Blackstone Garden Room

Work, Rest & Play

You need more space. A nice quiet space. Somewhere away from all the noise, the never-ending laundry pile and the constant bickering over who gets control of the remote.

Maybe you need a quiet space to channel your inner Roald Dahl (he loved his writing shed). Or a place to run your business empire that isn’t overrun with dirty dishes. Maybe it’s not even for you, but a ‘child’ that just won’t leave, no matter how many hints you drop...

Garden Rooms

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Hello Dundee! 
Welcome to your very own Garden Rooms page. In here you'll find everything you need to know about buying a Garden Room. All our advice and information will relate specifically to the Dundee Area, making sure it's relative to you and your needs. So, shall we get started? 

Groundworks Teams

in Dundee

Slope ground screws


No More Digging - Ground Screws are an essential part of our Garden Room offering here in Dundee. NMD are Dundee based too so we're dead close. We use Ground Screws in sites where the conventional level site might not be attainable. especially in places like Wormit and Newport-on-Tay. Both notorious for steep inclines like the one pictured above. No More Digging will usually require photo's of your site and access and in some cases they may want to visit. Consideration need to be made for underground pipes and cables although the beauty of the Ground Screws is the flexibility on their positioning.  


D&G Specialist are Angus based and more than happy to accommodate us here in Dundee. We use D&G for concrete bases, which is our preferred method for a Garden Room base. This is primarily to do with having something substantial to fix too and how the concrete actually forms part of the floor makeup. We're very particular about our concrete specification and so it's important that we have the trust in our trades. G&M project manage your entire Garden Room build which means we deal with our local Dundee partners so you don't have to do any organising. 


Dundee City Council 

Permitted Development

Planning Permission 

Planning permission is often one of the first things we consider when contemplating the possibilities of a Garden Room and rightly so. It's vitally important to know where you stand in terms of permitted development and whether or not you might be compromised by a Dundee Conservation Area. Where you are placing your Garden Room is really, the deciding factor on whether or not you'll require Planning Permission from Dundee Council. In this Video (don't laugh, it's so old) I explain exactly what  is permitted development and whether or not you might need it.  

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