COVID rules for show area

How we’re keeping you and G&M safe through COVID

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COVID OPERATIONAL UPDATE JANUARY 2021 Locky D again eh! Gillies and Mackay will continue to operate meaning we will still be building, delivering, assembling, and conducting Home (Garden) Visits with COVID protocol in place. Read more below. *UPDATE* Our Show Area is currently CLOSED and re-opens on week commencing 26th April. We’re following strict COVID protocol to keep you and the staff safe. You MUST book in for an appointment before visiting us. BOOK APPOINTMENT HERE Contact us at: COVID! You’re sick of hearing about it. And trust us, we’re sick of talking about it. We’re all on the same page when it comes to COVID. But, it looks like it’s going to be with us for the foreseeable, …

What to look for when buying a shed – Shed Buying Guide

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Buying a shed is no small investment so you’ll want to make sure it’s right for you and, more importantly, that it lasts. Buying a shed is not as simple as budget and size when it comes to longevity. There are quite a few things to consider to make sure you invest in your space wisely, you get your money’s worth and it looks goddamn beautiful in your garden. Here we’ll only be guiding you through the best type of sheds: Timber sheds. If you want to learn more about different types of sheds we’ve got you covered: Plastic vs metal vs timber sheds Right now you should have a good idea of what you are using the shed for …

Summerhouse doors tight

How to fix Summerhouse doors that are too tight

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In typical Scottish fashion, the rain battered down for two months keeping us all locked in our houses. Then, as soon as the sun comes out to play – BOOM! Coronavirus hits. Most of us are spending a little more time at home than planned just now, and if you are one of the lucky ones you’ll be spending some of that time in your Summerhouse.  Timber is a porous, natural living breathing material. The change in weather is going to impact the state of your wood, especially your summerhouse doors.  When we have a prolonged spell of dry, sunny weather it’s only a matter of time before your timber starts to shift. Your south-facing Summerhouse doors are going to …

Summerhouse doors close

How to fix Summerhouse doors that won’t close

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I know it’s hard to tell what day it is, nevermind what month we are on, but coming into Summer the heat is going to play havoc on your Timber. Timber is a porous, natural living breathing material. This means when we have a prolonged spell of dry, sunny weather it’s only a matter of time before your timber starts to shift. Your south-facing Summerhouse doors are going to be particularly hard hit when the weather starts to get HAWT! This might cause your Summerhouse doors to shrink. Literally a matter of millimeters, which will cause the lock and keeper to fall out of line so your door doesn’t catch.  The second thing that can happen is the door will …

Shed Guide

The Gillies and Mackay Shed Buying Guide

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Where do you start with buying a shed?! It can be a wee bit confusing navigating the shed landscape if your no shed savvy. Whether it’s your first time buying a really good looking shed or your fourth time it’s good to have a wee checklist so you can get from A to Shed in your garden in no time. You want this to be as easy as possible right?  We have everything you need on the website but let’s get it all into one place so you can follow the roadmap – by the end all you should have left to do is pop in, email us or call to book your shed in. You can even download our …

Summerhouse Base

What kind of base do you need for a Summerhouse?

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So, let’s get right to it then… here’s everything you need to know about prepping the base for your Summerhouse. “Hang on? What? You need a base for a Summerhouse? What’s that all about then? Surely a Summerhouse has a floor, right? So can’t you just plonk it in the garden and have your pals round for wine time?” Easy there Janice, not quite. It’s really important that you have a base installed BEFORE your Summerhouse arrives, and here’s why… Please note: We highly advise you obtain landscaper quotes for base work before ordering your Gillies and Mackay building to obtain a full and clear picture of project costs. Why do I need a base for my Summerhouse? Summerhouses typically …

In Col We Trust

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It’s been a whirlwind bromance for me and this man. 3 years in the making. We’ve shared heartache and happiness, worry and success but most of all we’ve had bloody good fun growing our businesses and riding this train together. Woah… Emotional. Hey, he’s still alive though. Fitter than ever… Well except the whole Bloodstock Fest relapse last month. Col Gray – that’s Col, pronounced “Cole”. The legend that is; Gillies and Mackay’s brand designer. So what’s that mushy stuff got to do with the price of Sheds? Well, a lot actually. Last week whilst I was buying Oor Wullies and contemplating the meaning of life, Col was orchestrating the execution of our amazing new website launch. What this man has done …

Wee Oor Wullie Pirate Sets Sail

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We did something incredible… It starts with my friend Vicky Beach Huts, she’s already crazy… She was all; game – set – match! For the Oor Wullie auction on Tuesday 13th September. Me? I was just quite happy standing on the sidelines with huge admiration for the whole of Dundee and beyond. Half way through the auction Vicky Beach Huts messaged me; We go on to discuss the realities of cashflow and what we’d do with an Oor Wullie… Naturally we decided it was the exact thing we both should do right now, because, well IT’S AMAZING! And then… As you can see there’s something wrong with my screen and it’s blanked out some words – but I think you …

What to Expect from a CMA Workshop

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The Content Marketing Academy is special. At the moment it’s a strong 80 something members of supernatural business women and men who come together as a collective, teaching and learning from each other everyday. There’s no barriers to entry except one; you have to be the best at what you do. Oh and actually believe it. The way in which Chris facilitates this is by making it exceptionally easy for you to join in whatever way you feel comfortable. But that’s Chris, not me. I think you should go to a workshop first before you come in to the body of the kirk. For why? well lets take a look. What is it all about? In 2015 Col, my designer …

Mark Schaefer: Be More Human.

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My mate Mark Schaefer aka “The SchaefDawg” was topic of conversation again yesterday. We were going over his Keynote from TCMA2016. A month on it felt right (fist. in. mouth. it’s over) to revisit and really take stock of ShaefDawg’s message. The best way in which Schaef describes his message is to recognise that you are human and this is a human relationship, so be more human. The ignition stage is something ShaefDawg talked about as being the bridge between the awareness (of your content) and ROI and is pretty much what I’ll stick to in this blog (there’s like a tonne of other stuff but the man’s got to make a living y’ken). There are so many current content …