By Nicola Hutchison on 27 May 2024

Gillies and Mackay Announces the Launch of CSR – Joinery and Landscaping Ltd

Left: Calum Rennie | Right: Cara Mackay

Gillies and Mackay Announces the Launch of CSR Joinery & Landscaping

We are thrilled to announce that our Onsite Manager, Calum Rennie, has launched his new venture, CSR Joinery & Landscaping, as part of the NattyShedLife Group. At 23 years old, Calum has demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent, and we are proud to support him as he embarks on this exciting new journey.

CSR Joinery & Landscaping is specifically designed to undertake groundworks for Gillies and Mackay, forming the slabbed and concrete bases required for our range of Garden Rooms, Sheds, and Garages. This venture aligns perfectly with our mission to provide a seamless, high-quality service to our customers.

About NattyShedLife

NattyShedLife (NSL) is the holding company for Gillies and Mackay, owned by our CEO, Cara Mackay. When establishing NSL, Cara, alongside founding Directors John Mackay and Grant Gillies, envisioned a company that would provide opportunities for those within the Gillies and Mackay family to pursue their own entrepreneurial path.

Cara Mackay shared her thoughts:

“We realised when creating the terms of agreement for the 2nd Generation of Gillies and Mackay that our children might not want to build sheds, that they might have their own ideas of what being an Entrepreneur would mean for them. And so, when I created NattyShedLife, I promised to my Dad, John and Uncle Grant that this Holding Company would be used for the good of our future legacy and to invest in the ideas that they create. I cannot think of a better way to start than to give back to Calum, who has dedicated much of his talent and time to our company over the years. I am so very proud of the young man he has become.”

Calum Rennie’s Journey

Calum has been with Gillies and Mackay since he was 17 years old. He served his full carpentry apprenticeship and completed his mastery all while working at Gillies and Mackay. In 2021, Calum was promoted to Onsite Manager and has since expanded his personal development as a leader and his skillset into groundwork.

Calum Rennie at 18 years old, Apprentice Joiner for Gillies and Mackay Ltd

Calum expressed his excitement:

“What started as a casual job when leaving school very quickly became a career choice; a job you love is not a job but a way of life. Initially employed as a new school leaver in a casual labourer-type role (Woodcutter/Bench/Deliverer), I quickly realised that I greatly enjoyed this job. I was keen to learn, and my mentors Dominic and Gordon, took me under their wings and taught me the various skills involved. Every opportunity to learn something new was given to me. My personal development was further improved when Gillies and Mackay fully supported me in gaining my Carpentry and Joinery qualifications at College and, upon completion, promoted me to Onsite Manager, the role I enjoy today. Once again, through mutual hard work and a shared desire to be the best in what we do at Gillies and Mackay rather than subcontract out the groundwork required for our buildings, Cara and the other Directors of Gillies and Mackay have supported my desire to run my own enterprise while still fully supporting the parent company I love.”

Gillies and Mackay Ltd – Leadership Team L-R: Cara Mackay, CEO; Calum Rennie, Onsite Manager; Grant Gillies, Founding Director; Chris Blair, Workshop Manager; Gordon Sinclair, Operations Director.

A Strategic Partnership

It is with great pride that Gillies and Mackay have the means to support Calum in the early stages of his own journey. We are confident that the synergy between Calum’s new venture and the fantastic range of garden buildings we make will allow us to offer our customers a seamless experience.

Calum is a shining example of determination, hard work, and commitment, an ode to the founding principles of Gillies and Mackay and exactly what we are looking for in terms of 2nd generation entrepreneurial spirit.

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