By Cara Mackay on 01 Dec 2015

Child Employment – They’re just wee

Back in the day, when Gillies and Mackay first started everyone had to take turns working on a Saturday; Bench Joiners, Onsite Assemblers and Directors all took their turn at selling sheds on a Saturday. 

It was what they had to do to get the Sheds off the ground (or on it). When the Mackay kids were big enough (13 years) they soon got the job passed on. That’s where it all starts you see, learning the trade.

Since then we’ve had 5 Mackay’s and 6 Gillies’s working the weekends from the ages of 13. They don’t stick around forever though. We’re on our 5th and 6th Gillies’s just now. Our Girls share a 10 am  – 4 pm shift on a Saturday they’re legally only allowed to work 5 hours on a Saturday and both take an hour break.

There are certain restrictions when employing children and if you are considering or are already employing children you must checkout the Government Guidelines for doing so.

The benefits we receive from employing young workers: – 

  • The unique skills, new ideas and enthusiasm young people can offer
  • The ability to harness the benefits of a truly diverse workforce
  • The positive effect to be had on employer brand and reputation
  • The cost-effectiveness of employing young workers
  • The creation of talent for the future

We create an environment for our young workers to learn different skills within the workplace. They gain customer service, reception and sales experience which will undoubtedly put them in good stead for future employment.

Unfortunately while learning, the girls have experienced some isolated prejudice because of their age and the industry we are in. To combat this we have had to implement awareness of why we employ young workers. Hopefully if you get a chance to meet our girls you will understand, “they’re just wee” give them a chance, they actually do know about sheds 😉

My Soph <3

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