Comparing Shed Roofing Options - Felt, Steel and Shingles

Comparing Shed Roofing Options – Felt, Steel and Shingles

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So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new shed (or other timber building). Great! But, have you chosen what roof you’re going to go with? There are three types to choose from:  Felt Steel, and Shingles And to help you choose, I’ve done a wee video explaining the difference between all three…   Video Transcription Today I’m going to speak to you about the three different options for the roof covering of your shed, summerhouse, cabin, garage or playhouse. The first one is felt, the traditional roof covering, but it’s not suitable for everything. It’s perfect for small playhouses, smaller sheds and some summerhouses, but it’s not ideal for larger buildings. We would say to use a steel box profile …

Shed Jargon Buster

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Do you find yourself asking things like: What is weatherboard? What does tongue and groove mean? What is sarking… gables… pitch…? Oh, the list is endless and my customers are mad for it. They love a bit of technical info, especially from me. The words can get a bit random though. For example, the bit of wood that faces a Summerhouse roof is called a ‘Donk’?! A Donk isn’t even a word. It’s just an in-house word (made up by Grant) that we use – because it’s not a fascia, a fascia is a straight facing. A Donk is two angular bits of wood mitred together. See what I mean? It’s crazy already. So lets cut through some of the nonsense …

Shed framing explained

Shed framing explained: Different types of shed framing

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It’s all very well picking a shed you like, but you need to look at the framing too. Why? Because it can make all the difference between choosing a good shed and a great shed! Here’s a little more info to help you understand… Video Transcription I’m going to speak to you about framing, which is a subject that doesn’t really come into play very much, but it’s important to know. The framing that we use is a 75 millimetre by 38 millimetre thick pressure treated frame. Normally on the market, you will find that most companies are using smaller framing, namely 50 by 50 millimetre un-pressure treated whitewood frame. The differences are that the timber we’re using is structurally stronger …

How to apply for planning permission for your shed

Planning Permission for a Shed: What you need to apply?

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We’ve already looked at whether you need Planning Permission for your Shed in a previous post. (You can read it here.) Let’s say you do, there are some important documents you need to gather before you can go ahead and apply. Lucky for you, I’ve put together another short video explaining all, so grab a pen and paper and check it out… Video Chatter What do you need to apply for planning permission? Scale drawing Ordinance survey Site plan Supporting pictures You can gather of these things yourself, really easily. Scale Drawing The scale drawing is the elevations of your building. So, if you’re going for a shed, then you draw a scale picture of the front, back and sides. …

Does a shed need planning permission

Does a Shed Need Planning Permission? Video

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So you’re ready to buy a shed… great! But have you done your research and read our helpful blogs first? There are many things to consider before you go ahead with your purchase, and one question I’m often asked is, “Do I need planning permission for a Shed?”. It’s a great question and one I answer in this short video… Video Chatter One of the most common questions I’m asked on a daily basis is, “Does my shed require planning permission?”. The straight out answer is, it depends. There are nine different things that planning will ask of you, and if you answer no to all of them, then you don’t need planning permission. They start off with generic things …

Whitewood vs Redwood: What timber should I look for in a shed?

Redwood vs Whitewood: What timber should I look for in a shed?

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You’ve decided to buy a shed… great! Done the research, and now you find yourself bombarded with shed companies offering you ‘the best deal’. I mean, that’s all well and good, but are they being honest about the make up of their sheds? Do you know what wood they use, for starters? It’s important to know these things before you shell out a load of money on something you’ll have for years. As you know, I like my customers to be well informed. So here’s a wee clip to help you out. This time it’s all about the type of wood that is generally used in the making of sheds – Redwood vs Whitewood. Fill up on your shed knowledge …

Midlands: How much does a Shed cost?

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Sheds. Where to start? There are so many different variations; basic, standard, superior, heavy duty, deluxe…The descriptives are endless. I’ve been doing an offy lot of research over the past wee while, in particular, how much a shed costs in the Midlands market – in particular the Birmingham area. Reason being, I plan to open a new Gillies and Mackay soon and it’s in my interest to make sure what I offer retains the title of ‘best sheds in the world!’ “That’s all very well Natty Shed Girl but how much does a Shed cost?” Okay, Fair. Enough about me, what about these guys… Search Title: Garden Shed – Birmingham Googles first 4 businesses are the ones I’ll talk about …

Shed Guide

Garden Shed Scotland: TGB Sheds Review

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It’s Shed season, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. My girls have noticed on a few occasions this week that customers are coming to us with a TGB Sheds brochure? What the?! Hey, it’s okay! This is a good thing, we actively encourage our customers to go see what else is out there before they commit to buying the best shed in the world. It’s a bit of a hassle though, so I thought I’d have a wee look myself and see if I could summarise for you what TGB have to offer. I’ve been making sheds since I was in nappies – so if there’s one thing I know, it’s a good Shed. For the purpose of …

Do you Need Planning Permission for a Shed?

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More often than not, do I need planning permission for my Shed, is one of the first questions a customer will ask me. And my answer is always… It depends. I’ve been submitting planning applications longer than I’ve been applying mascara. So my quick 9 principle should do the trick when figuring it out for yourself. In accordance to planning law a permitted development is one that answers NO to all of these questions. Is your Shed for; Business Use?! – If you’re running a multi-million pound empire from your garden shed, the council will want to know about it. They love a bit of business rate action on that kind of thing. Is your Shed going to be; Outwith …