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Radiata Garden Room

Customer: The Hays
Building Type:
Building Size: 10' x 8' / 3m x 2.4m (7.2m2)
Building Cost: £12,747

What if you could enjoy your garden all year round, without being limited by the weather?

That’s exactly what The Hays wanted. Their gorgeous garden is an ideal place to relax when they’re not being rained on or blown away. But they were sick of changing their plans because of the conditions outside.

Thanks to their Radiata Garden Room, now they can watch their dog Sam run about in the garden without enduring the elements. They can enjoy a cup of coffee together that’s not cut short by chilly temperatures. They have a reliable space to relax in, whatever’s going on outside.

A woman and a man sitting inside a Gillies and Mackay Radiata Garden Room. the double-glazed doors are open showing a rug, two comfortable chairs and a shelving unit with a lamp.

“We know you’re good. It’s all by reputation and I know lots of people that have had your buildings.”

Gordon and Carol started their Garden Room journey by booking a Consultation with Kieran. Gordon’s mum has had a Gillies & Mackay Summerhouse since 2008 that still looks new, so they knew that they could trust the quality of our buildings.  

They were initially interested in The Deuchny, which is designed for corner plots. But Kieran explained that they could maximise their space with The Kindrogan. Gordon loved the pitched roof, and the extra room was more than welcome. 

We liaised with our accredited trades from the start of the project to make sure that everything was ready for the big day. 

“Everything is joined together. We didn’t have to bother organising groundworks and electrics; that was all done through you.”

A grassy space became a beaut of a base, then the Garden Room was up! 

Carol and Gordon had high praise for the Delivery Team, describing them as “100%, first class.”

RC Electrical fitted it out with sockets and lights, and then insulation and lining were added to create a building that retains heat when it’s cold outside and stays cool when it’s warm outside. 

Now the Hays can use their garden whenever they want to, whatever the weather.

“The staff are brilliant. It was all very smooth”

From that initial Consultation, the Sales Team guided Carol and Gordon through the process of realising their Garden Room project. 

There were some limitations because they live in a conservation area, but we advised them of the regulations, which meant they could avoid planning permission. 

As a result, they’re the proud owners of their own little getaway, complete with enticing recliners and a cosy rug. Gordon and Carol love that the laminate floor is so easy to keep, and they’re thinking of adding a fridge and a bed for Sam. 

“It just went exactly the way you said it was going to be done.”

If you’re feeling inspired by Gordon and Carol’s garden getaway, why not come and see our range of Radiata Garden Rooms for yourself? All four designs are on display in our Show Area in Errol. Before you know it you’ll be deciding just what you need in your space and dreaming of lazy days in your own garden.






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