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By Cameron Sale on 19 Apr 2022

Can I use a Summerhouse all year round?

Hear us out – a ‘summer’ house is not just for summer☀️. 

Yes, that’s right, ring the bells, call the local news outlets because even suggesting such a thing goes against the very nature of what some people think about a summerhouse.  

You’re looking to buy, or maybe have already bought a lovely new summerhouse. And you’re thinking about all the sunny days you are going to spend in it, enjoying a glass of fizz or a nice cold beer with your favourite 80s music playing away🎵🥂. 

And some people would have you believing that summerhouses can ONLY be enjoyed in the sunshine. Which in Scotland is likely going to be around 90 days (absolute MAX).

But that doesn’t really make sense to us, because they aren’t the cheapest buildings. So we like to look at ways to maximise your use to 365 days a year📅. Not only do you get to enjoy your summerhouse all year round – but you can make your purchase 4x more cost-effective💰.

Surely not? Even in the winter?

Trust us, by the end of this article, you will have ideas for summerhouse uses all year round and also a knowledge of how you can make your summerhouse more comfortable during the colder months. 

Can I use my summerhouse in Spring, Autumn, and Winter?

You certainly can #Sheddies.

The name summerhouse is a little bit of a misnomer, isn’t it?

It gives way to the idea that a summerhouse really is just a house for the summer. In the Northern Hemisphere (that’s us in the UK), summer officially starts in June and ends in September. That’s despite what March, April and May might have been like during the 2020 lockdown (bet you wish you had a summerhouse then, right?😉).

But three months a year isn’t enough for us. And as long as you’re willing to think open-mindedly and be creative with your ideas, your garden escape can be a retreat for Spring, Autumn, and Winter too.

The next piece of the puzzle, once the idea of using a summerhouse outwith summer has been normalised, is to figure out how you are going to use it. 

Summerhouse in winter

What can I use my summerhouse for in Spring, Autumn, and Winter?

Summer gets all the glory, but there are three other beautiful seasons to enjoy in Scotland.

With there being three other seasons during the year, let’s begin thinking of how you can get the most out of your summerhouse all year round.

How can you make the most of your summerhouse in Spring?

Firstly, Spring🌼. Spring has sprung and your garden is beginning to come to life.

At this time of year, your summerhouse could be perfect for that early morning coffee – giving you a chance to clear your mind before the day ahead.

Alternatively, in springtime, birds begin migrating and your summerhouse can be used as the perfect bird-watching hut for all you ornithologists.

vorlich in spring

How can you make the most of your summerhouse in Autumn?

Next up is Autumn🍂. The leaves are now falling from the trees, the sun is setting and you have your favourite book to hand. We’ll leave the details up to you.

But Autumn is the perfect time to kick back and relax in your summerhouse with a book, a cup of tea, and the sunset. 

How can you make the most of your summerhouse in Winter?

Last but not least, Winter! This is where the great ideas begin!

Stargazing, festive party (pass me the mince pies!), New Year’s Eve Party, hot chocolate palace, or maybe even Santa’s Grotto. That’s right, it is rumoured that Santa makes the occasional visit to summerhouses-turned-grottos during winter. 

christmas lights show area

How can I keep my summerhouse warm all year round?

By this point, you’re either out in the garden, already making changes to your summerhouse for the months ahead – or not convinced yet. 

Are you worried about how cold it is going to be?

Fear not, there are a lot of really simple changes you can make to your summerhouse to heat it up a bit. There are also a couple of ideas for those that want to take things a bit farther and make their summerhouse a proper escape all year round.

So, let’s get into it…

1. Install a Mini Heater…

If you have electricity installed in your summerhouse or even just a long extension cord, you can add a mini heater to your summerhouse.

Pop this on 15 minutes before you head out and your garden escape will be toasty by the time you arrive.

Check out this mini heater on Amazon.

We don’t install the power ourselves at Gillies & Mackay; we like to stick to what we know best. But we can recommend a good local electrician to help you get power in your summerhouse.

garden room internal

2. Cosy Socks, Blankets, and a Mug of Tea…

Dress for the weather. It sounds simple and that’s because it is. Pop on your winter jacket, a pair of thermal leggings, some cosy socks, or layer on a big fluffy blanket.

Cosy socks have won the ‘Summerhouse Fashion Item of the Year Award’ for a good few years running now for their versatile and stylish approach to keeping warm. We promise that is a thing. 

Plus, if you have an electrical supply you can set up a little tea station. Keeps you cosy, and gives you a little privacy away from the family to enjoy a cuppa.

NB: For those who aren’t tea lovers: coffee and hot chocolate works just as well.

3. Line and Insulate Your Summerhouse

Now, this is the big one that is going to make a massive difference. At Gillies and Mackay, we offer lining and insulation as an additional extra when your purchase your G&M. If you’re thinking of using your summerhouse all year round, we would suggest inquiring about this – we can give you a price and take it from there. Remember and ask about this if you are booking a consultation with one of the team.

What exactly does lining and insulating mean, though?

Well, the process of lining and insulating a summerhouse is quite a simple one. It consists of three main steps;

  1. Buying the materials.
  2. Cutting and fitting the insulation. 
  3. Lining over the insulation. 

To give you a brief summary, our summerhouses use 75mm x 45mm framing. With that in mind, we use 50mm eco therm to insulate the summerhouse. This is cut to fit in between the framing and a bit of space is left for ventilation. On top of that, it’s just a case of finishing the summerhouse with your favourite lining. We use our staple Scandinavian Redwood. 

This is even a job you can take on yourself if you feel confident enough. If that’s something you’re interested in tackling, read our blog linked below.

You can read our blog about how to line and insulate your summerhouse here.

lined and insulated summerhouse

4. Lay Carpet

Lastly, a cosy carpet will help you keep the heat in, and keep your feet toasty if you’re walking around. A carpet plus those cosy socks? You’re running the risk of getting too hot now.

Plus, a carpet (or even a rug), can help to style your summerhouse, make it look great, and style it in a way that makes you want to spend loads of time in there.

Go Garden Room!

The last idea to leave you with is to ‘go garden room’. Yes, we LOVE a summerhouse, but if you are looking for something that will be effortlessly cosy all year round then you might want to consider a garden room instead.

These are our seriously serious builds that consist of a 5-tier wall structure that is guaranteed to keep you warm. If you’re looking for a room…just like your house, but in your garden, then this is the one for you. 

You can read more about our garden rooms and their specification here

Have we convinced you that you can use a summerhouse all year round yet? 

If you’re reading this in summer…great – we hope that you’ve had all the sun you could ever wish for, maybe you’ve even built up a tan. Now is the time to begin planning for those colder months that are approaching.

Are you going to kit out your summerhouse with any upgrades?

What are you going to use your summerhouse for over the next nine months?

If you’re reading this in winter…even better. There is no need to plan out the #GrandSummerhousePlan – just start. Whether it’s a small electric heater, a couple of blankets or even that mug of warm tea and bacon roll that you’re eating right now for breakfast (yes, we’re talking to you), get out there and get dreaming. What works for others, might not be for you, so find what does by experimenting. 

Best of luck and enjoy those extra months of summerhouse use! 

If reading this has sparked your imagination and you don’t yet have a summerhouse, feel free to book in for a consultation with us to get started with your shed life, and we can even talk about how to keep it cosy.

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