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By Cara Mackay on 11 Jun 2017

How long will an expensive Shed last?

“You get what you pay for!”

No truer a word said… and that’s why Gillies and Mackay’s sheds ARE expensive.

A cheap shed might only last you a few years, whereas an expensive one should last you generations (if looked after properly).

Take a look at why investing in an expensive shed far outweighs buying a cheaper one. You’ll see it’s money well spent.


If you’re buying a shed from Gillies and Mackay, then it’s going to be expensive.

If you’re buying a shed from other, reputable, independent shed makers like maybe Patterson’s or Forrest Log Cabins and Summer Houses, it’s also going to be pretty expensive.

The reason for that is because you get what you pay for.

This is an investment. An expensive shed will last you the test of time, so it’s going to outlive your lifetime and maybe your next generation’s lifetime, if it’s looked after properly.

These are an investment and on average the actual cost expenditure of that building compared to five or six cheap ones in your lifetime completely outweighs it.

So it’s whether or not you’re willing to invest from the beginning, and that is what will give you a long lasting building for your life. You won’t need to worry about it ever again.

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