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Big Timber Shed vs Garage: What is the Difference?

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So, you’re in the market for a garden building. Maybe some storage, maybe a workshop, maybe even a vehicle? Sounds like you’ve come to the right place. But there’s one problem: timber shed vs garage, you’re not 100% sure which one you need. You know that they are two different things, but you’re not quite sure how. This is a common dilemma. There have been so many occasions where someone has got a Shed SO huge that they may as well have got a Garage.  It’s a tricky one. And that’s absolutely fine, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s what. So I know the kind of questions you have right now:  What is a Garden Shed? What is a Timber Garage? …

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Carport vs Timber Garage: Which is right for you?

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On the surface, carports and garages might seem pretty similar. But in reality there are quite a few differences that mean one will be a better fit for you than the other. If you’re looking around for a timber solution to house your car, bike, tractor, lawn mower, or even your gardening tools, how do you know which is right for you? While we don’t build stand-alone carports at Gillies & Mackay, we do sell timber garages with attached carports. And we’re keen to help people figure out whether they need a full-blown timber garage, a carport or maybe even both. So, in this blog, we’re going to explore: What a Carport is… What a Garage is… The main differences …

Log Cabin vs Garden Room: What’s the difference? 

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Additional space. It’s something we all dream of right? You love your home but you don’t want the hassle of moving your whole life to another house. Plus the housing market is so MAD right now, that you can’t face the stress of moving.  Maybe you need a place to master your craft. Or, your family has expanded and you want to create a safe and comfortable place for them to stay and holiday. Or with the current climate maybe you want a place to separate your work from home. You’ve seen a space in your garden that would be perfect to create that extra space and room for what you want to achieve. You like the aesthetic and feel …

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Can I put a hot tub in my summerhouse?

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For many, the summerhouse and the hot tub are like a match made in heaven, but is it really as simple as that?  Perhaps you already have a hot tub and now you’re just looking to find if a summerhouse is really going to be the perfect storage solution to keep your hot tub house.  Can you really just put a hot tub in a summerhouse? The short answer to this question is…YES! You absolutely can put your hot tub in a summerhouse and no one can stop you from doing that.  But, is it a good idea to put your hot tub in a summerhouse? The answer to that question is…no.  Let’s dive deeper (excuse the pun) to take …

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Summerhouse vs Garden Room: What’s the Difference?

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Right folks, you’re in the market for a garden space to spend #ShedLoads of time in. That’s fantastic stuff, and you’ve come to the right place. But there’s one thing bugging you. You just cannot decide if you want a Garden Room or a Summerhouse.  We know that you’re wondering about loads of things… What is a Summerhouse?  What is a Garden Room?  How can each of them be used? What is actually the difference between a Summerhouse and a Garden Room?  All completely valid questions, folks. Initially, it does seem difficult to make key distinctions between these two types of buildings. However, bear with us today and we’ll walk you through EVERYTHING that separates a summerhouse from a garden …

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Can I use a Summerhouse all year round?

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Hear us out – a ‘summer’ house is not just for summer☀️.  Yes, that’s right, ring the bells, call the local news outlets because even suggesting such a thing goes against the very nature of what some people think about a summerhouse.   You’re looking to buy, or maybe have already bought a lovely new summerhouse. And you’re thinking about all the sunny days you are going to spend in it. Enjoying a glass of fizz or a nice cold beer with your favourite 80s music playing away🎵🥂.  And some people would have you believing that summerhouses can ONLY be enjoyed in the sunshine. Which in Scotland is likely going to be around 90 days (absolute MAX). But that doesn’t …

Shed vs Summerhouse: What is the Difference?

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So, you’re at the stage where you’ve decided you need SOMETHING in your garden, but you’re not quite sure what. You’re thinking shed vs summerhouse, what’s the difference? You’re most likely asking the following questions: Do I need a Summerhouse? Do I need a Shed? Do I need both? What’s actually the difference between a Shed and a Summerhouse?  Over the years, I’ve met so many people that were just completely stuck on this problem.  Well, if you guys are in a similar situation to those previous Sheddies, then you’ve come to the right place. Basically, you’re looking for some clarity on what’s what, and that’s absolutely normal! There’s always a bit of confusion around what each one actually is, …

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Should I put guttering on my garden shed?

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Are you completely frustrated by the collection of water around your Shed?  Are you worried that it will cause rot or other issues for your garden shed? Mouldy sheds are commonplace for people not taking care of their sheds😭 . And we really don’t want you to fall prey to the dreaded mould. Water collecting in the close vicinity of a Shed is such a common problem. And as such, we’re always researching the best ways to prevent these issues from arising.  Here at Gillies & Mackay, we want you #Sheddies to have a Shed that lasts a LIFETIME. And in order to ensure this, you need to take care of it. That means putting measures in place to avoid …

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How many coats of paint does my shed need?

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Have you ever wondered why your Shed is looking a bit down in the dumps?  Is your summerhouse looking a bit worse for wear and frail-looking? If you’ve had this thought before, there are a few reasons why this can occur. But today, Sheddies, we’re going to focus on one of the big reasons, if not the biggest: a severe lack of paint🎨 Your Shed needs the same TLC that everything else needs. It’s a living, breathing thing, and you have to treat it as such! If you’ve just had a brand new Shed or Summerhouse delivered, and you’re sitting there in amazement, you might be wondering when you’ll need to do some maintenance. But effectively you need to know… …

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Why is the first coat of paint on my garden shed patchy?

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Paint is really important when it comes to any timber building, including your garden shed🎨. It preserves it, makes it aesthetically pleasing and quite literally adds LIFE to your building. You’ve finally got your all-important garden shed in your garden, ready to fill with everything that needs a storage home. Or, maybe you’re still waiting on your installation date but you just love to be prepared. Either way – paint is on your mind 🧠. And, inevitably, you’ve got questions…. What paint do I use?  Should I expect a base coat to come with it?  How much longevity will this add to my build? How many litres do I need for additional paint coats?  All great questions! And, you’re in …