Case Study

John & Linda Champion

Even on the sunniest of Scottish summer days we can still expect wind and the odd shower, and that’s a crying shame with what little sunshine we get throughout the year.

This is exactly what John and Linda Champion contended with all the time.


Blackstone Garden Room

Work, Rest & Play

You need more space. A nice quiet space. Somewhere away from all the noise, the never-ending laundry pile and the constant bickering over who gets control of the remote.

Maybe you need a quiet space to channel your inner Roald Dahl (he loved his writing shed). Or a place to run your business empire that isn’t overrun with dirty dishes. Maybe it’s not even for you, but a ‘child’ that just won’t leave, no matter how many hints you drop...

How it All Started...

Living in Barry, near Carnoustie, The Champions loved sitting in their garden but found it often got too windy to stay outside for too long. When a friend in Devon gave them the idea of buying a summerhouse for their garden to protect them from the elements they jumped on the idea immediately.

John and Linda started – as most of us do these days – looking for local suppliers online. A quick Google later and they found – you guessed it – Gillies & Mackay. They made use of our library of informational summerhouse videos and found everything they needed on the website.

And get this...

..they even ordered without ever visiting our showroom!


“John isn’t able to travel very far, so it was great to be able to do everything online. Everything we needed was there for us. We are quite like that – if we decide to do something we just do it”
Linda Champion

The Champions told us that they liked the fact we were local and the quality of our summerhouses ticked all the boxes for them – who wouldn’t love that Scandinavian redwood though? Gorgeous.

They decided that The Rannoch was the perfect summerhouse for them, and in 2019 their front garden was graced with their very own Gillies & Mackay.

“Installation was very quick and smooth, and we liked how it couldn’t take place unless your base was right. Our friend in Devon didn’t have to go through the same process and theirs blew away in the winter.

You can tell that Gillies & Mackay don’t cut corners and that is very reassuring.”

Linda Champion
Here’s the plot twist...
John and Linda love The Rannoch in their front garden so much, in 2020 they decided they had to have another one for their back garden!

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“The customer service was excellent, and we liked the fact that the summerhouse came with a year’s guarantee. When the summerhouse arrived we were absolutely delighted with it.

The quality was even better than we had expected.”

Linda Champion

John and Linda say their summerhouses have literally transformed their lives, giving them the opportunity to spend the majority of their time in their garden, protected from the elements, and they can relax, read, do crossword puzzles, entertain friends, and of course have a wee drink at the end of the day.

Looking for Your Own Shedlife?

Whatever the reason, you need a space that will keep you and your family warm and dry. Somewhere with lights, water, electric and heating. All the cosy feelings of a house – but, well... separate.

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