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If only you could just ring us up, order a garden room and all of a sudden it's ready to go – wouldn't that be fabulous! Getting your shedlife in order isn't quite as simple as that, but fret not; that's what we created this guide for.

Throughout this guide you'll find links to our blogs and videos explaining certain parts in more detail, and as always, we are happy to discuss any queries you might have. We've been at this shed game for over 30 years, and trust us, we've seen it all! You can rest assured we've got you covered.

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1. Planning Permission

Planning permission is asking if you can do certain building work around your house. It's not often you need planning permission for a building in your garden, but it is required in particular circumstances.

Do I need Planning Permission?

More often than not, this is one of the first questions a customer will ask us. And the answer is always… it depends.

There are nine questions that will help you determine if your G&M will need planning permission and what you need to consider when choosing the position of your building in your garden.

In accordance to planning law a permitted development (meaning you don’t need permission) is one that answers NO to all of the following questions...

A Gillies & Mackay Vorlich Radiata Garden Room, with double-glazed windows and doors.
  1. Is your shed for business use?

If you’re running a multi-million pound empire from your garden shed, the council will want to know about it. They love a bit of business rate action on that kind of thing.

If it’s not for business, you don’t need permission.

  1. Is your shed going to be outwith your garden?

It’s a serious question… You can’t just put a garden room up in a public park where you like to sit sometimes. Although we think this really applies to communal grounds, where you may have a plot for a building but the access is shared and there is maybe a certain size or style you need to adhere to.

If it's in YOUR garden, you don't need permission.

  1. Do you live in a tenement block?

This one’s for the neighbour who thinks it’s appropriate to erect a 9ft tall Pigeon Loft 3 inches away from your kitchen window #DBAD The council like to have a say on where you want to put the building in tenement or shared garden situations.

If you’re not in a tenement block or you don’t share your garden, you don’t need permission.

  1. Is your shed going to be within 1 metre of a boundary?

This is my favourite! When we ask our customers this question they always look at us as if we're about to burst into a clever 5 line limerick… we're not, it’s a genuine question.

“For if the 1mtr boundary is crossed
You must keep your Shed Bossed
Below 2.5mtrs in height
Will save you from your plight
Remember this to keep you right”

This is achievable for smaller buildings but becomes an issue for Garages and Cabins. Oh and a boundary is whatever separates your garden from the rest of the WORLD!

If your shed is not going to be within 1 metre of a boundary and is under 2.5 metres in height - you don’t need permission.

  1. Do you live in a conservation area?

Conservation; to conserve the historical environment against unsavoury changes. I think 'unsavoury' is the right word but you could say – to stop you from putting up an ugly shed. Conservation Areas only like really, ridiculously good looking Sheds. The same rule applies if your house is a Listed Building.

If you’re not in a conservation area and you are not in a listed building, you don’t need permission.

  1. Is your shed wall height more than 3 metres?

Seriously doubt it. Unless your housing the BFG, a 3mtr wall height is ridiculous. The standard wall height is roughly 1.980m (see what I did there, that’s not roughly, that’s accurate, there’s nothing roughly about me).

If your shed wall height is under 3 metres, you don’t need permission.

7. Is your shed roof (overall) height more than 4 metres?

Again, this is just CRAZY! I can get a two storey building under 4mtrs but it’s really hard to do that – chances are if you’re going two storey then you’re already doing Building Control so will need Planning regardless.

If your overall shed height will be under 4 metres then you don’t need permission.

  1. Is your shed being used to create a boundary?

So let us say if you’re thinking of putting your building inline with the front elevation of your house to create a boundary between you and the rest of the WORLD then… The council will want to tell you what colour to paint it and maybe say you can’t put it there at all because you have too many freckles (no-one understands their logic, no-one).

If your shed won’t be used to create a boundary then you don’t need permission.

  1. Is your shed going to take up more than 50% of your garden area?

For example; you’re trying to erect a 3 bedroom detached house and class it as a shed in your back garden. Good luck. The council hates that.

Keep it in proportion to the rest of the garden and don’t go mental big. In fact, you can’t make it bigger than 30m2 anyway as that requires Building Control.

If your shed won’t take up more than 50% of your garden and is under 30m2

There you have it, Sheddies!
Answer NO to all of these and you can Shed away to your heart's content under the comforting blanket of permitted development.
If you answered yes to any questions, and you do need planning permission...

We can apply for planning for you to save you the hassle. There is a charge to this, of course, as it takes up some of our time.

(To date, we haven’t been refused any planning applications)

What in the shed is Building Control!?

Seen this mentioned on this page and you want to know more about what it is? Read our blog: Does a Shed Need a Building Warrant?

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2. Site Access

Okay, if there's one thing you need to be absolutely sure of it is:

How on earth do we get to your site!?

We build your shed in the workshop as panels then deliver the panels to your site. On your site, the deliverers will piece the panels together and BOOM! You're ready for Shed Life!

If gaining access to your site is essentially as follows...

"You can park in our massive driveway, unload the sectional building right outside and carry it, say 10 metres, to the actual site without anything at all in the way..."

Then you can skip this bit. You are our favourite kind of site access and CALUM LOVES YOU

Site Access Questions to Ask:
  1. Distance

Is the carrying distance, from where the guys can park their van to where the G&M building is going, more than 30 metres?

If YES: Please let us know the exact distance and the terrain so we can calculate an additional labour charge for long distance access.

  1. Tight Turns

Are there any tight turns between existing buildings, walls or fences that will restrict the team when carrying the panels to your site?

If YES: Please let us know as we may need to conduct a site visit to ensure access is doable with the standard panel sizes or whether we need to make adjustments to suit. There will be an additional charge for this.

  1. Obstacles

The lads' nemesis is the dreaded plant pot! Are there any obstacles in the way of the guys when they're carrying the panels to the site or erecting the building?

If YES: Please make sure you move all planters, pots and ornaments out of the way before the guys arrive.

We cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage to garden furnishings should they not be moved out of the deliverers' way.

  1. Watch Your Head!

Are there any overhead restrictions? Our guys will be carrying panels above their height. Are there any arched gateways or through-wall access that will stop them from being able to do this?

If YES: Please let us know as we may need to conduct a site visit to ensure access is doable with the standard panel sizes or whether we need to make adjustments suit. There will be an additional charge for this.

With this kind of access if you can measure the diagonal of the opening, it's a great help to know that measurement on order.

  1. Steps

Are there steps up to or down to your site? Is your garden elevated in tiers?

If YES: Please let us know. Feel free to send us in pictures and give us the exact amount of steps or tiers.

If you don't tell us about your unusual access before delivery it means that when the guys come to deliver they won't have enough time to do so.

This will mean your building won't get assembled on that day and you will be expected to pay a re-delivery charge as well as following the lead time for a new date.


Health and Safety

Your garden or land becomes a construction site from when our deliverers arrive until they leave.

For your own safety we ask that you remain indoors whilst the team construct your building. Our deliverers will give you the all clear when they are finished then you can enjoy your brand new G&M.

3. Base Work

This is super important!
We don’t provide the bases for your building so it’s something you’ll need to consider as an additional cost. You’ll need to source someone to do it for you.

Please note: We highly advise you obtain landscaper/construction quotes for base work before ordering your Gillies and Mackay building to obtain a full and clear picture of project costs.

If you want your building to be sturdy and last – having the right base is our no.1 rule. If the deliverers turn up on delivery day and your base is not right, they will not be able to assemble your building, the panels will be left with you and there will be a re-delivery charge.

Base Required for a Garden Room:
Concrete Plinth
Your garden room requires a concrete plinth. This is so your base withstands the weight of the garden room which can be a couple of tonnes in weight.

Why Do I Need This?

It is so important that you follow our exact specification for the garden room base. If the base is not level or is out of square we will not be able to assemble your garden room. It is advisable you source a local contractor to carry out the works and instruct them to contact us with regards to any questions about the specification. Base plans are available for all individual sizes and designs – email us at to request the size of base plan you require.

Recommendations for Garden Room Bases:
Carmichael and Baxter
01738 553014
Areas Covered:
Crinan Construction
01546 603773
Areas Covered:
Glasgow and West Scotland
T.Gray Groundworks
Areas Covered:
Groundscrews: Ground Screws Scotland
Visit Website
Send email
Areas Covered:
Got Questions about Base Prep?
If you're looking for base plans, or if you have any concerns, please contact us.
4. Aftercare


If you have an Under 12m2 Garden Room, you have three choices: 

  • You can leave your building unpainted, and let the ThermoWood cladding weather naturally to a silvery grey colour.
  • You can apply a UV-protective coat of wood oil (Osmo) which will preserve the natural colour of the timber.
  • You can paint your building with Sadolin.

If you have a Blackstone Garden Room paint is absolutely vital to make sure your building lasts. This minimises the common issues when dealing with wood.

Timber is a natural material and it will deteriorate over time if it is not properly protected. When your Blackstone Garden Room leaves our workshop it will have one coat (basecoat) of Sadolin on it.

Once the building is assembled on your site, give it a three-week settling period to allow the timber boards to contract and then paint it up good and proper.

You will need to purchase your Sadolin colour for your second coat.

After you have applied the second coat, you should re-apply every 3-5 years depending on exposure.

Unfortunately, we are not a registered Sadolin stockist so you will need to purchase the paint elsewhere.

Where can I buy Sadolin?

A tin of Sadolin ranges between £20 - £70 depending on the size of your building and how much paint you will need.

Our recommended Sadolin stockists:

Your Paint Colour

Take a look at the selection of paint colours available in our range here at Gillies & Mackay.

View Our Colour Chart
5. The Order Process
So how does it all work?

Come And Visit Our Show Area

If you're confident about your space and what you are after then book an appointment to come out and see what we have on display.

If you're not 100% sure about what space you have or what design would suit, we can do a no obligation site visit for you.

Stage two
Place Your Order

You can do this over the phone, on email or in person. Whatever suits you best.

We need to know:

  • What building you’re going for
  • The size of the building
  • The style (including window
    and door placement)
  • The colour (for a Blackstone Garden Room)
  • Any additional features
  • That you understand the base requirements
  • That you understand paint requirements
  • What the access is like to your site

We'll take your name, delivery address, telephone number and email address so that we know where to deliver to and that we can contact you where necessary.

Stage Three
Delivery Date

Delivery and Assembly dates
are scheduled every Thursday.

The logistics of delivering up to 20 buildings a week takes careful planning. Please allow Cara to get back to you with a date within the week of placing your order.

If you are not available on the date offered, Cara will do her best to offer an alternative date.
If you wish to specifically request a date, please make it known on order.

Our delivery time is usually around an 8-week wait. Please take this into consideration when thinking about ordering your building.

If you need a shed right now then we may not be the right company for you. If you’re ok waiting, then let’s get you booked in 🙂

Stage Four

On order, we'll ask for a 20% deposit, to secure your building and delivery date, with your remaining balance to be settled 7 days prior to your delivery date. The reason we ask this is because we will start making your building around 7 days before it is due for delivery.

  1. Bank Transfer

This is our preferred option because we don't get a charge for this 🙂

Our Details:
Sort Code: 83 47 00
Account No: 10156978
Ref: Your Name

  1. Cheque

Either pop it in the post with your name as a reference.

Our Details:
Gillies and Mackay
East Inchmichael,
Station Road, Errol,
Perthshire PH2 7SP

  1. Cash

We no longer take cash on delivery. If you'd like to pay by cash we ask that you pop out and pay in person at the office.

Stage Five
Delivery of Your New G&M

We will deliver and assemble your building to you on the arranged date.

We are unable to give out a specific time for delivery or arrival as there are many factors to take into consideration and we don't want to be rushing the delivery team. Their job is to make sure everyone's building is assembled to high standard. And they do just that.

We will be able to give you an AM or PM delivery slot.


Once your very own Gillies & Mackay Garden Room is sitting pretty in your property, you're ready to make the most of it! Pretty exciting, huh?

Welcome to the Shedlife.

Book your consultation
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