Three Tier Wall Garages



We're not mucking around here. This is a proper, decent, serious!! Garage.
We’re talking THREE tier wall. This is the kind of stuff building control dreams are made of!

19mm tanalised redwood
This is the cladding that we use for the external wall.  

22mm cavity
We create a space between the external wall and the inside of your Garage to water can't penetrate through. 

Breather membrane and 9mm OSB 
The breather membrane stops any moisture in its tracks and the OSB creates the internal sheeting that you see on the inside of you Garage. 

95mm x 45mm Pressure Treated Framing
It's the frame that holds the building together.

16mm Sarkin
This is what you see when you look up! It's the inside of your roof. 

22mm Roof Cavity and Membrane
Just as it is in the walls, the roof also has a cavity to allow it to breathe. 

Steel Box Profile
The metal sheeting that we clad the roof with.

The Spec Blog...

I hope this all makes sense but if you're confused at all, please let me know I'm here to help you know, it's my actual job. 


Natty x



If you have a specific size not set as standard, just let us know and we’ll draw a custom one for you. 

Not Ready 🙁


Our Price List is made up of our most popular sizes. If you would prefer a different size, please let us know. It’s no bother!


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