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How Gillies & Mackay Make The Best Timber Garages On The Market.

If you’re here to set the record straight about the best timber garages, you’re in the right place.

Because let’s face it, timber garages are beautiful. They’re a traditional, solid structure that makes your home even more attractive. Until they’re not…

When it comes to timber garages, you might be picturing a smart, solid building, ready for any sort of weather. But that’s not always how it goes. 

Timber garages can be kind of an eyesore. There. I said it. So what’s the difference between a gorgeous garage and one that makes your neighbours speak about you?

Are timber buildings watertight?

This is THE BIG QUESTION. Because if you’ve got a large timber structure that isn’t watertight, you’ve got a potential eyesore on your hands. 

All buildings, whatever they’re made of, are a miniature war with nature. Keeping cold out is manageable. Keeping water out is a very different affair. Water finds its way wherever it can

Since timber is a porous material that can absorb water, keeping water out of wooden buildings can be a struggle. If the building is a shed designed for garden storage, then a wee bit of water ingress won’t hurt. As long as the building is aired regularly there shouldn’t be enough water to cause serious problems. The sturdier the shed, the less likely it is that water will get in, but water ingress is always a possibility in a single-skinned building.

Are timber garages watertight?

If your timber garage is single-skinned, like a shed, then it’s susceptible to exactly the same water ingress issues as a shed is. And water inside a building designed to store a car, or larger objects, means that whatever you’re storing in there is going to be exposed to that water. Over time, continued exposure to water causes mould, rot and timber damage. If your small shed is a little shaky, it’s not the end of the world. But if a big muckle garage gets wobbly, you’ve got an entire car-sized building that’s unstable. 

What’s the alternative to a timber garage that lets in water?

Well, garages come in all sorts of materials. But if you’re looking for a timber garage, you deserve one that won’t let in water. 

You need a Gillies & Mackay garage.

How do Gillies & Mackay Garages stay watertight?

Why don’t our garages let in water? Because we designed them not to. It’s that simple.

A Gillies & Mackay garage combines the aesthetics of a timber garage with the security of knowing that your building is watertight. To give you that assurance, we build our garages with layered walls. Three layers, to be exact, plus an air cavity.

Water in garages used to be a problem for us, you see, because it was a problem for our customers. They didn’t want water ingress in their garages, and we certainly didn’t want it!

So we applied our considerable knowledge and experience and made sure that water stays on the outside of your garage where it belongs!

If one layer can keep out most of the water, think what three layers can do!

Our garage specification layers timber cladding, an air cavity gap, a dampproof membrane, and OSB over a sturdy pressure-treated Scandinavian Redwood frame.

Steel box profile roofing keeps the roof just as weatherproof as the walls, and we work with the best groundworks firms to ensure that our buildings sit snugly on solid poured concrete bases. 

All this carefully thought-out engineering gives you a garage that is built to last and keeps water out. 

The only reason your neighbours will be talking is to comment on your seriously beautiful garage!

How do I find out more about Gillies & Mackay timber garages?

A Gillies & Mackay pent timber garage with a grey sectional garage door

If you’ve been worried about a timber garage letting in water, worry no more. You can have your garage and keep whatever you like in there, safe in the knowledge that water ingress and leaks are not part of the story.

If you’re ready to get your garage project started, book a sales consultation with one of our team. Or if you still have questions, our Learning Centre has plenty of answers. We have tons of information to help you find a garage that’s just as watertight as it is good-looking!

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