Men’s Shed Association: Why We Love It

If there’s anything which will highlight the endless variety of uses for a shed its this: Men’s Shed is an Association which originated in Australia but is continually growing around the world. Here are a few reasons explaining what it is and why we love it:

Living Wage in Scotland: Small Business

As a small Scottish business we recognise the importance of a ‘Living Wage’.  We invest in our employees and believe the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Child Employment – They’re just wee

Back in the day, when Gillies and Mackay first started everyone had to take turns working on a Saturday; Bench Joiners, Onsite Assemblers and Directors all took their turn at selling sheds on a Saturday. 

What Is The Scottish Business Pledge

As you may know, back in July, Gillies and Mackay became accredited Living Wage employers. Although proud of our status, it doesn’t take much to commit- pay your employees an honest wage, simple as that.

5 Reasons You Should Employ an Intern

If you’re starting  your own venture, changing direction in an existing company or trying to grow your business through new and different avenues, I would 100% recommend an Intern. This year, for the first time, I took on my own Intern as a means of support for my content marketing journey.