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By Cara Mackay on 14 Jul 2017

Where can I buy paint for my Shed?

Painting your shed is not just about making it look pretty… it’s about protecting the wood from the elements and ensuring your shed stands up to the test of time.

We prefer to use Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quick Dry, here at Gillies and Mackay, when we give your timber building a base coat.

You see… it’s not JUST any old paint. Oh no, it’s special paint for your Shed, see! A wood preservative in fact… and your G&M building needs it.

Sadolin Range

Here’s all ye need to know…


Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quick Dry – we’ve been using it for years!

It’s the good stuff, none of your watered down nonsense.

The thing is, we need you to paint your Shed. It’s really important to us.

We only give your G&M build a base coat of Sadolin when it leaves our workshop. The reason being, your building needs time to settle, 3 weeks after assembly in fact.

After that, you need to apply the 2nd coat.

But you know that already because you’re now asking where to by the stuff from right?

Easy, first place is to look is the decorating warehouse. It’s an online shop… a bit dated, but as long as you know what your searching for you’ll be just fine.

The colour of your building is on your order form and on your invoice. It will be one of the following:

Happy shopping!

Natty x

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