Garage Price list

These garages are something else.

In 2016 we perfected the ideal mix of construction to make your garage the absolute best of the best.

Grant (Boss Man) and I (Boss Lady) have talked about this for a while and we’ve finally decided, let’s just go all out.

No mucking around, a proper decent, serious garage.


  • The best timber garage specification

    A single skinned Garage draws moisture from the air and passes it through its’ walls to the inside of your Garage. It’s not leaking, it’s ingress…But what if you don’t want it to do that? – READ MORE

  • Why our garages don't leak

    This time last year we had a real issue with our garages, they were leaking. SO, we had to come up with a new plan… READ MORE

  • Do you need a building warrant?

    If your building is out-with permitted development you will need Planning Permission and it is imperative that you obtain this acceptance first before seeking a Building Warrant – READ MORE

  • Why is Gillies and Mackay so expensive?

    We’ve been charging a fortune for our Sheds for over 25 years, and we know that pricing is a big part of your decision when buying a shed – READ MORE

Buyers Prep Guide

“This is the most important guide you need to make sure your Gillies and Mackay lasts a life time.”