What's the best type of cladding for a shed_

What’s the best type of cladding for a shed? Tongue and Groove vs Overlapping Cladding

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Cladding is the exterior of your timber building. There are a variety of different types of cladding, and in this article we will discuss two of the most common ones: tongue and groove weatherboard versus overlapping cladding. Whilst cladding can often be mistaken as being a seemingly minor aspect of your garden building, there is far more than it just being aesthetically pleasing. The cladding is what keeps your shed weatherproof and secure. Whether it’s beautiful red cedar in 32mm half log tongue and groove weatherboard, or 19mm Scandinavian redwood shiplap (overlapping cladding), it’s the looking after it that counts. Treat your shed right and it’ll last you a lifetime. We have laid out the pros and cons of tongue …

Buying a Shed vs. Building a Shed

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It’s a big complicated sheddy world out there so it is! We’ve been in it for over 25 years and one of the many things we’re asked is; can you supply the timber so I can build the shed myself? No, we can’t but you can get it from the Sawmill that supplies us. Usually the go away, download plans from a website, cost everything up and then come back and order from us instead. This isn’t to say it’s not feasible or affordable – it’s just when faced with the challenge of doing it for the first time, most tend to revert back to plan A; buy one. But you’re not that easily dissuaded – you like a challenge…

What to look for when buying a shed

What to Look for When Buying a Shed: Top 5 Tips

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Yay! You’re ready to make the big splurge on a fab new shed… but wait… don’t just rush on out there and buy the first one you see! There’s lots to consider first, so worth doing a bit of research.  Lucky for you I’m kind of an expert in all things sheds, so here’s a short clip with my top 5 tips of what to look out for when buying a shed. Check it out… 1. Do lots of research beforehand This is arguably one of the most important steps, as this is where you can make the next part much easier for yourself! What material is best for your build? How much will it cost? What size will suit …