, then say hello to the Rannoch and Vorlich. 

So, what do all of these Summerhouses look like then?

Another excellent question! Let’s have a look at what some of these summerhouses have to offer.

Wow. Look at that, and imagine the scene. You’ve got the comfiest chair possible and a pouffe to go with it. You’re kicking back, delving right into a classic, you look out and admire your amazing garden.

Regardless of the season, you’re loving life – be it by yourself, with a friend, or with your partner. Where there’s a Summerhouse, there’s happiness, and with these small Summerhouses being as cosy as they are – well, we just can’t wait for you to experience it, Sheddies. 

Here’s our recommended checklist to ensure you get the maximum use out of your dinky dreamland. 

Summer Checklist: Cocktail✅, Shades ✅, Book ✅.

Spring & Autumn Checklist: Cuppa ✅, Blanket , Book ✅ . 

Winter Checklist: *A concoction of all of the above + thermals*


But how much do these summerhouses cost?

Say no more Sheddies, we’ve got you covered. Click HERE to see the prices of all our small summerhouses; delivery installation and VAT included 😉 

How to layout your summerhouse interior?!

We’re always looking into ways that will allow you to get the most out of your Summerhouse space; no matter the size. As such, we’ve made some rough sketches and designs to help fuel your #Shedspiration. Let’s look at our 7’ x 7’ models first!

Look at that, it’s unreal how much goes in there. So much so that I’m actually pondering naming myself the Tom Baker of Summerhouses. And you know what Sheddies, I’ve just figured something else out. TARDIS actually means Time And Relative Dimensions In Space Summerhouses. 

Joking aside, this is looking really promising as a small, relaxing space, whether it be just for Me, Myself & I, or you and your companion. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m actually quite jealous of you Sheddies. I love these smaller Summerhouses so much. 

Right. Enough of that now. The people want Summerhouses, not Doctor Who references and jealousy. Let’s move on and look at our 8’ x 6’ options with the Rannoch and the Vorlich. 

Again, it’s just the perfect amount of space for two people to get their reading done, relax, and enjoy watching the world go by. 

Ready to buy a summerhouse?

In effect Sheddies, there are multiple options; it just comes down to what fits your needs most (and your garden’s).

We’ve looked at Corner options as well as Rectangular options. My personal favourite? I love the 7’ x 7’ Deuchny. It’s just absolutely fantastic. But hey, any choice is a bonny one here. 

We said we’d do it, and although it’s a near-impossible choice, we’ve got to crown one building as the BEST. For the corner buildings, I just cannot see past the Deuchny – it’s really awesome. As for rectangular choices, you cannot go wrong with the traditional Rannoch style, it just looks so neat (especially in that amazing two-tone!).

So that’s our thoughts on it, Sheddies. If you’re having trouble choosing – which we suspect you will! – just remember to follow the Gillies & Mackay Three-Step Process.

FIRST, think about your size – we recommend 7’ x 7’ or 8’ x 6’. SECONDLY, think about the style that will best fit your garden. LASTLY, think about what style lends itself best to your ideal interior. 

We wish you the best of luck with your summerhouse hunting! 

Cheers folks, 

Natty x 

P.S: If you find the idea of these petite paradises too good to be true, just have a look at John and Linda Champion. They bought an 8’ x 6’ Rannoch with us and it has had an amazing impact on them. If you want a feel-good story, please do read this article, it’s absolutely lovely: Case Study: John & Linda Champion

Best wishes,


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