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By Cara Mackay on 12 Jun 2017

How safe are Playhouses for children?

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You’re thinking about getting a playhouse for your beautiful little cherubs, and you’re wondering…

“Are they safe?”

Well, they are, when they come from us. We’ve got a CE mark on our playhouses.

Particularly because we had to pay close attention to little fingers being trapped and we have a special hinge on the doors, it’s called a piano hinge, which stops that from happening.

We’ve also got a special way to make the ladders, and we’ve also got a special way to make the safety rail, all of which comply with the CE standards.

So our playhouses are perfectly safe for children to use.

We also use nice, clean, dressed redwood so there’s no chance of splinters or anything like that.

They’re ideal for children of all ages.

You can start with the standard one, which is ideal for smaller children, or go to the bunkhouse which is for older children.

Hopefully that helps.

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