New garden building: Dealing with difficult neighbours

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Dealing with difficult neighbours when you’re thinking about getting a summerhouse for your garden can seem like a nightmare. Well, let me put your mind at ease… check out this wee video where I explain that there’s really not a lot they can do about it!

Ordering a Gillies and Mackay building: Top 3 tips

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You would be right in thinking that ordering a new timber building from Gillies and Mackay is an easy process – because it is! But, there are some really important things you need to check out first (before you place your order) if you want things to run nice and smoothly. If you’re not sure what they are, here’s a short clip explaining the three most important factors to consider.

Garden Office – The Brid: Buyers Guide

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Step One – Problems The Brid Garden Office Can Solve Deciding if you need actually need a garden office in your life. It may seem obvious but it’s really important. You’re spending thousands of pounds on something here. Let’s make sure it’s the right thing for you, here’s some of the problems The Brid solves: – Realigns your working day – So often when working from home you’re sitting in squalor itching to do last night’s dishes and hang out the laundry. The Brid closes the door on all of the half done chores and mixed in emails. It focuses you on the task in hand, shutting out the household hat that creeps in every time you broach the kitchen table …

Summerhouse or Snowhouse?

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It’s that time of year when you’d rather go without the bathroom light for 4 months than embrace the freezing cold 5 meter walk to the garage to get the light bulbs. So why would you consider your Summerhouse as an alternative venue to your kitchen table or living sofa when it’s minus 5 outside? How about the exact same reason you would in the Summer? It’s your special retreat that encapsulates your dreams, inspires your thoughts and lets your imagination, conversation and happiness flow. Lets take a daunder to the bottom of the garden this weekend and get it ready for winter. Tip 1: Heating There’s always good chat around this topic. I love it, the prospect of being …

A Guide to the Wood in Your Shed

A Guide to the Wood in Your Shed: Weatherboard, Sarking, Studs & Bearers

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We use a lot of #ShedLingo at Gillies and Mackay, and sometimes that can be a bit confusing for you, our lovely customers. And as you all know by now, I love to share my shed knowledge with you so you’re fully informed about what goes into creating our amazing sheds (and other timber buildings!). This time it’s all about the wood… weatherboard, sarking, studs and bearers. “What are they?” I hear you say… well my sheddies, here is a wee clip explaining all: Video Transcription I’m talking about wood, and I’m going to speak to you about four things that relate to wood in your shed. The first one, the most common, is weatherboard, and that’s the cladding on the …

Comparing Shed Roofing Options - Felt, Steel and Shingles

Comparing Shed Roofing Options – Felt, Steel and Shingles

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So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new shed (or other timber building). Great! But, have you chosen what roof you’re going to go with? There are three types to choose from:  Felt Steel, and Shingles And to help you choose, I’ve done a wee video explaining the difference between all three…   Video Transcription Today I’m going to speak to you about the three different options for the roof covering of your shed, summerhouse, cabin, garage or playhouse. The first one is felt, the traditional roof covering, but it’s not suitable for everything. It’s perfect for small playhouses, smaller sheds and some summerhouses, but it’s not ideal for larger buildings. We would say to use a steel box profile …

What are Gillies and Mackay Summerhouses made of?

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It’s no secret that Gillies and Mackay know what they’re doing when it comes to timber buildings, but just what are our Summerhouses made of? And do you even want one? You’re looking for that extra space, something to escape to maybe? or work in even? But the house isn’t cutting it. You’re constantly distracted and that laundry pile is not getting any smaller. We’ve been making the perfect solution for over 25 years; a gorgeous timber Summerhouse is the ideal partner for you, your book and a cup of coffee. However there are varying degrees of quality out there to choose from, so what makes Gillies and Mackay the best in the WHOLE world? This is Scotland and our …