Tuin Log Cabins: Interlocking Log Explained

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Wait a minute?! What is interlocking log? I know, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. How do I explain, not only what it is –  but why is it a thing? And how do Log Cabins compare to Sectional Panels? Cath my saviour, from the Gillies and Mackay office messaged me last week to say, ‘Oh beautiful one of beauty like no other…. People keep bringing Tuin Brochures in?! Can you please bestow your knowledge of Interlocking Log and what I need to know to help our customers make the best buying decision – for them.’ So what is it? Interlocking log is; Machined logs or battens, half notched (cut out) at the corner, interlocking with the opposing wall. …

cabin vs summerhouse

Cabins Vs Summerhouses: What’s the difference?

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So you’re ready to purchase a timber building for your garden. But what kind are you going to go with? Will it be a Cabin… or a Summerhouse? Well, that depends entirely on what it’s end use will be. Are you looking to use it as a Garden Office space, or just for entertaining your family and friends throughout the summer months? Here’s a wee video to help you decide… Video Chatter Why would you buy one instead of the other? The summerhouses are single skinned buildings, which means you only have one layer of wall. Whereas your cabins have several layers of wall, including insulation and lining on the inside to make them more efficient for year round use. If …