How much does a Garden Office cost?

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If you are working from home and considering the costs involved with buying a Garden Office instead of working from the kitchen table, I’m here to help.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time researching this, 8 months straight. In fact if you count Blackstone Cabins it’s actually about 12 years.

We’ve all been there, faced with the daily struggle of separating home life and work life, whilst trying to explain to your partner that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you are the hired help. You NEED to actually work.

Let’s cut to the chase, what kind of money are we speaking about here? 100’s 1000’s MILLIONS?!

I’ll start with the basics: –

D.I.Y. Garden Office

Price Range £1200 – £1500

You’ve nae cash and your thinking what’s wrong with the Shed? That’ll do, right?


As long as your Shed isn’t completely knackered and rotting it’s little soul out, there’s a fair chance you can make it work.

If you’re handy and fancy a challenge, there’s plenty content can guide you through the process of making your Shed into an all singing all dancing ShedQuarters.

  • Here’s some handy tips on how to make your single skinned garden Shed or Summerhouse fit for winter use.
  • The method of how you actually go about insulating your existing Shed is fairly straight forward and is explained in our How to Insulate your Shed blog.
  • A wood burning stove wouldn’t go a miss right? Keep you nice and warm in the winter? Can you put a Stove in your Shed though? Yes. Yes you can.

This still costs money, and if your thinking that your time isn’t money, remind yourself of what you could be doing and make sure the forfeit is worth it.

You should expect to pay for the internal insulation £30 a sheet. Based on a 12′ x 8′ size that’s possibly 16 sheets @ £30 = £480.00 to insulate the whole building.

Depending on what you want to use for the lining will play factor to the price. Ply is nice and cheap, you could line the whole thing for under £200.00.

Wood Burning Stoves. If you’ve already acquired on then great. If not, you can usually pick one up pretty cheap on second hand sites. As explained in the blog, don’t scrimp on the flue, it’s the most important part. From scratch it could cost around £600.00 if you’re clever.

Ready Made Garden Office

Self Assembly £4,000 – £6,000

You’re totally not up for doing all that DIY and would rather it all came pre-packed, sectional and ready to throw up.

In fact you’d rather it’s just a click away purchase online, a quick call to your local joiner to do the assembly and save yourself a tidy package.

Cabin Living

Cabin Living

It is 44mm interlocking log…

I know, I know – I hate it.

If you’ve heard/read my other stuff – you’ll know.

The reason being; I’m just not convinced about it’s ability to hold up against Scottish elements, especially rain. That and the structure isn’t recognised by Building Control which isn’t any use for larger buildings…

ANYWAY…I’m rambling.

It is still definitely a contender and a preference for some. You can have a 3.5m x 3m (12′ x 10′) delivered for around £4,000 depending on what optional extras you’d like.

They have a selection table to add in optionals but you will need to call them to discuss your individual requirements.

Bespoke Made Garden Office

£12,000 – £35,000

Obviously I save the best until last and if money was no object you’d 100% go for this option.

It didn’t take me long to find my favourite (other than my own OBVS!) and it’s these guys…

JML Garden Rooms

They’re based in Auchterarder! Close to my heart with their Perthshire roots.


Their buildings are just simply…beautiful.

JML are using SIPs which is a prefabricated OSB (oriented strand board) and insulation panel, which is bonded together for ultimate efficiency.  They’re cladding in Western Cedar and have what looks like Aluminium double glazed trifold doors and windows… NICE!

JML don’t require extensive groundworks, they’re using EasyPads. They have experts in interior design, electrics and media on hand to help with all the finishing touches.

Sounds the bomb, but not without the price tag to match.

7m2 Office Pod comes in at £17,890.00

Their are larger garden rooms that are more like £25,000.00 – £35,000.00

You get what you pay for with JML. A proper life time investment. They know exactly what they’re doing. Looking at the history of the company, their parent company uses the same construction to build houses.



Additional Garden Office Costs

The additional pennies all come down to how you’re going to design the interior.

For the life of me I have no idea why, people, when they have free reign, design their garden office like… An office?!?! It’s just cray cray…

Pinterest is your friend when it comes to design ideas. Let your imagination run wild.

The costs involved with design are entirely up to yourself. There are plenty of ways to recycle old furniture or even buy pre up-cycled furniture. Think about your local auctions, Gumtree is always a winner and ask around.

It doesn’t take much to make furniture look great again. In fact, nearly all my office furniture in my studio is up-cycled. Some I’ve done myself, but the best bits are from Pepped Up Studio – I LOVE their stuff.

Interior is a whole different blog to return to later on I think. Let’s wrap this up…you can fit a Garden Office in to pretty much any budget it’s more about what works best for you. On average people tend to spend £200 – £2000 on home office interiors. It may not be all at once, more gradual for the high end.

I was always taught to invest where you spend the most time or need the most time. Things like a really good quality mattress, or that extra £30 a week for a cleaner to put back time where you’d rather be having fun with the family.

I’m doing research on how people work from home, so if that’s you and you have any insights to share about your daily grind, challenges you face and/or ways in which you WIN at WFH I’d love to know.

Cheers for reading, I’ve enjoyed this one 😉
Peace and love Sheddies xx