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Mouldy Summerhouse? 6 Easy Steps to Combat Mould

Why is my Summerhouse Mouldy? I’ve answered this question two times already this month and so I thought you know what, those two people can’t be the only ones facing a mouldy Summerhouse? Over the past 3 years Scotland has experienced unprecedented  levels of rainfall. Personally, our specification and the way we make our buildings has completely changed in order …

Why is gillies and mackay so expensive?

Why is Gillies and Mackay so expensive?

The other day I received an e-mail from a guy (it’s okay it happens all the time) and he said “Alright darlin’ what’s yer cheapest shed ya’v got?” my instant reply was common courtesies and a simple “we don’t do cheap sheds I’m afraid, just expensive.” I then laid out in great detail our technical specification of what we use …

Garden Ideas: Show Area Inspiration

Hey, We’re re-doing our show area. It’s been a long time coming, out with the gravel and in with the most beautiful miniature gardens you’ve ever seen! We have 6 stunning summerhouses to display. All equally as spectacular as the other. Each will be set in their own garden specifically designed and influenced by their personal narratives. The Rannoch Perfectly …

Storm Damaged Shed: 5 Stage Insurance Claim

As I type my third storm damage quotation of the day it appears the same old British weather is playing havoc across the country… Again. Has your beloved shed been battered by a 30ft Oak tree? Do you know how to make an insurance claim for your storm damaged shed? With 12 years experience of making Sheds to withstand 120mph …

Steel Box Profile Garage

Steel box profile for Sheds or Garages?

Should I have a Steel Box Profile Roof on my Shed? If your Shed is Pent or Apex with a depth over 4mtrs then, yes. Felt isn’t enough to keep the rain out. Steel box profile is our swear-by answer to big roofs and low pitches.

Why Do You Have To Paint Your Shed

Most timber buildings require some form of protection. Depending on what type of timber cladding your Shed has, will determine the level of protection it requires. More specifically there are 2 botanical categories.

Can I put a stove in my shed

Can I put a wood burning stove in my shed?

The short answer is YES! You can put a wood burning stove in your shed. Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any shed, garage, summerhouse, cabin or even greenhouse. Generally people think because a shed is made from timber it cannot have a wood burning stove. Fear not, your shed will not take offence to you burning wood …

Garden Shed Review: Pottery Shed

It’s no secret that sheds are used for more than storing a dilapidated lawn mower, a three-pronged rake and two bent spades nowadays. Whilst watching “Shed of the Year” finale, it seems almost fitting to tell you about one of my favourite sheds I’ve done this year. Marilyn came to me last year with a somewhat restricted space.