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How do I place an order for a Gillies & Mackay building?

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You’re ready! You’ve had your eye on a Gillies & Mackay for a while and you’re ready to get cracking with your order. So, what’s next? As extremely proud Shed makers, we want to ensure that our #Sheddies, feel safe in the hands of the best Shed experts in town. You want the best garden building possible for your size and space. And our ordering process is vital for making sure this dream is made a reality.  We get it – it’s a big commitment, and you Sheddies are trusting us on a lot of fronts. The intricacies of the order process helps us deliver these promises, and ensure you will all be extremely #shedisfied. This blog walks you through …

G&M reviews

Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Dundee: Top 4

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AND… We’re back! We’ve missed you Sheddies. It’s been a while since we’ve done a reviews blog and you’re always on the search for other Summerhouse manufacturers. We’ve decided to do some of the work for you and for our own research purposes. Today we’re in Dundee. Oh, we love Dundee! Some of oor Sheddie teams home toon. So, how exactly do we do it? We’ve outlined the RULES below that we follow and we always base it on an internet search. Because it’s 2021 people, and if you’re here reading this – this is where you get started. It’s how we buy things – What am I looking for? What am I getting myself into? What can I get? …

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What is the best timber thickness for a timber building in Scotland?

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Stop me if I’m wrong, but you’ve been looking around for a timber building and noticed that almost every different supplier uses a different thickness of the timber. It’s almost as if us suppliers are picking numbers between 7mm and 19mm out of a hat and going: “yep, that’ll do!” To make it even worse, some suppliers use different timber thicknesses for different parts of their buildings.  It’s a frustrating feeling! Especially if you’re new to the timber industry. Because there is no real explanation as to what the different qualities of each thickness are. Most importantly though, there is no way to decipher which thickness is best for YOU and your needs.  At G&M we want oor Sheddies to …

Felt vs shingles vs steel: what is the best type of shed roofing?

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So you’ve decided that you really want a G&M shed (or other timber building), we can’t blame you really…but have you chosen what roof you are going to go with?  There are three types of roofing that are most commonly used on timber buildings:  Felt  Shingles  Steel  Luckily for you, by the end of this blog, you won’t only be able to decide what roof you want for your own building, but you will also be somewhat of a ‘shed roofing expert’ who can help recommend roofing to your Sheddie friends.  Let’s dive in.  Felt Shed Roofing Felt is the traditional roof covering and is great for smaller buildings such as a small Apex Shed. For years now, IKO has …

Summerhouse Base

The Gillies & Mackay Lead Time Explained

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Take us back to the good ol’ pre COVID days eh! When oor lead time was only about 12 weeks long. We get it. You’ve just started out on your Sheddie journey, got all the plans down for getting your garden looking glorious this summer. Because let’s face it, who’s going to be laying in the Spanish sun?! That’s what Summer Houses are for hun. 😉 You’re all excited, you got your eye on the perfect retreat – you hit the send button to us and we reply… “It’s best to note our current delivery/assembly lead time is 7/8 months away.” WHIT?!?! 😭😭😭 Sheddie, believe you me, we feel your pain. We absolutely do not want you to be waiting …