What’s the difference between a big Shed and a Garage?

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Knowing what you are going to use your timber building for is an important factor in deciding whether you need a big shed or a garage.

There are quite a few differences between the two, depending on what you’re storing inside.

If you’re not sure which one you should go for, this video should help you make the right decision.


What’s the difference between a big shed, say a 16′ x 10′ shed and a 16′ x 10′ garage.

A big shed or a small garage? What’s the difference? Are they not just the same thing? Why is one so much more expensive than the other?

Well, a shed comes with a timber floor for the start and doesn’t need a concrete plinth for it to go on. Doesn’t have a triple tier wall specification and doesn’t have an automated garage door, that sort of thing.

A garage has all of those things but doesn’t have a timber floor.

It depends what you’re wanting. Do you want somewhere that you can store a car in or do you want a big shed that you can just work from, use for practicalities, store some gardening equipment, lawnmowers and gardening things in it? It’s up to you.

One comes with a floor, one doesn’t come with a floor. One comes with a single door and two fixed windows, one comes with an automated sectional garage door, a side door and two windows.

It’s entirely up to you.

Budget wise a big Shed will cost you around £4,000.00+ and a single garage will cost you around £7,000.00+.

One is guaranteed against water ingress, which may be an important factor if you’re thinking about storing perishables.