The Corsie

Geometric Genius

Our Corsie is the Lady of the house; discrete petite and ever so quaint. Her corner design is ideal for tight or small fitting spaces right at the top of your haven. She makes perfect company for a couple of dogs snoozing by your feet whilst you paint the perfect country scene on a hardback canvas with your favourite radio station as your only interruption.
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Corsie Specification


  • 19mm Redwood Weatherboard
  • 19mm Redwood Flooring
  • 19mm Redwood Sarking
  • 70mm x 40mm Dressed Redwood Framing
  • Torch-on Felt Roofing

Key Features:

  • 1 Set of Mortise and Tenon Glazed Doors
  • 3-Lever Lock
  • Two 2' x 4' Fixed Framed Windows
  • Two 2' x 4' Opening Framed Windows

Front Elevation


Side Elevation


Floor Plan

Available Extras:

Depending on building type and optional modifications

  • Add or remove fixed/opening windows
  • Cladding upgrades available
  • Insulation upgrades available
  • Custom sizes available

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The whole process was simple. The people I met and dealt with, including the lads installing the summerhouse, was a pleasure.

My partner and I are delighted with the product and will certainly praise and recommend Gillies and Mackay to our neighbours and friends.


Inspiration Gallery

Take a look at some of the beautiful Corsie Summerhouses out in the wild...

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The Buyer's Prep Guide

You've probably got some questions about the prep work required to get ready for your summerhouse.

We've got you covered, sheddies – here's everything you need to get started.


Standard Pricing

Prices below are for our standard Corsie sizes. The roof covering is torch-on felt as opposed to the Polyflex used on the pitched summer house designs, and this is included in the price. Further customisations are available, and we can also make custom sizes to order - book your consultation below and we'll get you on the road to the shedlife.
Size (ft)
7 x 7
2.1m x 2.1m
8 x 8
2.4m x 2.4m
9 x 9
2.7m x 2.7m
10 x 10
3m x 3m
Custom sizes are also available on request – contact us for more information.

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