This statement is relevant to you if you:

  • are thinking about buying a G&M build
  • are waiting on their G&M build, or
  • already have a G&M build. 

Tuesday 24th March at 4pm 2020 Gillies and Mackay will be closed for the foreseeable lock down period imposed by the Government. 

All G&M staff excluding Nicola (Sales) and Cara (Managing Director) will be furloughed and will not be permitted or expected to carry out any work activities within the Lock Down period. 

Please do not try and contact or arrange additional works with our team whilst on Lock Down. 

Given we both have young families, Nicola and I will be working remotely on significantly reduced hours. 

Please expect a delayed response as we navigate our new circumstances.

Should Nicola and I both become ill - there will be no-one to answer enquiries, however we will notify you of this through Automation Response. 

Pre-arranged; Delivery / Snag / Site Visits

All pre-arranged dates scheduled in our Diary will follow on exactly from the time of which the Lock Down has been lifted. 

This means if you were booked in for April 20th and the Lock Down lasts 4 weeks, you can add 4 weeks to that date - meaning your new date would be 18th May. 

New Orders

If you would like to place a new order with Gillies and Mackay, you can do so online via email. The order can be taken and confirmed with deposit and a preliminary lead time date given (+ lock down). 


New Snag / Advice / Aftercare

If you're having trouble with your existing building and need assistance - I can help with pretty much anything remotely. I can instruct what to do in the interim while you wait for us to come out after Lock Down has finished. 

We have a fantastic number of blogs and videos which can be found on our website, use the search box and type in your key word (i.e. mould) and the article/video will appear.