Tuin Log Cabins: Interlocking Log Explained

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Wait a minute?! What is interlocking log? I know, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. How do I explain, not only what it is –  but why is it a thing? And how do Log Cabins compare to Sectional Panels? Cath my saviour, from the Gillies and Mackay office messaged me last week to say, ‘Oh beautiful one of beauty like no other…. People keep bringing Tuin Brochures in?! Can you please bestow your knowledge of Interlocking Log and what I need to know to help our customers make the best buying decision – for them.’ So what is it? Interlocking log is; Machined logs or battens, half notched (cut out) at the corner, interlocking with the opposing wall. …

Garden Sheds Aberdeen: Who is the best?

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ABERDEEN! Yes, you. You beautiful creature you. We know what it’s like trying to find the right people to build you a Garden Shed. How are you expected to know who makes the best Sheds in Aberdeen when you’re up against shoddy websites and poor information? It’s a minefield of mis-Shed information… Don’t you worry though, NattyShedGirl is here and luckily I know a thing or ‘tree’ about Sheds. And websites for some odd reason… Here’s why we’re getting all up in Aberdeen’s face. We’ve been invited to Crathes Castle Garden and Outdoor Show on April 7th to basically turn up and show off our amazing #Shedlife – Gillies and Mackay buildings. THE LIST 😉 [keeps you up to date with what we’re doing on …

How much does a shed cost?

The Best Summerhouse Manufacturers Scotland: Top 3

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I ken where you’re at. You’re looking for the best Summerhouse design, best size, best specification and above all best price, right? Aye. It’s your dream, your ‘go to’ place for all the answers to your hectic life. A beautiful Summerhouse to sit pretty in your garden. To bring you a tranquil spot of relaxation and above all, isolation, free from the shackles of everyday life. You hit THE Google and await the answers… It’s a right shame though, when you’re met with a barrage of shite websites and even worse social media platforms. So! Why not let me help – yeah? I’ve said ‘TOP 3’ but I’m not going to lie to you, I struggled. I reckon you’ll thank …

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Garden Shed Scotland: TGB Sheds Review

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It’s Shed season, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. My girls have noticed on a few occasions this week that customers are coming to us with a TGB Sheds brochure? What the?! Hey, it’s okay! This is a good thing, we actively encourage our customers to go see what else is out there before they commit to buying the best shed in the world. It’s a bit of a hassle though, so I thought I’d have a wee look myself and see if I could summarise for you what TGB have to offer. I’ve been making sheds since I was in nappies – so if there’s one thing I know, it’s a good Shed. For the purpose of …

How much does a shed cost?

Garden Sheds Scotland: How much does a Shed cost?

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I’m guessing you’re right at the start of your Shed journey and it’s a question of budget, how much can you afford and how much does a Garden Shed cost in Scotland? In the Shed world it’s hard to determine exactly what you get for your money; how much you have to do v’s what’s included. Not to mention all the jargon about Shed specification. Luckily, you’ve got me as a friend. See – I make the best Sheds in the world and although you might not be after the best, I’ll still be able to help you make the right choice for you. In central Scotland there are a few variations of the same Shed- I prefer the non …