Blackstone Garden Room

Work, Rest & Play

What does a Garden Room mean for you? You need more space. A nice quiet space. Somewhere away from all the noise, the never-ending laundry pile and the constant bickering over who gets control of the remote. Take yourself away to the tranquility and peace of owning your own Garden Room at the bottom of your Garden. 

In today's world, working from home has become part of our norm. But it doesn't have to be at the kitchen table battling between household duties and work commitments. It can instead mean a perfectly designed, fully engineered, built to last a lifetime, Blackstone Garden Room. 


Blackstone Garden Room

Work, Rest & Play

You need more space. A nice quiet space. Somewhere away from all the noise, the never-ending laundry pile and the constant bickering over who gets control of the remote.

Maybe you need a quiet space to channel your inner Roald Dahl (he loved his writing shed). Or a place to run your business empire that isn’t overrun with dirty dishes. Maybe it’s not even for you, but a ‘child’ that just won’t leave, no matter how many hints you drop...

Enter the Garden Room

There are many reasons for why you need a Garden Room that will keep you and your family warm and dry. Somewhere with lights, water, electric and heating. All the cosy feelings of a house – but, well... separate.

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A black Gillies & Mackay garden room in Scotland with other colourful sheds in the background.

Whether it’s for work, play, or a place for guests to stay...



So much room for activities!

You love your children ( or let's face it, maybe your partner) with all your heart, but jeez... we all need our own space, right?

Whether it’s ‘never leaving home children’ or your mother in law coming to stay, a Blackstone Garden Room is the ideal Annex solution for housing the whole family.



Do not disturb – artist at work.

Creatives LOVE a Blackstone Garden Room. Painters, Crafters, Writers and Musicians all need somewhere to go to be amazing at what they do best.

We know things like; lighting, sound, warmth and practicalities are so important when designing your space and that’s why we do it from scratch, for you.

blue desk in Gillies and Mackay office


A Blackstone that pays for itself!

The working home office for you to share your gifts with the world.

Things like beauty therapies and holistic treatments are fairly traditional working from home businesses, but maybe it’s personal training, a photography studio or a dog grooming stand?

Whatever it is, a Blackstone gives you the opportunity to do it so much better.

Technical Specification

If you’re familiar with Gillies and Mackay, you’ll know we don’t muck around with our specifications. We love nothing more than to barter back and forth with new ideas, new technologies and a whole world of possibilities for design, specification and techniques.

Our Garden Rooms are made with a 5 tier wall specification that looks and sounds a little something like this…

External Cladding

For our Garden Rooms as standard we will always use 19mm thick tongue and groove redwood or Siberian Larch (depending on your preference) which is the first defence of many, against the Scottish weather. 


Water, as far as we’re aware cannot ‘jump’ - which is why a Cavity is the perfect solution
to halting any moisture ingress through the external weatherboard of our Garden Rooms. The cavity keeps the water on the outside and stops it from ‘jumping’ to the internal lining.

Breather Membrane

It’s a material that is water resistant but still allows air to flow. The membrane is lined between the cavity space and the OSB sheeting known as the cold side of the insulation. This prevents the moisture (as well as all the other elements) penetrating through to the internal of the Garden Rooms structure.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

We love a bit of OSB. It’s not our primary material it’s used as intended, to brace a structure. OSB is very strong and durable -
Ideal for the internal structure of a wall rather than the finishing lining. Although there are plenty Hipsters who prefer a OSB lining just for the rustic look it can offer to the finished internals of our Garden Rooms 😉

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Imageblue desk in Gillies and Mackay office

Pressure Treated Graded Framing

Depending on the size of structure we may use heavier timbers, but as a standard we will never use less than 95mm x 45mm pressure treated C24 Graded framing. The strength of this timber is what you would
expect to be used in new build homes.


V’D Lining - is Scandinavian Redwood. Like the external cladding it is tongue and groove but has a different profile finish. Both the fitting and finishing is carried out by Gillies and Mackay.

Plasterboard - perfect for a smooth, modern finish. After fitting, the plasterboard will need to be finished by a skilled decorator.


Steel Box Profile

This is our most favoured and common roofing option. We use Planwell, a fantastic firm in Buckie, Aberdeenshire. Murray and his team are amazing, they churn out massive quantities of Nova Permaroof for us on a fortnightly basis. The reason this option is so favoured is it’s 20 year guarantee and the fact it doesn’t leak! There are a couple of alternatives which are often preferred for Apex shaped roofs (pitched/pointed).


ECO SLATE is an innovative and sustainable roofing material made from recycled plastic. These slates are windproof up to 110mph and bond together once installed to form a fully weatherproof coating with a 50-year guarantee. Aesthetically more pleasing to some rather than steel, but more expensive. However, Eco Slate isnot as expensive as slate itself and is a good-looking alternative.


It’s not often as a request or preference but it’s definitely something we can accommodate. Having a slate roof on your Garden Room is totally doable, you will need engineered trusses and a slater but both of these things are arranged by us - so no need to dust off the ol’ Yellow Pages (who?).


Quickstep Elka Flooring is definitely our preferred laminate flooring. So many dodgy alternatives out there. We love Elka and Elka loves us. The 25 year guarantee and beautiful range of colours really help too though.

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    Electrics & Plumbing

    At Gillies and Mackay we build the building because we’re joiners. We do however, project manage all the other trades who are skilled in their own professions. We work closely with our accredited Electricians, Groundsmen and Plumbers to ensure these areas of the build go according to plan.

    Light, Heating and Power.

    These are the three things that make your Garden Room a space you can live, work and play in and thankfully electrics don’t need to be regulated by Building Control so assuming you’re not infringing on other areas - we’re able to build and hook you up without any added complexity.


    Plumbing is a whole different kettle of fish and if you intend to tap in to the mains it will mean the entire building will need a warrant. We recommend you start with an Architect who can guide you through that process, we have several G&M approved Architects for you to choose from.

    How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?

    Size plays an important part to the cost structure of a Blackstone. As does utility. As all our garden rooms are custom builds, we can't give exact prices but here's a rough idea of what to expect from a Blackstone build:


    Medium Building

    Up to 25m2

    £20k - £30k

    The barley garden room by Gillies and Mackay

    Large Building

    Up to 30m2

    £30k - £45k


    XL Garden Rooms

    Up to 60m2


    Examples of things we cost for:

    • Planning / Building Control (in few cases required)
    • The outer body
    • The inner body
    • Roofing
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Internal Finishing
    • External Finishing
    • Verandah
    • Heating
    • Electrics
    • Decorating

    Please Note:

    If you’re planning on the building being bigger than 30m2 or running mains water to the building, it will require a Building Warrant and Engineers Certification.

    This can add a considerable amount to the cost.


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