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By Cara Mackay on 02 Dec 2015

Buying a Shed vs. Building a Shed

It’s a big complicated sheddy world out there so it is! We’ve been in it for over 25 years and one of the many things we’re asked is; can you supply the timber so I can build the shed myself? No, we can’t but you can get it from the Sawmill that supplies us. Usually the go away, download plans from a website, cost everything up and then come back and order from us instead. This isn’t to say it’s not feasible or affordable – it’s just when faced with the challenge of doing it for the first time, most tend to revert back to plan A; buy one. But you’re not that easily dissuaded – you like a challenge…

We believe there is a time and a place for each option.
So here a small guide to help you decide by asking yourselves the following questions:

Gillies and Mackay Apex Shed

1. What size of timber building do I need?

It’s worth taking some time to consider exactly what you will be needing the build for, this will help determine what size you need, as well as consider how large a project you would potentially be willing to take on.

2. How much experience do I have with garden buildings?

Will you single-handedly be able to sort potential issues along the way such as warped timber or leaks? Or would the after-care service of a good company be beneficial to you?

Another important factor to take into consideration is how much experience you have with constructing builds such as sheds. If you feel you have the sufficient knowledge and understanding needed to build and/or  sort any potential issues then a DIY build may be for you.

However, if this is not then it may be worth your time looking into a reputable company which will be able to provide a good product as well as after-care.

3. How long do I need the building for?

Is this something you plan to use for many years to come? Do you need it for temporary storage?

If the lifespan of a build is important to you  then it’s important to think about a number of factors. The lifespan of a build will largely involve a combination of the following:

  • Expertise (as discussed in #2)
  • Quality of Materials used
  • Upkeep (i.e Regular treatment & general conditions kept in)

4.How soon do I need the build?

How urgently you need the build is something to consider. Many companies will have a few weeks lead time from the purchase to the delivery of your building. This isn’t usually a problem as most people plan in advance a little. However, if you need something small and without delay a DIY build may allow you to have your finished product sooner.

5. How much are you willing to spend?

Are you considering a DIY project to save money? Have you considered extras such as tools, good quality materials and time?

Cost is an important factor towards your decision. However, all the previous points made(such as the size, materials etc.) will contribute towards how much are you willing to spend.

Our Advice

DIY Build: This is the option for you if you are in a position of knowledge and expertise on the subject. We would recommend this option for smaller, less valuable builds where know you will be making a saving or getting a build of better quality for the same price.

There are plenty of videos and technical plans to help you with this. One of my favourite sites is popular mechanics, there are at least 23 different designs for free.

Bought Build: This option is more likely to be for you if you do not have the expertise or skills to build something like a shed yourself. We would recommend this for people wanting a longer term, larger build.

IMPORTANT – It should be noted that the time taken to find a reputable company is a huge factor if you are to buy a build. Make sure you do your research and find a company willing to look after you and all your timber building needs!


Which option do you prefer? Do you feel we’ve missed out any important points to consider? Or maybe you have an experience of a DIY or Bought build you would like to share with us? Let us know by commenting below! 🙂

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