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By Cara Mackay on 08 Aug 2017

How long does a cheap Shed last?

Ach I know, it’s not easy to save up your hard earned dosh for a nice new shed. It’s probably not top of your list of priorities hey? Especially when all you want it for is somewhere to store your bikes, garden stuff, etc.

But, the burning question… if you do go for a ‘cheap’ shed option, how long will it last?

Will you find yourself having to replace it in a couple of years? Good question — and one I answer in this short clip — there’s more to it than you might think!

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Okay so you’re not really that bothered about #shedlife. In fact, you’re not bothered about it at all. You just need something to stick the bikes in for a few years. So you’re not really fancying spending 800 quid on an 8′ x 6′.

Is there something somewhere that can tell you how long a cheap shed will last?

Yes. I can tell you. I will tell you that if you assemble a cheap shed from B&Q or Wickes or whatever, if you assemble it right and you put the roofing on right, then it will last approximately five to six years.

The materials used in a cheap Shed will breakdown fairly quickly. However, if you make sure you roof it properly, you’ll deter the inevitable leaking. 

And if you put it together properly with plenty of weather sealant on joints, then the probability is that it will last maybe five or six years.

That’s a nice cheaper alternative to going full all in on your #shedlife with Gillies & Mackay.

If you’re just wanting something in the interim. Maybe you’re renting or you don’t have a plan to stay there for any length of time.

Or you don’t see the value in buying a decent shed, then by all means. Get a cheap one.

Put it up right. And it’ll last you about five to six years.

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