Working From Home: The Brid

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Do you long for a space to call your own? When working from home, are you constantly interrupted, distracted and frustrated by the goings on around you while you’re trying to focus your precious time on a specific task or talent? Are you, working from home? Yup. Thought so. It’s a nightmare isn’t it? If it’s not your mother-in-law popping round for a quick chat, it’s the massive list of chores you’ve been left to do because, well, you’re at home aren’t you? What if there was a better way? What if you had your very own ShedLife away from all the distractions and chaos of normal day activities. Now I say ShedLife on average, 20 times a day… It’s …

She Shed Makeover: How to Design a She Shed

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You’re looking at Pinterest and YES the ideas are amazing, right? But how do you do it? How do you turn a Pinterest She Shed (or SheShed or maybe She-Shed?!) idea into reality without it looking like some 3 year olds arts and crafts from nursery? Patience is the first thing that is required ladies. Then preparation. I know, I know I cannae be bothered with it either. I just like to get stuck right in while the mood takes me and worry about the paint stained consequences later. BUT this is not what we’re doing here. What we’re going to do is – take care! Decide exactly what decorating techniques we’re using and do our planning. I’m showing you …

Conservatory or Home Extension vs Summerhouse or Timber Building

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There has been a recent increase in popularity of spaces like she sheds, man caves, home gyms, home offices and so on. What these all have in common is being a space that someone can really make their own. Whether it’s in the form of a room in your house or a timber building, such as a summerhouse. Are you considering extending your home? Perhaps you are considering a conservatory? In this article we share with you 5 reasons why we think that a timber building could be the preferable option when considering extending your home.