How often should you re-roof your Summerhouse?

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If you’re looking at your Summerhouse and wondering if you should have it re-roofed, wait… it might not need it yet. Here’s why… VIDEO CHATTER If you have a Gillies and Mackay Summerhouse, that’s maybe eight or nine years old, you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to re-roof it soon. And you’d be right… because when you bought the Summerhouse, we told you it had a life expectancy of 10 years and is guaranteed by the manufacturers for 10 years. So you’re right in thinking it’s time to get it re-roofed. What I would suggest first of all, is to check if it actually needs to be done. If the felt that’s on it is not actually letting …

How to get rid of condensation in a Summerhouse

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Timber buildings, such as your Summerhouse, will eventually succumb to condensation on its windows and doors. But don’t worry… it’s totally normal for this to happen. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to get rid of this condensation build up. Here’s a wee video clip I put together telling you what they are… VIDEO CHATTER If you’ve got a Gillies and Mackay summerhouse, you’re probably going to experience some level of condensation build up on the windows and the doors. This can be a bit of a problem, especially if the temperatures are fluctuating day after day after day, the build up can get excessive. So the best way to combat that is to open up the building and let …

Summerhouse or Snowhouse?

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It’s that time of year when you’d rather go without the bathroom light for 4 months than embrace the freezing cold 5 meter walk to the garage to get the light bulbs. So why would you consider your Summerhouse as an alternative venue to your kitchen table or living sofa when it’s minus 5 outside? How about the exact same reason you would in the Summer? It’s your special retreat that encapsulates your dreams, inspires your thoughts and lets your imagination, conversation and happiness flow. Lets take a daunder to the bottom of the garden this weekend and get it ready for winter. Tip 1: Heating There’s always good chat around this topic. I love it, the prospect of being …

Should I insulate my summerhouse?

Should I insulate my Summerhouse?

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You want to be able to use your Summerhouse all year round right? Well… as much as possible, weather permitting. So, is it a good idea to insulate this wonderful timber building? I would say no, it’s kinda counterproductive. Why do I think this? Here’s a wee video explaining all. You might still want to insulate it anyway, but then again, after hearing what I have to say, you might not! Video Chatter “Should I insulate my Summerhouse?” This question is something that kind of doesn’t really agree with me. Insulating a summerhouse is counterproductive. A summerhouse is single glazed, and the majority of the panels are made up of windows and doors. If you’re insulating your summerhouse, the majority …

cabin vs summerhouse

Cabins Vs Summerhouses: What’s the difference?

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So you’re ready to purchase a timber building for your garden. But what kind are you going to go with? Will it be a Cabin… or a Summerhouse? Well, that depends entirely on what it’s end use will be. Are you looking to use it as a Garden Office space, or just for entertaining your family and friends throughout the summer months? Here’s a wee video to help you decide… Video Chatter Why would you buy one instead of the other? The summerhouses are single skinned buildings, which means you only have one layer of wall. Whereas your cabins have several layers of wall, including insulation and lining on the inside to make them more efficient for year round use. If …

What are Gillies and Mackay Summerhouses made of?

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It’s no secret that Gillies and Mackay know what they’re doing when it comes to timber buildings, but just what are our Summerhouses made of? And do you even want one? You’re looking for that extra space, something to escape to maybe? or work in even? But the house isn’t cutting it. You’re constantly distracted and that laundry pile is not getting any smaller. We’ve been making the perfect solution for over 25 years; a gorgeous timber Summerhouse is the ideal partner for you, your book and a cup of coffee. However there are varying degrees of quality out there to choose from, so what makes Gillies and Mackay the best in the WHOLE world? This is Scotland and our …

Conservatory or Home Extension vs Summerhouse or Timber Building

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There has been a recent increase in popularity of spaces like she sheds, man caves, home gyms, home offices and so on. What these all have in common is being a space that someone can really make their own. Whether it’s in the form of a room in your house or a timber building, such as a summerhouse. Are you considering extending your home? Perhaps you are considering a conservatory? In this article we share with you 5 reasons why we think that a timber building could be the preferable option when considering extending your home.